Did I say that?

Do you ever notice your words?  I’ve been noticing when my students, clients, colleagues, friends, sister, kids, spouse, and myself say “I don’t know.”  It can be after we’ve spoken a lot of words about something that is going on in our life, giving some keen insights, and then we DISEMPOWER ourselves with an, “I don’t know.”

Then again, you’ve probably NEVER done that! 😉

What do those words do?  Do they keep you from actually knowing what you do know?  From seeing what you could see?  From perceiving what you could perceive?  Have you ever said what you did know but were a little scared of what the person might think of you, so you softened it, making yourself less potent with an “I don’t know?”

What if we DO KNOW?  What if when we say, “I don’t know,” we actually cut off our awareness of that which we could have awareness?  Did you ever try to “fit in” with your classmates?  Your friends?   The molecules respond, I’m telling you.  If you have ever tried to fit in, to dumb yourself down in the past, to be like everyone else, did it work for you?  Was it fun? Light? Expansive?

Be aware.  Be in your awareness.  When you hear the words, “I don’t know” come out of your mouth, can you please stop that?  Would you be willing to change it?  Maybe you could say, “I’m not aware of it at this time.”  Or, ask yourself, “what do I know?”  or “What can I perceive here about this situation?” or “What can I receive from the energy around me?”  or “What can I acknowledge here that I have been unwilling to acknowledge before?”  The Universe, the molecules, everything will respond!  Just ask and it shall be given! Also, it doesn’t always look like what you expect, either!


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