Would an Infinite Being Choose This? Key #20 for a More Magical Life

Creating a More Magical Life: Would an Infinite Being Choose This?

One More way to stay in your Magic, to remember your inner wizardry – is just to remind yourself every day, of your inner core, your essence.

Do you believe you are, at your core, an Infinite Being? Beautiful spirit. A soul. Like when you close your eyes and meditate, or get quiet, do you realize you are connected to all that is, and to the “God source?”

Does it feel light, expansive to you that you do not die, but just change form upon death of this life? Have you had enough exposure to this concept that it is true for you?

Do you “act as if” you are an Infinite Being?

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Have you heard that if you start acting “as if” you are successful, people pick up on that energy and you become seen as more successful? You feel more successful, and then you actually are more successful.

If you change your energy to feel and be in gratitude, you are connected automatically to abundance.

I played a fun role-playing games at a networking event where we were to “act as if”we were successful, the energy in the room lightened up right away! It’s not denying that you’d like more success, it’s coming from the energy of already being it.

Do you know you are an Infinite Being?

I have had enough experiences that I know I am just going to change form when I come to the end of my current life. I’ve seen angels, experienced the near-death space, the space between the veils. At other times, I’ve caused and been aware of the separation of me and my body, I’ve floated above my body, and caused myself to walk around in my etheric body while my physical body is sitting in a chair. Although connected, I know I am not my physical body and I know that I will leave my body and live on.

So, if you have some of these similar experiences, maybe this will assist you as well.

So, how can I use this in my daily life? How can I use this knowledge and draw on it for my more Magical Life? For what I desire to create?

If I remind myself that I am an Infinite Being, I can ask, would an Infinite Being choose this? Or I can ask, would a magical, wizarding being settle for this? How can I change this? What would it take for the molecules to support me more?

Or I can ask, Am I living my potency? Is this true to my inner nature?

Now this is a tool, you can use, to remind yourself that you don’t need to choose jealousy or resentment, you don’t need to judge yourself or others as wrong or right, good or bad. You can simply acknowledge that you are an Infinite Being at core, and bring that more forward in your energy. To be more of that inner wizard, to be that brilliant light you are. Some Christians might use something similar, like “Would Jesus choose or do this?” to give themselves a broader perspective.

Would an Infinite Being choose this? Would I settle for this? If I were being my powerful inner wizarding self, is this what I would choose?

Use this for little things and big, daily, and watch how your life changes.

Watch how much more magic comes into your life when you recognize it can, when you ask for it, and you ask for greater things.

Now and in the future.



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