How psychic and aware are YOU?

How much of what you think and feel is truly yours?  Do you realize how much of an “awareness of awareness unit” you are?  Have you had some emotional intensity this month?  How sensitive are you?

What if 98% of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions were what you were picking up from the collective?  From your spouse?  From your friends?  From the earth?  Would you have more ease?  Less mental chatter?  Less confusion?

I have been more and more amazed at acknowledging and recognizing how many (MOST) of the thoughts, feelings, emotions I used to believe were mine ARE NOT!  Like almost all of them!  I get so keyed into some people’s thoughts I think they are mine, I can’t even see my own opinion, even though I know it is different.  If you think or feel a certain way when you’re around someone, like every time you’re around them, do you think you might be picking up on their energy, thoughts, feelings, emotions?  Just maybe?  😉

The tools of asking “Who does this belong to?” or “Is this mine or someone else’s or something else’s?” are INVALUABLE!  If it’s not yours, it should get lighter and actually go away.  You just might want to try it for three days to see how much it could contribute to your awareness.

IT IS THE FIRST THING TO ASK about any thought, feeling and emotion you have.  This is a great way to get out of REACTION and coming from ACTION, choice, and then actually creating what you’d truly desire in your life!  Happy Creating!:)


Did I say that?

Do you ever notice your words?  I’ve been noticing when my students, clients, colleagues, friends, sister, kids, spouse, and myself say “I don’t know.”  It can be after we’ve spoken a lot of words about something that is going on in our life, giving some keen insights, and then we DISEMPOWER ourselves with an, “I don’t know.”

Then again, you’ve probably NEVER done that! 😉

What do those words do?  Do they keep you from actually knowing what you do know?  From seeing what you could see?  From perceiving what you could perceive?  Have you ever said what you did know but were a little scared of what the person might think of you, so you softened it, making yourself less potent with an “I don’t know?”

What if we DO KNOW?  What if when we say, “I don’t know,” we actually cut off our awareness of that which we could have awareness?  Did you ever try to “fit in” with your classmates?  Your friends?   The molecules respond, I’m telling you.  If you have ever tried to fit in, to dumb yourself down in the past, to be like everyone else, did it work for you?  Was it fun? Light? Expansive?

Be aware.  Be in your awareness.  When you hear the words, “I don’t know” come out of your mouth, can you please stop that?  Would you be willing to change it?  Maybe you could say, “I’m not aware of it at this time.”  Or, ask yourself, “what do I know?”  or “What can I perceive here about this situation?” or “What can I receive from the energy around me?”  or “What can I acknowledge here that I have been unwilling to acknowledge before?”  The Universe, the molecules, everything will respond!  Just ask and it shall be given! Also, it doesn’t always look like what you expect, either!


What Can New Brain Science Tell Us About the BARS?

Have You Heard of Running Your BARS? What Can New Brain Science Tell Us About The BARS?

12 October 2012

By Andrea Lazenby

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Twenty five years ago a weird man named Gary Douglas channelled some information about touching points on the head and how that could change electrical brain function.

Ten years later, science discovered that the points he called “joy” and “sadness” correlated with the experience of those emotions.

Several doctors who are experts in biofeedback—one psychologist, one chiropractor—have reported changes in their brainwave function when receiving the bars (Access Consciousness).  They reported changes from beta through alpha to theta, the relaxed state just short of sleep.

Now Newsweek magazine, in a cover story called “Money Brain,” tells us more about research into localization of different functions in the brain.

In tune with the times, Newsweek applies this information about addiction generally to the American addiction to spending.  The same information really applies to all aspects of addiction and choices of short-term versus long-term gain.

The areas of the brain that scientists are now localizing as connected to addiction are the ventral striatum, deep in the brain, and the medial pre-frontal cortex just behind the forehead.  Using functional MRI machines, researchers tracked electrical brain activity when subjects were presented with a choice of receiving money now or in the future.

In people who are “spend-it-now, to-hell-with-tomorrow,” the electrical activity in these areas diminished when they were asked to postpone gratification.  The more they were asked to wait, the more the electrical activity in their brains dropped.  In other people, activity in the two areas was the same whether they were about to receive money now or in the future—suggesting they were equally happy either way.

Applying this information to what we know about the bars can show us some interesting information about what actually happens when the bars are run.

Applying this information can expand what running the BARS are actually capable of doing and generating change in our brains, and therefore change patterns of behavior and ultimately our lives.

What about that ventral striatum deep inside the brain?  Is it stretching things to say that the bars can reach that spot also?  Consider this—it’s just underneath the bar that is called ‘aging toaster’.  The description of aging toaster in the bars book says it extends three inches into the brain. Some bars facilitators describe it as a “toaster” into which you could fit a soda cracker.  Many people receiving the bars report a sensation like someone is actually sticking their fingers deep into their skulls—even if they can feel the person lightly touching the top of their head!

It’s not really that much more farfetched than science, either. While original experiments mapping the function of regions of the brain was done using needles, science is now doing studies about localizing brain function using the far less invasive transcranial (across the head) magnetic stimulation.  If magnets can affect brain function—and they do—then surely the electric nature of human touch affects it also.  The reports of the bio feedback experts on the changes in their own brainwaves suggest this is so.

Isn’t it interesting that the part of the brain affected by the aging toaster controls our ability to make intelligent choices that actually create the future we say we would like?  If we did more of this, would we age less?  Does diminishing this function contribute to aging?

Are you interested in learning more? Are you interested in having your BARS run?   Go to and search for a practitioner in your area.

On a Clear Day….

70+ miles to the south..view from our deck of Pikes Peak

On a Clear Day, Rise and look around you, and you’ll see who you are.

On a clear day, how it will astound you, that the glow of your being outshines every star.

You’ll be part of every mountain, sea, and shore,

You can hear, from far and near, a world you’ve never heard before.

and on that clear day, on that clear day, you can see forever and ever and ever and evermore.

—Alan Lerner

I love these lyrics.  To me, they are talking about the connection we have inside with our amazing, beautiful, wonder-filled inner being and the magic of the world around us!  This magic is inside all of us!  We are all amazing, magical beings, with infinite potential, all co-creating a potentially amazing, marvelous world, together and individually.   This world is like a heaven for creating, our thoughts creating our reality, our actions creating things around us, our actions together creating larger things together, our interaction with nature, the world, all creating other amazing interesting things.  It’s endless, and yet, integral to this world.

You can NEVER NOT be creating.  In other words, we are ALWAYS creating.  Even by not choosing, we create something.  Or by thinking we don’t have a choice, that it’s a necessity, something we do in our life, that creates something else.  The beauty and magic of this world is how it’s designed, how it works, how we all affect our lives, our bodies, our health, our world, and by being more and more aware of this, we can choose things that really contribute to us, our lives, and what we truly do desire to create, to see, to live, to be.

To me, a clear day is when I recognize my Infinite Being, my inner self, my spirit, soul, whatever you want to call it, and live from that space, live from that acknowledgment, that beauty, joy, wisdom, love, that integrity, awareness, and appreciate all of it.  Appreciate it in myself, my life, and others, acknowledging that everyone is a master creator in their own right, in their own awareness,  that we all contribute to each other simultaneously and can enjoy this world together.

Inviting a Different Possibility with our Bodies & Aging

Do you recognize that your thoughts create your reality?  How much of what you think or believe impacts your body?  What if you could eliminate your limiting beliefs, your expectations of dis-ease or aging?  What do you think would happen to your body?  Are you willing to be in curiosity?  Are you willing to play?

Do you think you could cause a change in your body if you had no beliefs that you could NOT?

Do you ever judge your body?  Do you think, oh I wish that was smaller, larger, different color, smoother, higher, etc.?  What if your judgments affected your body?  How can you change them?  What if your body is constantly responding to the energy you are choosing to express?  Is there some things we can do that may contribute to our bodies?  What if it’s all just interesting points of view?  What if you could be more vibrant, energetic, alive, youthful?

Have you ever experienced an energetic facelift?  When I first heard of them, I thought I was “too spiritual” for that.  I wasn’t supposed to care about my looks, or aging, that was “vain.”  Interesting point of view, huh?  So I tried one. Boy, did I like the way my body felt afterwards, like I was lit up from inside!

What if we could shift things energetically?  What if we aged solely to “fit in” with this reality?  What if we got wrinkles, dis-ease, or arthritis because of some crazy cultural thing we aligned and agreed to when we were young, watching our grandparents, our parents, and wanting to be like them?  Are we all just trying to “fit in?”  What if we could change that, shift that, so we could have lots of energy, vibrancy, and look, feel, and act 10 or 20 years younger than we are?

I Invite you to a different possibility:

I am looking for 7 people (Men and Women) to participate in a Energetic Facelift Research Project!!!  Are you willing to be open minded?  To not have a vested interest?  To PLAY in the possibilities? To possibly have less pronounced wrinkles, less saggings, more lift, more vibrancy? and what else is possible?

You will receive 7 Energetic Facelifts for only $325 (a whopping $550 savings!).  You must agree to receive them within 10 weeks, give testimonials, notice what changes occur, and to have “Before” and “After” research pictures taken.  This is a limited time offer, for a limited number of people, first come, first served, receiving a package valued at $875!

Please call or email me to let me know you’d like to participate or ask any questions regarding it. (, 303-475-8265)

Day 4 Prosperity Game

What magic can I receive in my life? If money were not an issue, what would you create in your life?  What if you could live as if you had more money than you knew what to do with?  Would that change things in your energy field?  Would that change what you choose to create and generate in your life?  What if money was not the deciding factor in the decisions and choices you made?  If you chose because it felt expansive to you, it felt lighter to do this?  If it was amazing to choose to get your bars run, or watch a movie, or rub your daughter’s back and sing her a lovesong before bed?  What if those simple joys created more energy for you to receive more?  What else is possible and what would you create if money were not an issue, if you had, say, $100,000,000 a year to spend?  What would you create?  Would it be different than what you are working toward now?   Could you be in that energy and create your life from that, without the money?  Would the money you need come when you need it?  Just asking…..what if it did?  Are you ready to create the magical life you can only just imagine bits of today?

With the little game I’m playing, I shook a 9 on the dice, so I receive $900 more today, added to that total of yesterday of $2300 for today’s total of $3200!  Wow, interesting to receive that much money daily and it going up.  Today I shall keep $320 in my having money account for a new total there of $320 + $460 or $780.  Yum!  OK, that leaves $2880 to spend today.  I will use it for ski passes for my family and myself this winter ($1500), ski rental for my three kids ($480), and a week in Breckinridge with them at winter break ($900).  What fun can we have together?

Day 3-Access Your Prosperity Game

OK, so I’m wondering if this is going to create any change in my money flows?  If I practicde receiving, and more each day, will it change my real life incoming energy flows with money and receiving? How can I change my reality with money so that it is always available, always there for me, I love it and its friends, and it loves me?  I rolled a 7 today, so $700, plus the last two days total of $1500, for a total of $2300!  Woohoo!  I will put $230 in my “having money account, which brings that total account up to $230 + $230 for a total of $460 and leaving me with $2070 today to spend how I choose.  Hmmn.  Fun! I will take $600 of it and get my windshield fixed, my car door and bumper dents removed and touched up.  I will put $250 of it toward my Access facilitators business and I will spend the balance on an electronic keyboard,  microphones and speakers so now I can sing in open mics with a keyboard if I want, goof around and compose, and use the mics for facilitating Right Voice for You Tasters!  Yahoo!  How does it get any better than that?  What will tomorrow bring?  What can I create, generate, and institute with regards to abundance, wealth and money that I never thought I could generate so easily and quickly?  and how much better does it get?  What would it take for me to have joy and ease with money?   Eveything that doesn’t allow all of these things, Destroy & uncreate, RWGBPPA9SBB.  joining me today with your roll of the dice?

Day 2 Access Your Prosperity Game

Did you roll your dice?  I rolled a 7 – s that means $700, which I get to add to my $800 from yesterday, which means I receive $1500 today!  How did I get so lucky!?  I am extremely grateful!

I will put $150 of that in my “Having Money” account, which puts that at $80 + $150 or $230.

That leaves me $1350 to spend how I like today.  How fun!  I am going to order five bar stools for my awesome house!  They are going to be orange surf style, looks like that is $600 which leaves $750…..out for a nice dinner with the family, $150, leaving $600,  which I will buy a nice fold down modern couch and table for the rec room/guests and a new rug….with the rest.

I wonder how this will affect my day and my energy of what will come into my life financially tomorrow?  I have $230 in the “Having Money” account, and some furniture I’ve been waiting to get, it’s fun to enjoy nice design and dinner with my family.

If you do this game, I wonder what you will receive on your second day and what you will do with it?  I was thrilled to receive more!  I wonder what tomorrow will bring to my life, my living, and my awareness?


Access Your Prosperity Consciousness

Access Your Prosperity Consciousness
a game designed by Eileen Moore Koenigsberg

What if you created your reality, the good, the bad, and the ugly? How much influence do we each have on our financial situation? Do you have all of the money you’d like to have each month, each year, or do you have enough to just get by? What are you doing to increase your money flows? Are you enjoying your life? What are you creating? Is there anything you don’t do because you don’t have the money for it?

What if you could change that easily and quickly? Is it possible to be more active with our money flows? How much can we influence and clear up our financial situations so that money flows into our lives with ease? So much so that you always have plenty for what you’d like to do? That you never NOT do something because of the money?

Would you like to have more money in your life? What would you do if you had an extra $1000 a month? What would you create? Do you limit your creations and your impact on the world by what money you receive? By what money you are willing to create? What if you created an amazing dream and went for it, and, even if you didn’t know how the money for that dream was going to show up, you would just move one step forward every day? Would you be willing to step outside of your invented box of “my money consciousness” and expand it exponentially to match what you’d really like to see, be, and create in the world?
I’m starting a 30 day Access Prosperity Consciousness Game. Join me if you’d like. The idea is to experiment with what brings more ease and flow with money, wealth and prosperity. What if you could become more willing to receive from any and all directions, people, places, and things? What if you could be open to new ideas and to follow through on what feels light to generate, create and have more money now and in the future?

The target is to see what a 30 day money receiving game will do for my money flows, will it expand them, creating more ease and prosperity in my reality? Each day,  play that you receive some money that you didn’t expect. (Gosh, thanks that’s so cool!) The amount that comes in will vary depending on my dice roll, anywhere from $200 to $1200, depending on the dice and what you’re willing to receive from the Universe. The amount will be cumulative, so, in other words each day will be at least the amount received the day before plus whatever you roll on the dice. Each day spend 90% of that money, but keep at least 10% in a “having money” account.  You can spend the rest, or save it up for a larger expenditure, but the idea is to get used to asking for more and receiving more each day from the Universe.
If you know Access clearings, add those to your practice.

It’s a twist on the Abraham Prosperity Game. My twist is that we are active participants in asking for what we receive. If we don’t ask, the Universe will not respond. The molecules respond to our thoughts, our directed energy. Our choices create our reality. We must ask. We choose. We create. We set the molecules and the energy into motion, and how does it get any better than that? Being open to receive creates the space for more.

So let’s begin. What energy, space and consciousness can I be to be open to receive even more than I ever thought possible?

Day 1 I rolled the pair of dice, and got two 4’s, so 8, or $800 received. Yay! So Grateful! Wow, how does it get any better than that? I will set aside $80 in my “having money” account, and I choose to spend the $720 on a shopping spree for myself and my family, we each get $144 to spend on new clothes or jewelry, their choice. I know the kids would like more hip back-to-school clothes, shoes, maybe jackets, I would like some new jewelry, specifically a beautiful opal ring, hubby would take some new clothes as well, I think a spiffy new sportcoat and a artsy dress shirt. So, fun, everyone gets to pick what they desire and I have $80 in my “having money” account. Yes! HDIGABTT?

Everything is Energy

Everything is energy. Our thoughts have an energy. Our thoughts have an impact, an effect on our lives.

Do you remember the movie, What the Bleep do We Know?  If you saw it, you might remember how the main character was always judging her body negatively, she thought her thighs were fat, she thought her belly was too bulgy, her butt larger than she’d like. She didn’t like the way she looked and she was extremely negative, especially in the mirror, to herself, and actually mean to her body.

Then she had seen Professor Masaru Emoto’s water crystal images that were on display at the train and subway stops. They were images of what Emoto had photographed of water crystals that were formed with respect to certain words, or energies, that were actually written and taped to the vial of water.
In these images the water crystals that were formed changed their shape and complexity with their exposure to different words. With the words “I hate you, you make me sick,” the water molecules could not even form a crystalline structure. In fact, the image actually looked like a person pointing a gun and was quite discolored.
The water exposed to “thank you” and “love” became very beautiful crystalline structures, with love and gratitude perhaps being the most filled out.

The woman in the movie finally put two and two together, in how she was treating her body with anger and meanness, perhaps even hatred, and the water molecules in her body.
The idea was that, if our bodies are made of 30% water, and water has been shown to pick up the vibrational quality of the directed thought or emotion, the energy, then wouldn’t it have an impact or effect on our bodies?
Emoto focused his experiment on the effects on water. But if everything consists of energy, why would only the water molecules be what is affected? Wouldn’t everything be affected? What if all molecules, not just water, are impacted and affected by our thoughts, by our emotions, by our directed energy?
What if the more you think something, the more your body locks that pattern into its molecules, its cells?
What if everything we think, we expect, we judge about our own bodies, impacted them?

What if we didn’t have to age? What if the more we worry about how we look, the more we are directing our bodies energetically to do exactly that. If we think we don’t like the cellulite, that it’s ugly, does that assist our bodies? Or does it actually add to the negative energy in our body? Is it even creating more cellulite? What if your body creates more of that because that’s what your focus is, so it thinks that’s what you’d like?

What if more judgments of our bodies locked up our bodies to what we are judging, bumpy or bulging stomach, cellulite on our legs, fat thighs, drooping and sagging cheeks and chin?

What if we could change those thoughts around, that energy we send to our body, and actually shifted that? What if our bodies responded to our directed energy, including our judgments and thoughts, fears, and emotion? Do we “expect” ourselves into aging, to look like our parents and grandparents did at certain ages, do we, in fact, have a part of creating that? Do we actually have more impact on our bodies with our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and directed energy than we realize?

Our bodies have an inherent ability to heal themselves naturally. They say we only utilize 10% of our brains. What if some of this extra portion we aren’t tapping into is actually some latent healing capacities we haven’t awakened?
If thoughts are energy, and our bodies are energy, what if we could shift our bodies’ energy to heal? What if we could shift the aging process naturally? What if we could correct our vision? What if we could have more of an impact on our bodies just by being more conscious, by being nicer to ourselves, by actually loving our bodies?

Would our bodies respond? Respond like the water molecules? What difference would it make? Could we live without judgment of our bodies and create greater health? Could we eliminate the negative impact of our thoughts and emotions on our bodies?

What if aging could be reversed by eliminating the judgments and expectations about aging directed on our bodies? What if our bodies responded positively to our creations?

The Access Consciousness Bars process is designed to eliminate the electromagnetic charge we place on thoughts. It releases the positive and negative judgments, the energized and directed thought, and it allows the body to release these energies so that they are not locked into the body anymore. This creates more ease in the body and with the mind-body connection. What if by shifting the energy at the core essence, the body is allowed to bring out even to a greater extent, the natural healing capacities? By keeping the judgments and expectations clear, can we have healthier bodies, with more youthful energy? That’s what I have been receiving with the Access Bars and other energywork on my body! A greater ease, more energy, and some lovely shifts. Would you like to try?