Stretch! Think Big! Think Ridiculous Amounts! Key #21 to More Magic!

Key #21 of the 22 KEYS to a MORE MAGICAL LIFE is to Stretch! Think Big!

Take Action even if you don’t know what you’re doing exactly, set it into motion.

To create Magical Results in your Business…your life…..if you choose to take action it’s great to have really clear targets or goals. The people that are successful are soooo clear. CLARITY. What is your dream? Plus, is there a way to stretch your goal? To stretch yourself? Beyond! Stretch! Think Big!

All of the things you desire to accomplish, to create, to contribute to the world, can you compress the time down? Can you create even faster than you originally thought? How can you stretch yourself? A bigger goal than you ever imagined possible?

As an architect, I am often amazed at how slow everything goes when building a project.

The design can also be very arduous, thinking of every detail, from the overall concept to the finish materials, the structure, the plumbing, the lighting, power, mechanical systems, the feel of the spaces, the function, the flow….how it all works together, it can be very complicated.

I was listening to a goal-setting exercise with David Wood, co-founder of the Empower Network. He was having us visualize our monthly income with EN. I set a number in my head. Then, he said, it has to be at least $15,000/month because that’s what the training is called.

Oh my, my mind was not there at all, how could I possibly do that in that short amount of time? That was a Stretch!

But I decided to Stretch! Think Big! I Dared to Think Ridiculously Big!

Plus, please don’t be attached or judgmental, making yourself wrong for it, that just slows the energy down. Just know it’s a ridiculous goal! and it’s possible! You can make it happen! Go For IT! See what you create!

What if you could do things with ease by following your hunches, your gut, checking in with your intuition, acting on your knowing? Can you cut down some decision-making time? Can you start being in the
flow, like when you swoosh down the mountain on skis, really in tune with the mountain, the snow, the skis, the sunlight, the paths, the bumps, the rocks, the shadows, your body and your turns?

I heard an excellent example recently having to do with being in the ease or flow…..while riding a horse….How, when you’re trotting, it’s bumpy, controlled, yes, a little slow, and uncomfortable. Awkward. I remember that when taking riding lessons, it really was awkward and bumpy trotting.

However, if you trust the horse, trust your ability, and allow yourself and the horse to go into a canter, it is actually much smoother. The stride fits the horse better, it’s not so bumpy, and you move over a lot more ground more efficiently. It’s more like being in the flow, in ease…

So, what if, by stretching, you were actually in the flow? What if you were able to canter rather than trot?

What if when you Stretch! Think Big! you are in the smooth flow of energy at the perfect speed, you’re at the perfect place at the perfect time?

Have you ever done that?

What if things got done with more ease? Could you accomplish a lot more in a much shorter amount of time, with a little less control?

How much fun could you create and have in your life by stretching? Maybe stretching for you is setting an outcome and a goal, very clearly, take action without knowing exactly what it is, to just follow your hunches, your intuition, to adjust as you go along.

I dare you to try it, Stretch! Think Big! and to see what kind of Magic it creates in your life!

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