Key #22: What kind of LEGACY do you desire to create? What is your RIDICULOUS goal and how fast can you create it??

Key #22 of the 22 KEYS FOR A MORE MAGICAL LIFE IS about creating a LEGACY!

To me, creating a legacy is more than just what you leave legally to your inheritors when you die. It’s about what you are creating and contributing to THE WORLD by YOUR PRESENCE here.

Do you have a ridiculous, save-the-world type of goal you want to create in the world? In this lifetime?

What if you could create anything with your life? What would you do?

What inspires you? What makes your heart sing?

What kind of legacy do you want to leave your children? Your grandchildren? Your friends and loved ones? The people in your community? Your country? Your continent? Our world?

What about with your career or business? Do you have a desire to create a legacy of some kind with your business? What about other areas of passion you might have? Any strides you want to make? Anything you want to contribute toward? Research? Creative Arts? Music you’d like to compose? Poems to write? Stories to tell? Videos, movies, artwork? Cities to improve?

What is it that you want to leave the world?

For example, one of my Team Have it All teammates, Ashley Webb, just shared a blog post about his father on his father’s birthday, who was also, unfortunately, just diagnosed with Alzeimer’s. What he shared was about a legacy his father had created: the suicide prevention hotline. How many lives had his father saved with ONE CHOICE? His father shared a vision of being there for people, of listening, of showing them that they were loved, to help them in any way he could. The suicide prevention hotlines around the world have saved thousands upon thousands of people from killing themselves in despair or depression.
I found that very Inspiring! What an amazing LEGACY he has created!

Infinite Being, legacy
Key #22 to creating your More Magical Life, is indeed seeking, reaching for, creating, and contributing your own LEGACY to not only your heirs, but to your community, to the world. Is there something you’d like to make a difference with over the years you live? What if you live NOW acting on that desire of that intention? Of making a difference in a positive way? Of being a shining light? Of radiating your love, your joy, your you-ness, in whatever way is perfect for you! With music, art, writing, ideas, teachings, inventions, volunteering for a non-profit or in a classroom, whatever inspires you.

To share your genius, your beauty, your creations with the world.

The world is ready and waiting for it!
Check out this inspirational video from one of the founders of Empower Network and the legacy they (and we all) are creating – from homeless van man to co-founder of a multi-million dollar blogging and online marketing training platform!

What if you kept your ridiculous goal in mind, reached for the stars, and created something towards it every day? I love how the Empower Network has inspired me, and I feel like I’ve only just begun! Check out this inspirational video from David Sharpe, co-founder.

What inspiration can you contribute to the world? We’re looking forward to seeing it.

What kind of legacy would you like to create in this world? Would it help to have extra money to do that with? Join the Empower Network now and get in on the launch of ENV2 – upload your videos to your blog right from your mobile phone and reach thousands!

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