Key #7 Magical Life: Mission, Vision, and Values and Your Why

Key #7:  What motivates you?  What do you desire to create in your life?  Do you have a Mission?  A Vision?  What do your values tell you about your path?  Do you have a Why?  What is your motivation for what you desire to create?

Maybe it has to do with a business you’re creating or have already created.  Why did you start it?  Is there a motivational factor?  What were you”born to do?”  Do you have a calling?  What is it at your heart’s desire?  What do you desire to contribute to others and to the world?

This Key #7 to Creating your Magical Life has to do with looking at what motivates you.  Do you have an overall mission? An overall vision?  Or perhaps a compelling story?  What is your Why?  Why are you focusing on what you’re focusing on?  What excites you? INspires you?  and what do you want to bring to the world?

Some people are inspired by different things.  Some people are competitive with the people around them, they see someone else doing or being what they, themselves, would like, so that is a motivational factor.  It is one from outside the self, but it still can provide motivation.

MissionDo you have something that makes your heart sing?  Something you LOVE to do, that may be easy for you?  Do you love telling stories or singing songs or composing music?

What gives you energy?  What brings you joy?  What would you die for?  What would you regret if you had never tried?

These are questions you can ask if you are NOT sure of your why….not sure of your own Mission and Vision… help you clarify.  To help jog your memory, was there something you LOVED as a child that you feel compelled to do?

I recently joined a mastermind group for my empowerment coaching business. The first thing we talked about was clarifying our mission, vision, and values.  If those are clear, then your business has a rudder, a direction.  Targets and goals can be created, not just based on numbers and how many people you want to serve, BUT WHY.  What is your motivating force?  What value will you be providing your clients as well?

I had created a mission and vision for my architectural business years ago, but I realized, though I’d been in business as an energy healer, facilitator and coach for more than a year, I had never written down a formal Mission Statemen, Vision, and the values I hold dear.  I had done it for non-profit organization, with a board, where we agonized over every minute detail.

Your Mission should be BIG!  The definition of Mission is a strongly-felt aim, ambition, or calling.  Your mission is your guiding light and will encompass a deep emotional and energetic tug.

Vision is how you envision you will impact your tribe, your life, the world.

So it was time for me to write out my Mission and Vision for Light of Dawn EnergyWorks…..wanna hear?

My Mission is, “To empower people to discover and unleash their Inner Wizard!”

The world and this Universe is Magical, and we ARE all WIZARDS, most of us with potency we have yet to discover and cultivate.  I know that the wisdom of the ages is inside us, each one of us, and that, if we allow ourselves to be ourselves totally, have the innate knowing within.  My mission is to get people to see this magic and to give them tools to establish a deeper trust and knowing with this wisdom.

My Vision is as follows:  “I am an international empowerment facilitator.  I generate hundreds of thousands of dollars each year, empowering people to tap into their inner wizard and live more potently, authentically, creatively, and holistically connected. I am a change agent that inspires greater awareness and genius in everyone I touch.”

The vision should be written in first person present tense.  Use your mission to help you expand your vision.  Your Mission is what you stand for, and your vision is how you envision fulfilling your mission.

Keep in mind, your missions and vision can be flexible as well, they will morph over time, most likely.  Review and renew them each year.  But Do IT:  Get CLEAR ON YOUR MISSION!!!


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