Key #4 Magical Life: Clear Yesterday’s Gunk

Clear your gunkKey #4 to your Magical Life is to Clear Yesterday’s Gunk, Junk, the Gobbledy-goo and Crap you may be carrying forward from yesterday.

Every morning is a great time to do this, to start your day off with vibrant, clear energy. For Your Magical Life, remembering gratitude first, (Key 1) and keys 2 & 3, Key #4 is to start off with a clear slate.

Here is what I say (You can do it verbatim, make up your own way, whatever works for you):

Any dis-ease in my body that I have taken on from others, I now let go, return to sender with consciousness attached.

Any negative emotions that I have taken on from others for whatever reason, I now return to sender with consciousness attached.

Any negative thoughts that I have taken on in my mental body or any limiting thoughts, I now return to sender with consciousness attached.

Any gunk, junk, emotions, unsureness, fears, doubts, worries, insecurities, or any and all other distractors that I am running and/or carrying forward from yesterday or re-creating now, or carrying for other people, and all of the stuff underneath, I destroy & uncreate now, let them all go.

I also destroy, uncreate, and let go of any assumptions, decisions, conclusions, judgments, identifications, and computations of how something will come into my life and how my life is, will be, and has been.

Any assumptions, conclusions, decisions I’ve made about what “success” looks like, I now destroy, uncreate and let go.

Anything I am holding onto in my body, any tension, anger, sadness, I ask it now to release, to let it go, destroy, uncreate it. Anyplace that I have bought into scarcity, anywhere that I have forgotten prosperity and abundance in my life, I let that go, destroy & uncreate it as well.

All worries, doubts, fears, jealousy, anger, rage, fury, hate, I now let them all go, destroy & uncreate them now.

Any judgments, conclusions, decisions, computations I have made about how something needs to show up in my life, or any locking into place I have made I now revoke, recant, reclaim, rescind, renounce, denounce, destroy and uncreate those now.

Today I clear anything and everything that is dragging me down, that is not lifting me up, anything I picked up while sleeping, any energy that is not expansive, and anywhere I have refused to see, hear, notice, perceive, know, be, and receive my awareness in totality, I now destroy and uncreate that now.

If you know the Access Consciousness Clearing Statement, you can say that after each destroy and uncreate statement or just say POC & POD, for short (point of creation, point of destruction) (Click here to learn more about Access Consciousness tools.)
So Key #4 to your magical life is all about letting go and clearing yesterday’s (and all previous) Crap!

Once you let go of that you have a clear, beautiful, empty slate from which to create what you truly desire, so there’s nothing getting in your way!

(There never really is anything that gets in your way except YOU, anyway!)

To find out more about the other 22 Keys to your Magical Life, please see my other blog posts: Key #1, Key #2, Key #3 and come back tomorrow for Key #5!

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