Day 2 Access Your Prosperity Game

Did you roll your dice?  I rolled a 7 – s that means $700, which I get to add to my $800 from yesterday, which means I receive $1500 today!  How did I get so lucky!?  I am extremely grateful!

I will put $150 of that in my “Having Money” account, which puts that at $80 + $150 or $230.

That leaves me $1350 to spend how I like today.  How fun!  I am going to order five bar stools for my awesome house!  They are going to be orange surf style, looks like that is $600 which leaves $750…..out for a nice dinner with the family, $150, leaving $600,  which I will buy a nice fold down modern couch and table for the rec room/guests and a new rug….with the rest.

I wonder how this will affect my day and my energy of what will come into my life financially tomorrow?  I have $230 in the “Having Money” account, and some furniture I’ve been waiting to get, it’s fun to enjoy nice design and dinner with my family.

If you do this game, I wonder what you will receive on your second day and what you will do with it?  I was thrilled to receive more!  I wonder what tomorrow will bring to my life, my living, and my awareness?


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