Perceive, Know, Trust Your Awareness, and Key #19

Key #19 to a More Magical Life is to play more with your awareness of energy, trust your awareness, and act on it.

If you do this, if you practice this, trust your awareness, that is truly the key to being in the flow.

I got a glimpse of how it could be the other day. I have been asking for more awareness. I have been asking for greater talents and abilities. I have been asking for more ease with money, and being in the flow.

I was doing a talk with my friend and co-facilitator, Tamara Younker, at the Body Mind Spirit Celebration Fair in Denver over the weekend. We were talking about Being, developing, and trusting your Psychic Self.

This ended up to me, “Trust Your Awareness.”

So many people at the fair come and get readings from “Psychics.” I know some of these readings are totally awesome and great for the person asking.

AND I wonder how I can empower the individual so that they KNOW that THEY KNOW. That was what we explored in the talk we presented. We invited people to add their insights and questions, to see where they were at. So they could see that they are, indeed, also very psychic and aware and that they could be looking to their own self. “To thine own self be true.”

I shared a story at the talk about how I got a download of information from a man I drove by, an unexpected download of information. It was lightning fast!

I knew he was not comfortable looking at me but could sense me looking at him, I sensed he was unusual, uncomfortable being in the physical, that he had a hard time communicating with “normal” people, that his awareness of energy, emotions, and thoughts was very strong and that he had trouble fitting in. All in an instant as I drove by and glanced in his direction.

Later I mentioned it to a student and she told me, “Oh, I know that guy!”

What?! I really was taken aback, I still had the inclination to believe I was making it up.

Trust your awareness.

It reminded me of things I picked up from people when I was a child…..things I downloaded from awkward people, that didn’t know how to act like those around them, that didn’t know how to fit in.

I realized that the more I trust my awareness and my sense of energy, the more I allowed myself to say no to others when it didn’t feel right for me, and the more I was truthful with the energy of a situation, the easier and quicker things would flow.

That I could actually have it all very quickly.

That awareness comes in handy, very quickly, that if I trusted it, it would be easeful, much more so than I was practicing, and that things can actually come together fairly quickly.

So now, the challenge at hand is doing this. It is sensing and trusting my perception and acting on it. Sense, receive, trust, and act on it. Perceive/Receive, trust, act.


How does it get any easier than that? and to trust your awareness, to trust your perceptions.

For me, to Know that I am not making them up. It is real.


I love being psychic and aware!

What am I aware of here?

What do I know that I’m pretending not to know?

What is it? What do I do with it? Can I change it? How can I change it?

Be. You. In the Flow. Now. Trust Your Awareness.

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