Key #2 Magical Life: Truth and Lies

Key #2: The Truth will make you feel lighter, expansive, happy;

a lie will make you feel heavy, contractive, smaller.

Have you ever noticed this? This is actually an awesome way to tell whether you want to do something, whether you are telling your truth (we are actually excellent at lying to ourselves) and whether you are living your truth.

Have you ever done something not because you desire to, but because you feel obligated to? It can be anything, from serving on a committee or going to someone’s birthday party, to accepting a date offer or going to visit your relatives.

Somewhere, in your past, you’ve made a decision that you “should” do it, and so, even if you don’t want to, even if your body is screaming, “no!” you feel obligated, and you tell your mother, “of course, I’ll go to that family reunion.”

I used to be very good at this with doing things for my kids, I would say, yes, I can coach the soccer team, though I know nothing about soccer, yes, I can be coach coordinator, or overall coordinator, do referee training, sure, I’m wonder woman super mom.

Then when it came to the actual coaching sessions, I would find my body not wanting to lead the practices, and finding I would ask for rain so we could skip practice. I became very good at getting it to rain when I wanted.

If I would have just said, “No” to the coaching, I would have been more honest with myself. That would have felt better. The truth makes you feel lighter, a lie makes you feel heavier.

Have you ever gotten truth chills? When you feel the energy run up and down your spine, when you just KNOW something rings totally TRUE for you?

That’s a sure way for me to tell, “yes!” This is the truth, and it’s usually a cool, inspiring, truth when it involves truth chills, for me, at least.

If you use this every day, you will start to see when you are lying to yourself about wanting to do what you say you do, if it feels light to you it will feel in alignment with your targets, it will be in the flow with what you desire to create.

If you notice the things that are not so easy or not in the flow for you are things that feel heavy for you, that felt contractive.

You can use this, too, with things you might be told. If someone tells you you’re doing something wrong, does it feel light to you? No! and who’s point of view is that? Yours or theirs? So what if how you were doing something really doesn’t have a right or wrong? Just a point of view? and could you realize that what’s truth for you and what’s truth for someone else can be different? It doesn’t make you wrong?

So listen to your OWN TRUTH! Listen to the sensations in your body. If it feels light, expansive, it is truth for you, if it is heavy, it is a lie.


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