Key #4 Magical Life: Clear Yesterday’s Gunk

Clear your gunkKey #4 to your Magical Life is to Clear Yesterday’s Gunk, Junk, the Gobbledy-goo and Crap you may be carrying forward from yesterday.

Every morning is a great time to do this, to start your day off with vibrant, clear energy. For Your Magical Life, remembering gratitude first, (Key 1) and keys 2 & 3, Key #4 is to start off with a clear slate.

Here is what I say (You can do it verbatim, make up your own way, whatever works for you):

Any dis-ease in my body that I have taken on from others, I now let go, return to sender with consciousness attached.

Any negative emotions that I have taken on from others for whatever reason, I now return to sender with consciousness attached.

Any negative thoughts that I have taken on in my mental body or any limiting thoughts, I now return to sender with consciousness attached.

Any gunk, junk, emotions, unsureness, fears, doubts, worries, insecurities, or any and all other distractors that I am running and/or carrying forward from yesterday or re-creating now, or carrying for other people, and all of the stuff underneath, I destroy & uncreate now, let them all go.

I also destroy, uncreate, and let go of any assumptions, decisions, conclusions, judgments, identifications, and computations of how something will come into my life and how my life is, will be, and has been.

Any assumptions, conclusions, decisions I’ve made about what “success” looks like, I now destroy, uncreate and let go.

Anything I am holding onto in my body, any tension, anger, sadness, I ask it now to release, to let it go, destroy, uncreate it. Anyplace that I have bought into scarcity, anywhere that I have forgotten prosperity and abundance in my life, I let that go, destroy & uncreate it as well.

All worries, doubts, fears, jealousy, anger, rage, fury, hate, I now let them all go, destroy & uncreate them now.

Any judgments, conclusions, decisions, computations I have made about how something needs to show up in my life, or any locking into place I have made I now revoke, recant, reclaim, rescind, renounce, denounce, destroy and uncreate those now.

Today I clear anything and everything that is dragging me down, that is not lifting me up, anything I picked up while sleeping, any energy that is not expansive, and anywhere I have refused to see, hear, notice, perceive, know, be, and receive my awareness in totality, I now destroy and uncreate that now.

If you know the Access Consciousness Clearing Statement, you can say that after each destroy and uncreate statement or just say POC & POD, for short (point of creation, point of destruction) (Click here to learn more about Access Consciousness tools.)
So Key #4 to your magical life is all about letting go and clearing yesterday’s (and all previous) Crap!

Once you let go of that you have a clear, beautiful, empty slate from which to create what you truly desire, so there’s nothing getting in your way!

(There never really is anything that gets in your way except YOU, anyway!)

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Key #5 Magical Life: Ask and You Shall Receive

“Ask and you shall Receive, Seek and You shall find, knock and the door shall be opened unto you.”

What if the Universe is there to support you? God, source, the molecules, the Law of Attraction, however you want to name it, what if you actually did ask for things, ask for support, and set the energy into motion, and it will take shape, it will be done?

What if you could command mountains? Or at least molecules? That’s command, not demand. Ask and you shall receive!

Play with this next tool, Key #5, Asking Questions as the Magic Wand for your inner wizard!

Do you know what your goals or targets are? For this month? If you have your own business, do you know what you are working toward? Do you have something else you are working toward creating? A book? A song composition? Training an animal? Maybe it’s quality time with loved ones.

Be clear on these, and then ask for support. Use your role as director of the energy, ASK open ended questions!

One of the ways I discovered my inner wizard was by having my own business. I would get work when I was in the question and asking for it. When I was too busy, or I didn’t want any calls, none would come. It was quite magical!

It works all of the time! If you do not have things you are focusing on to create, are you wishing you did? If you’d like to change that, make a list. Start with 5 top things you’d like to create in your life.

Ask some questions around the goals or targets. Be as open-ended with them as you can.

Any energy you put out toward something will come back to you. If you are focusing on more clients, say for a business you are starting, ask some questions around it.

You could ask things like, “What can I be, do, create, or generate today for this business to expand? Who can I call, run in to, or connect with to generate 2 more clients this week? Is there some advertising that would be expansive for it?

Is there some networking events that would be good? What can I do today that willl be a contribution for it or whoever my business would like to serve? Who is crazy enough to pay me good money for the services I can provide for them now or in the future?

Generative questions create more possibilities.

Be clear on your targets, what is it you are creating? What is it you would like to have more of in your life?

and Play! Have fun with the questions. Notice how they may be creating exactly what you are asking for (be careful with your word choice – OK that’s another KEY) and it may look WAY different than you think. Be open to receive. Follow the energy, if it feels light, expansive, that’s the way to go.

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Key #8 Magical Life: Crystal Clear Goals

Welcome to Key #8 of the 22 keys to creating your Magical Life:Crystal Clear Goals – what do you truly desire to create?

So if you have gotten crystal clear on your mission and vision (Key #7), you will have some good clues on how you truly desire to direct your energy.  Now is the time to set some clear goals or targets.  Attainable, measurable, clear goals.

Do you have targets, goals, that you have clearly identified?  What is it you are putting your energy toward? What is it that your Mission, Vision, and values are motivating you to create?  Are you using your driving motivation to get clear goals or targets – what you’d like to create, to contribute to the world?

Is what you are doing in your job, career, business, fulfilling you?  Do you have some things you’d like to change, shift, add to your life?  What energy, space, and consciousness can you be to add more of what you’d like into your life?

Do you have your own business?  Do you want to start one?  If so, what is it?  Is there a timeframe?  What are your targets with it?  What are your targets with your career?  With your other creations?

What are some fun things you’d like to add to your life?  Do you like to travel?  Do you like to ski?  Do you have a bucket list of items, adventures you’d like to add to your life?

Or do you want to learn a new language, take an international trip to someplace you’ve never been?  Maybe it’s a trip to Macchu Picchu or the Egyptian pyramids or Paris or London…..where have you always wanted to visit?

Maybe it’s some things you desire to create, a book, a cd, a holistic healing center.  Let your motivator help you – if you want to add more value to your website, what things can you give away for free to inspire people?  What would it take to create that?

Write down your clear goals, your targets.  You might have 10 things on a list, it may help you to look at it every day.   Some people use vision boards, finding images of things that motivate them. Some people write every morning.  Some people do a visualization, a meditation and send it out to the universe for supplemental support energy that way.

Use whatever works for you, but get clear on the energy of what you desire to create, so that you know what you are working toward.

Allow your specifics to change.  Maybe it’s for the better, don’t fight with the flow of energy.  For example, one of my targets is to facilitate Access Consciousness core classes, and to have six or more people in them.  I had one person that had requested Foundation class on specific days, it felt light to do it, so I said yes.

However, because of the weird days I didn’t publicize it much, just asked a few people, and really didn’t get anyone else to commit. Now we’ve been shifting.  We asked some questions around it, and chose to push it back a couple of weeks and changed the days some.

So now I have more time to tell others about it and what else is possible?  Perhaps this will allow more people to show up for the class, creating more energy.  Or maybe it’ll be just one or two people, that’s ok. The target is what your shooting for. It doesn’t mean you’re a failure if it doesn’t occur right away. What else is possible here?

Don’t insist your goal needs to happen on your original terms, be flexible and see what magic can be created by asking the Universe to assist.

Be yourself, call on your motivation, your why, and know why you want that goal.  Is it still a priority?  Is it yours or someone else’s?  Make sure you’re doing things for YOUR MOTIVATION, YOUR WHY, not your parents’, your partner’s or your friends’.

Ask the universe for support.  How can this turn out more magical than I ever dreamed possible?  Invite the co-creation from the ‘Verse.

Do you have some short-term goals?  What are your 1-3 month short term goals?  What are some 6-12 month longer term goals?  Eighteen months from now?  What about 2 year goals? 5 year?

Do you have a strategy in place, a system to get there?  What if  you asked open-ended questions that welcome more possibilities?  If you have the energy of what you desire to create, you will recognize a match.  Maybe you just hit it off with someone, the energy is expansive, cool, ask some questions, are they someone you can create x,y,z with?

Use that tool, light, expansive vs. heavy, contractive.  Have crystal clear goals or targets, get the energy of what you desire to create, and ask the universe to add to it in magical ways you’ve never imagined possible.  Oh, and, um, HAVE FUN!!!

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Key #12 to a MAGICAL LIFE – Allowance – and What do elephants have to do with it?

Welcome to Key #12 to creating Your More Magical Life: Allowance!

Everyone has their own experiences, their own background, their own interesting point of view.  There are so many different perspectives on things, why would we want someone else to align and agree with us?

Have you ever resisted and reacted to someone else’s point of view?

Congress does it daily!  Ha!  See the video on what the story of the six blind men and the elephant have to do with this post.

What if you didn’t have to prove that you were right?  Or that someone else was wrong?  Or that you were wrong and someone else is right?  What if you could be in allowance of their opinion?

Interesting Point of View I have that point of view, Interesting point of view they have that point of view.

You can change your point of view tomorrow.allowance

If you are in allowance, you can be open to more possibilities in your life.  You don’t get stuck quite so much.  You allow others their opinion and honor it, respect it.

Defending your point of view as right is one of the things that gets us stuck in our lives.  We also will not see other options and possibilities, so it’s a great limitation we impose on ourselves.

Allowance lets you be free of that limitation.

Resisting and reacting to someone else’s point of view is also a sticking point.  If you try to convince someone else that we don’t have to get fatter as we age, or that it doesn’t have anything to do with heredity, you are also planting that resistance energy in your body.

Allowance is the key to not keeping that energy stuck in your body as well.  Interesting point of view.  Ah!


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Key #13 to a Magical Life: Listen to Your Inner Wisdom

What do I mean by Listen to your Inner Wisdom?

Have you ever found by talking or sharing what you know while teaching, that you have a lot of inner wisdom and knowledge inside?

Have you ever been teaching a class and have words just flow out of you?

Have they ever sent chills up your spine?

Have you ever meditated?inner wisdom

I think I was lucky in my chosen path.  I was intrigued at a young age with the the idea of past lives and the possibility of reincarnation because of some of my angelic experiences and also from books I had read describing people remembering and going back to past lives and between lives during hypnosis.

When I was attending Iowa State University in Ames, I discovered a school in Des Moines, Iowa that offered past life readings and taught classes in self-development.  I really wanted a past life reading, and saw that you got one with the classes at lesson 8 as a teaching tool / bonus.  The classes sounded very intriguing to me, so I figured I might as well do the classes and get the free past life reading after a couple of months.

So I went.  I tried to get a couple of friends to join me, but they were not as interested.  I drove down weekly to the evening 3 hour class.  I was exposed to very strict discipline of the mind.  Ideas were presented to me that I’d never really thought about.  It was fascinating, the eastern philosophy and application of the yogic mind.

So I worked with mental exercises to discipline my mind.  To stop the monkey mind, the distractions, the chatter.  I used candles to focus on as well as a mirror and myself.  It was all extremely challenging in a way I’d not explored before.

Then they presented meditation.inner wisdom

Wow.  What was I listening for? The way they taught meditation in my class in 1984 was called “expectant listening.”  They had you do some mental clearing techniques and ask a question or set an intention, and then just expectantly listen, wait quietly for an insight, an answer, maybe a flash of inner wisdom.

I was never quite sure, especially at the beginning, what I was listening for.  Was God going to speak to me?  What about my angels?  What was going to happen?  I would go off on tangents in my mind when I would forget to stay focused. Sometimes the tangents would bring insights.

I figured I was listening for My inner wisdom, but how would I know when I got it?

I invite you to play with this. What is your inner wisdom? Is that when you feel light? Expansive? Connected to source, and things flow with ease?

How will you know what your inner wisdom is without playing with it? Asking for it? Noticing? Observing?

Use that previous tool, a truth will make you feel lighter, expansive, happier and a lie will make you feel heavier, contracted, small.

Have you ever spent time out in nature?  Do you expand out into the hills, the woods, the mountains, the sky, the forests?  Connect to the oceans, the rivers, the stars above, the earth below.  Expand out into the universe as far as you’d like.  Stay connected with your body.  Your body is connected to this expansive nature as well, it can sense so much.

So play, play with your inner wisdom, play with your expansive nature.  Play with what feels light, what feels heavy, and notice the difference.  Be in your awareness.

You will discover and create MORE MAGIC in your life!!!!

How does it get ANY BETTER THAN THAT?!
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This is Water – Our Choices Create

Have you seen this video This is Water?

Your choices create your reality.

Choose to think differently.  Choose to be open.  Open to possibilities.

Years ago I was taught that this is a free will planet.   We each have the free will to make our personal choices.  Your choices create your responses, they also create possibilities.  What you are open to, you can receive.

If you do not see the handsome, brunette man next to you in the checkout line because you are only looking for a tall, blonde man that looks like Sting, rather than someone who would nurture you and with whom you could have fun, you will miss that.  You will be closed, you will not be aware that he could be a possibility of a friend, a connection, perhaps even the lover you are searching for.

If you perpetuate this thinking, you will retell your story to yourself to prove you are right, that there “aren’t any guys out there for me…”

How many areas of our lives do we do this?

Our choices create our reality.  Our choices create the possibilities.

Our choices create the way we not only experience the world, but our awareness of it as well.

Everyday can be sacred.  Everyday can be a mystical experience.

What will you choose?

The capital t Truth – real knowledge has everything to do with awareness.

This is Water.  Your choices create your experience.

Interested in choosing MORE EASE? In choosing with Greater awareness?

Unleashing and Unlocking Your Authentic You!

“When they push, when they pull, tell me can you hold on? When they say, you should change, do you lift your head high, and stay strong, do you give up, give in, when your hearts cryin’ out that it’s wrong? Will you love you for YOU at the end of it all?” (from Soar, by Christina Aguilera)

I’m guessing that most people on their deathbed do not regret taking risks, and being themselves more authentically, of following their dream.  They, instead, regret that they haven’t done as much as they wanted to, they played small, they didn’t risk, they didn’t ever follow that dream.

Are you truly being your authentic self?  Do you ever play small?  Are you creating everything you desire in your life?

I, Eileen – which means light – I will identify and Illuminate three things for you:

IDENTIFY 3 ways you may be playing small AND

ILLUMINATE you with three tools for getting out of your own way and choosing that bigger you, that authentic YOU unleashed!

You will then be able to use these three tools in your daily life to

Unleash and Unlock your Amazing, Authentic You this new year!

Are you ready?

#1)  What if you knew the truth for you by checking in with your energy, your body, how it makes you feel?  The sensations of your body, or the smile or frown on your face, perhaps?    So would that mean you would NOT need to look outside of yourself for your truth?  You could trust your own inner wisdom?

Truth will make you feel lighter, expansive, and a lie will make you feel heavier, contractive.

Example:  Truth chills – have you ever experienced these?  Where you just KNEW that was the truth!  Or, when a comedian gets you to chuckle, it’s usually some truth about ourselves we’re discovering.

#2)  What if you were 1000x more psychic and aware than you ever realized you were?  What if you were constantly being imbued with other people’s thoughts, feelings, emotions, on a weekly, daily, hourly basis?

Example:  I noticed every time I was around another facilitator friend of mine, that I got nervous, I doubted my ability, I wasn’t sure of myself. …I started to think she made me nervous…..and then I remembered, oh, yeah, that tool of mine,……

Tool is:  Who does this belong to?  Is this mine or someone else’s thought, feeling, or emotion?  If it lightens up at all, it is NOT YOURS, you are picking up on someone else’s energy.  It will lighten up and go away.  Use it daily.  Use it for every thought, feeling and emotion you have.  You will be surprised at what is NOT YOURS!

This is a highly valuable tool.  Use it only if you dare to see how empty your mind could be.

#3)  Stop Judging YOU.  Have you ever judged an action of your own to be stupid, you were embarrassed to death, and then you wanted to shrink and hide?  What if you let that go, you said, hmmn, you know, my opinion is just an interesting point of view.  Maybe it’s not right or wrong, a good choice or a bad choice, OK, cool, that didn’t work very well, let’s try something different.  What else is possible here?

What if you recognized that every choice you have ever made has led you to right where you are now, and that, thankfully, you were grateful for the path you have made.  So, instead of judging yourself as an idiot (or a victim) for the things in your life that aren’t working as well as you’d like, you said, huh, ok, cool, you stopped the judging, recognized it as just an interesting point of view, and now what?  How do I change this?  Ask questions to help open yourself to new possibilities?

3rd tool:  No judgment, so see everything you had a judgment of as “Interesting point of view” or other people’s judgments, just an “interesting point of view/”  This will allow you to open up to more possibilities.

These tools, believe it or not, will assist you in living more authentically YOU, unleashing and Unlocking the bigger playing field YOU!!!  By being less worried about what other people think, you can trust your own inner wisdom, your knowing.  You can stop thinking and being other peoples’ thoughts and emotions, being more YOU.  Plus, you can stop judging and limiting yourself, and instead be open to what else is possible?  Stop playing small.  Unleash and unlock your amazing, authentic self!

“What are you waiting for?  Spread your wings and fly!”

What if the Question were your Magic Wand?

What if we create our own reality?  With every thought, feeling, sensation, emotion, and action we choose, we create our own reality?  What if the Question were your very own Magic Wand?

Have you noticed the type of questions that empower, that create, that give you more possibilities?  Questions that start with “What if?”  or “What would it take for____?”  “What else is possible?” and “How does it get any better than this?” are two of my favorite questions to use.

Questions that start with “Why?” are more often looking to the past, or looking to blame something or someone (including ourselves and making us wrong).  “What if?” opens up possibilities.  Watch the questions you choose to use, and if you’re looking to blame others or yourself,looking to come to a conclusion, which collapses the molecules down, looking for an answer, rather than what else can I create here?  What else would work for me?  What would be fun for me?

Science, particularly Quantum Physics, has found that the observer has an effect on the experiment.  The observer collapses the multi-positional quantum particulate into one location.  From multiple possibilities to one.

We have an effect on our environment.  You might agree that, yes, I have an effect on my kids, I have an effect on my friends and family, even my dog or cat, and yes, even my plants, with my thoughts, if you have seen the amazing Russian scientific experiments with love, hate and plant growth.  But inanimate objects?  Like the earth?  Water?  Molecules?

Professor Masaru Emoto’s water crystal experiments are amazing!  Have you seen these?  He wrote the words “thank you,” “love and gratitude,” and “hate” on pieces of paper and taped them to bottles filled with water.  Then he froze these and took pictures of the water crystals that were formed by the various labeled water.  The hate one couldn’t even form a crystalline form!  The Thank You one was very elegant, the Love and Gratitude very full and detailed.  Beautiful!

The energy of the word was transmitted to the water!  The water was deeply affected by the various words, typed on thepaper and taped to the bottles!

So what does that mean to us in our daily lives?  Is there an inherent consciousness in the atoms?  Is there an impact in our daily lives with our thoughts, our words & deeds, our energy?  What if we are wizards, and the Universe is here to respond to our every command?  Or our thoughts, directed energy, and deeds?  What if “Ask and you shall receive?” is a truth?

What if by asking of the Universe, of the molecules, we direct the energy and it will use quantum entanglements to bring us possibilities that we are asking for?  What if when we come to a conclusion, it stops the energy of all the things set into motion, just like in quantum physics, and the field collapses into one possibility?  What if by asking open ended questions, we keep the energy flowing?

When you find money on the ground, even if it a little amount, what if you pick it up and be in gratitude, communicating to the Universe you appreciate this gift, and even kiss it multiple times and say “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” and put it in your pocket and say “What else is possible, how does it get any better than that?”  What do you think that would do?  Let the universe know you’d like more of that wonderfulness?

My challenge to you is to try it out.  Ask for money, Ask for the things you desire.  Ask for what else is possible and how does it get any better than this?  You can use it for anything.

What if you were the wizard of your life?  What if gratitude followed by open ended Questions were your Magic Wand?  I suggest you watch your words, keep open, asking, and receiving, and see what magic you can create!

If you received a million dollars every year, what would you create?

golden-coin-stacksEver wanted to be a philanthropist?

If you had a million dollars every year to spend on whatever you choose, what would you do with it?

  What if you received $10 million each year?  Does that open it up even more?  What about $100 million?  Feel how large that got?  That’s almost like no limits, huh?

What would you create in your life, what would you choose for you, and what would you gift to others if money were not holding you back?

Would you create something for your community?  Would you create something for the world that is different than what is available now?

What are your passions, what inspires you?  What could you do with that kind of money every year to contribute to the world?  What would you desire to create?

If money were not stopping you, what would you desire your life to be like?  What would be your bliss?

Is there something you’d like to contribute to the world?  Something for your family?  Your friends?  Would you like to create art?  Music, dance, theater, books, somehow share your ideas?  Or would you be interested in funding or doing research?  Or creating an invention?  What ideas do you have that would be fun for you to explore?  What if you could use your life on earth to create and generate knowledge or creativity?  What if you could stimulate love?  What if you could create safe havens for the destitute?  What sustains you?  What enlivens you?  What enriches you and your life?

Do you see anything in the world that you would like to change, to improve somehow?  What is it?  What one or two things would you like to change?

You see, the reason most people do not create the life of their dreams is they don’t realize they can.  They’ve created their life not necessarily as choice, but as reaction, and obligation.  Many people use the lack of money as their limitation.  It is the proverbial excuse for not having things better in their lives.

I love to empower people.  If money weren’t an issue for me, and I had a million dollars, $10 million dollars, or even $100 million coming to me every year, I admit I would live differently.  I wouldn’t have “not enough money” as an excuse.  I would dream bigger.  I could be lofty with my goals, my targets.  I could get out of just getting by, making a living, trying to get ahead, and shift that to thriving and creating what I truly would like.

What if everyone could be in the thriving energy?  What if every day you could create from something bigger?

What if “ask and you shall receive” were actually true?  What if we actually only had to ask and be willing and able to receive, from the molecules, the universe, source, God, the angels, the quantum particulates, the higher self, or wizards and genies, from the magical creative world in which we live?  What if question, play, and curiosity were our magic wands?  Or what if by asking for more, you receive, created and generated more?  What if by just asking, “What else is possible here?” more possibilities were actually seen and created?

If we know from Quantum Physics that the photons will actually be in multiple places at once, and that when the observer looks at the photon, it will collapse into a single position, what does that tell us about our effect on the observed?  If we stay more in play and questions, more possibilities actually are created.

Our thoughts affect our reality.  We create our reality.  What if by playing in the quantum field of limitless money, we could create more ease with money and more of what we would like to see in the world?  What if by playing with this question EVERY MORNING, we could create total joy and freedom with money AND be open and willing to receive MORE?  What if by asking these questions and playing with them every day, we actually found our passions and created more in the world, not letting our lack of money, stop us?  What if we stopped utilizing it as an excuse?  To create as if we had all the money in the world…..and then see what happens, who steps in, what else is generated and created in the world and what are the infinite possibilities?

What if we actually stimulate the universe to bring us more money by playing and living in the joy of creating?  What if we could actually amplify and actualize more of what we’d like in this world?  In our lives?

If money were no issue, what would you generate and create in your life?  Dream big!  Act on your dreams, as if you can create it, and see what unfolds!  I dare you!  Take a week, and every day, imagine what you would be and do if you had $100,000,000 drop in your lap every year.  See what you would like to create in your life and if you can change what’s stopping you.  Choose it, ask questions, and see what possibilities emerge!

How psychic and aware are YOU?

How much of what you think and feel is truly yours?  Do you realize how much of an “awareness of awareness unit” you are?  Have you had some emotional intensity this month?  How sensitive are you?

What if 98% of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions were what you were picking up from the collective?  From your spouse?  From your friends?  From the earth?  Would you have more ease?  Less mental chatter?  Less confusion?

I have been more and more amazed at acknowledging and recognizing how many (MOST) of the thoughts, feelings, emotions I used to believe were mine ARE NOT!  Like almost all of them!  I get so keyed into some people’s thoughts I think they are mine, I can’t even see my own opinion, even though I know it is different.  If you think or feel a certain way when you’re around someone, like every time you’re around them, do you think you might be picking up on their energy, thoughts, feelings, emotions?  Just maybe?  😉

The tools of asking “Who does this belong to?” or “Is this mine or someone else’s or something else’s?” are INVALUABLE!  If it’s not yours, it should get lighter and actually go away.  You just might want to try it for three days to see how much it could contribute to your awareness.

IT IS THE FIRST THING TO ASK about any thought, feeling and emotion you have.  This is a great way to get out of REACTION and coming from ACTION, choice, and then actually creating what you’d truly desire in your life!  Happy Creating!:)