How psychic and aware are YOU?

How much of what you think and feel is truly yours?  Do you realize how much of an “awareness of awareness unit” you are?  Have you had some emotional intensity this month?  How sensitive are you?

What if 98% of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions were what you were picking up from the collective?  From your spouse?  From your friends?  From the earth?  Would you have more ease?  Less mental chatter?  Less confusion?

I have been more and more amazed at acknowledging and recognizing how many (MOST) of the thoughts, feelings, emotions I used to believe were mine ARE NOT!  Like almost all of them!  I get so keyed into some people’s thoughts I think they are mine, I can’t even see my own opinion, even though I know it is different.  If you think or feel a certain way when you’re around someone, like every time you’re around them, do you think you might be picking up on their energy, thoughts, feelings, emotions?  Just maybe?  😉

The tools of asking “Who does this belong to?” or “Is this mine or someone else’s or something else’s?” are INVALUABLE!  If it’s not yours, it should get lighter and actually go away.  You just might want to try it for three days to see how much it could contribute to your awareness.

IT IS THE FIRST THING TO ASK about any thought, feeling and emotion you have.  This is a great way to get out of REACTION and coming from ACTION, choice, and then actually creating what you’d truly desire in your life!  Happy Creating!:)


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