Inviting a Different Possibility with our Bodies & Aging

Do you recognize that your thoughts create your reality?  How much of what you think or believe impacts your body?  What if you could eliminate your limiting beliefs, your expectations of dis-ease or aging?  What do you think would happen to your body?  Are you willing to be in curiosity?  Are you willing to play?

Do you think you could cause a change in your body if you had no beliefs that you could NOT?

Do you ever judge your body?  Do you think, oh I wish that was smaller, larger, different color, smoother, higher, etc.?  What if your judgments affected your body?  How can you change them?  What if your body is constantly responding to the energy you are choosing to express?  Is there some things we can do that may contribute to our bodies?  What if it’s all just interesting points of view?  What if you could be more vibrant, energetic, alive, youthful?

Have you ever experienced an energetic facelift?  When I first heard of them, I thought I was “too spiritual” for that.  I wasn’t supposed to care about my looks, or aging, that was “vain.”  Interesting point of view, huh?  So I tried one. Boy, did I like the way my body felt afterwards, like I was lit up from inside!

What if we could shift things energetically?  What if we aged solely to “fit in” with this reality?  What if we got wrinkles, dis-ease, or arthritis because of some crazy cultural thing we aligned and agreed to when we were young, watching our grandparents, our parents, and wanting to be like them?  Are we all just trying to “fit in?”  What if we could change that, shift that, so we could have lots of energy, vibrancy, and look, feel, and act 10 or 20 years younger than we are?

I Invite you to a different possibility:

I am looking for 7 people (Men and Women) to participate in a Energetic Facelift Research Project!!!  Are you willing to be open minded?  To not have a vested interest?  To PLAY in the possibilities? To possibly have less pronounced wrinkles, less saggings, more lift, more vibrancy? and what else is possible?

You will receive 7 Energetic Facelifts for only $325 (a whopping $550 savings!).  You must agree to receive them within 10 weeks, give testimonials, notice what changes occur, and to have “Before” and “After” research pictures taken.  This is a limited time offer, for a limited number of people, first come, first served, receiving a package valued at $875!

Please call or email me to let me know you’d like to participate or ask any questions regarding it. (, 303-475-8265)

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