Unleashing and Unlocking Your Authentic You!

“When they push, when they pull, tell me can you hold on? When they say, you should change, do you lift your head high, and stay strong, do you give up, give in, when your hearts cryin’ out that it’s wrong? Will you love you for YOU at the end of it all?” (from Soar, by Christina Aguilera)

I’m guessing that most people on their deathbed do not regret taking risks, and being themselves more authentically, of following their dream.  They, instead, regret that they haven’t done as much as they wanted to, they played small, they didn’t risk, they didn’t ever follow that dream.

Are you truly being your authentic self?  Do you ever play small?  Are you creating everything you desire in your life?

I, Eileen – which means light – I will identify and Illuminate three things for you:

IDENTIFY 3 ways you may be playing small AND

ILLUMINATE you with three tools for getting out of your own way and choosing that bigger you, that authentic YOU unleashed!

You will then be able to use these three tools in your daily life to

Unleash and Unlock your Amazing, Authentic You this new year!

Are you ready?

#1)  What if you knew the truth for you by checking in with your energy, your body, how it makes you feel?  The sensations of your body, or the smile or frown on your face, perhaps?    So would that mean you would NOT need to look outside of yourself for your truth?  You could trust your own inner wisdom?

Truth will make you feel lighter, expansive, and a lie will make you feel heavier, contractive.

Example:  Truth chills – have you ever experienced these?  Where you just KNEW that was the truth!  Or, when a comedian gets you to chuckle, it’s usually some truth about ourselves we’re discovering.

#2)  What if you were 1000x more psychic and aware than you ever realized you were?  What if you were constantly being imbued with other people’s thoughts, feelings, emotions, on a weekly, daily, hourly basis?

Example:  I noticed every time I was around another facilitator friend of mine, that I got nervous, I doubted my ability, I wasn’t sure of myself. …I started to think she made me nervous…..and then I remembered, oh, yeah, that tool of mine,……

Tool is:  Who does this belong to?  Is this mine or someone else’s thought, feeling, or emotion?  If it lightens up at all, it is NOT YOURS, you are picking up on someone else’s energy.  It will lighten up and go away.  Use it daily.  Use it for every thought, feeling and emotion you have.  You will be surprised at what is NOT YOURS!

This is a highly valuable tool.  Use it only if you dare to see how empty your mind could be.

#3)  Stop Judging YOU.  Have you ever judged an action of your own to be stupid, you were embarrassed to death, and then you wanted to shrink and hide?  What if you let that go, you said, hmmn, you know, my opinion is just an interesting point of view.  Maybe it’s not right or wrong, a good choice or a bad choice, OK, cool, that didn’t work very well, let’s try something different.  What else is possible here?

What if you recognized that every choice you have ever made has led you to right where you are now, and that, thankfully, you were grateful for the path you have made.  So, instead of judging yourself as an idiot (or a victim) for the things in your life that aren’t working as well as you’d like, you said, huh, ok, cool, you stopped the judging, recognized it as just an interesting point of view, and now what?  How do I change this?  Ask questions to help open yourself to new possibilities?

3rd tool:  No judgment, so see everything you had a judgment of as “Interesting point of view” or other people’s judgments, just an “interesting point of view/”  This will allow you to open up to more possibilities.

These tools, believe it or not, will assist you in living more authentically YOU, unleashing and Unlocking the bigger playing field YOU!!!  By being less worried about what other people think, you can trust your own inner wisdom, your knowing.  You can stop thinking and being other peoples’ thoughts and emotions, being more YOU.  Plus, you can stop judging and limiting yourself, and instead be open to what else is possible?  Stop playing small.  Unleash and unlock your amazing, authentic self!

“What are you waiting for?  Spread your wings and fly!”

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