Key #13 to a Magical Life: Listen to Your Inner Wisdom

What do I mean by Listen to your Inner Wisdom?

Have you ever found by talking or sharing what you know while teaching, that you have a lot of inner wisdom and knowledge inside?

Have you ever been teaching a class and have words just flow out of you?

Have they ever sent chills up your spine?

Have you ever meditated?inner wisdom

I think I was lucky in my chosen path.  I was intrigued at a young age with the the idea of past lives and the possibility of reincarnation because of some of my angelic experiences and also from books I had read describing people remembering and going back to past lives and between lives during hypnosis.

When I was attending Iowa State University in Ames, I discovered a school in Des Moines, Iowa that offered past life readings and taught classes in self-development.  I really wanted a past life reading, and saw that you got one with the classes at lesson 8 as a teaching tool / bonus.  The classes sounded very intriguing to me, so I figured I might as well do the classes and get the free past life reading after a couple of months.

So I went.  I tried to get a couple of friends to join me, but they were not as interested.  I drove down weekly to the evening 3 hour class.  I was exposed to very strict discipline of the mind.  Ideas were presented to me that I’d never really thought about.  It was fascinating, the eastern philosophy and application of the yogic mind.

So I worked with mental exercises to discipline my mind.  To stop the monkey mind, the distractions, the chatter.  I used candles to focus on as well as a mirror and myself.  It was all extremely challenging in a way I’d not explored before.

Then they presented meditation.inner wisdom

Wow.  What was I listening for? The way they taught meditation in my class in 1984 was called “expectant listening.”  They had you do some mental clearing techniques and ask a question or set an intention, and then just expectantly listen, wait quietly for an insight, an answer, maybe a flash of inner wisdom.

I was never quite sure, especially at the beginning, what I was listening for.  Was God going to speak to me?  What about my angels?  What was going to happen?  I would go off on tangents in my mind when I would forget to stay focused. Sometimes the tangents would bring insights.

I figured I was listening for My inner wisdom, but how would I know when I got it?

I invite you to play with this. What is your inner wisdom? Is that when you feel light? Expansive? Connected to source, and things flow with ease?

How will you know what your inner wisdom is without playing with it? Asking for it? Noticing? Observing?

Use that previous tool, a truth will make you feel lighter, expansive, happier and a lie will make you feel heavier, contracted, small.

Have you ever spent time out in nature?  Do you expand out into the hills, the woods, the mountains, the sky, the forests?  Connect to the oceans, the rivers, the stars above, the earth below.  Expand out into the universe as far as you’d like.  Stay connected with your body.  Your body is connected to this expansive nature as well, it can sense so much.

So play, play with your inner wisdom, play with your expansive nature.  Play with what feels light, what feels heavy, and notice the difference.  Be in your awareness.

You will discover and create MORE MAGIC in your life!!!!

How does it get ANY BETTER THAN THAT?!
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