Key #14 More Magical Life: Listen to Your Body!

Listen to Your Body

Welcome back to the 22 Keys to a More Magical Life! Key #14: Listen to Your Body!

What if our bodies are amazing, conscious, awareness units?  How much of the world is your body picking up?  What sensations are you receiving from your body’s awareness of energy?  (including other peoples’ energy.)

You are a body and a being (spirit, some might call it, or soul), interconnected, working together.  The body is part of this 3d reality and is super aware of energy, feelings, sensation, emotions.  Your body moves, breathes, and is affected by your thoughts in a million different ways.  By your direction.  By your emotions, your desires, your perceived lack.

Your mind, emotions, body, and spirit are all interconnected.  Your body will respond to your mind, your directed thought.  What if your body had a separate consciousness?  What if it communicated by feelings, sensations, energy back to you?

What if your body was super psychic and aware?  What if it used feelings, whispers, to talk with you?  What if it made the whispers get louder, the more you refused to listen until it became pain?

How can you listen to your body?  How can you communicate with your body?

What if you have pain?  Ask first, who does this belong to?  Is this mine or someone else’s?

Just like our thoughts, feelings, and emotions, we can pick up other people’s pain and take it into our body.

I’ve seen and experienced my body doing this over and over, especially the more aware I was of other peoples’ bodies and their pain, I would get the sensation in my own body.

When talking with my yoga teacher years ago, he had a wrapped up foot.  All of a sudden I felt all of this weird energy in my right foot, in the area of his injury.  I could sense what he was experiencing, I felt pain and energy sensations in my right foot.  If I had not realized it was his, I could have kept it, thinking it was mine, and then have to deal with a hurt foot.  Without a real injury, I would have been dealing with the pain of one.

People do this all of the time without being aware of it.

So ask.  Listen to your body and if you feel a pain, first question could be, “hey body, is this mine?” If it’s not yours, it should lighten up and go away.

You may also get the awareness of whose it is, and then, if you are a healer you will know what you’re dealing with.

Listen to your body.  You can also ask your body whatever comes to mind.  If you have pain that doesn’t shift, you could ask, “Body, What is this?  Are you trying to tell me something? What do I do with it?  Can I change it? How can I change it?”

Listen to your body. Ask it more open ended questions.  What would it take for these creaky knees to be more flexible?  To feel at ease bending deep?  and by directing your questions, the molecules will respond.

I see it in yoga.  I will ask, what would it take for this pose (asana) to be easy for me?  For my body to be more flexible here?  The next time I do the pose, I will be able to reach an additional foot further!  It’s incredible!

Listen to your body.  appreciate your body.  Honor and love your body.  Dry skin?  What would it take for it to be more supple, more vibrant, to have more moisture?  You may get a knowing of products or nutrition you could take to alleviate it.

Listen to your body, it is very aware!  I still remember running in Cheesman Park years ago, across a road in a crosswalk, I almost got ran into by a car that stopped too late!  My right leg already felt the impact energetically, so that was an interesting sensation.

Use your awareness, use your communion and communication with your body to keep yourself from again like everyone else, to keep your self healthy and vibrant!  To live longer!  To be more into living!

Listen to your body and the secrets it’s communicating with you.  You will find it fascinating!

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