Inviting a Different Possibility with our Bodies & Aging

Do you recognize that your thoughts create your reality?  How much of what you think or believe impacts your body?  What if you could eliminate your limiting beliefs, your expectations of dis-ease or aging?  What do you think would happen to your body?  Are you willing to be in curiosity?  Are you willing to play?

Do you think you could cause a change in your body if you had no beliefs that you could NOT?

Do you ever judge your body?  Do you think, oh I wish that was smaller, larger, different color, smoother, higher, etc.?  What if your judgments affected your body?  How can you change them?  What if your body is constantly responding to the energy you are choosing to express?  Is there some things we can do that may contribute to our bodies?  What if it’s all just interesting points of view?  What if you could be more vibrant, energetic, alive, youthful?

Have you ever experienced an energetic facelift?  When I first heard of them, I thought I was “too spiritual” for that.  I wasn’t supposed to care about my looks, or aging, that was “vain.”  Interesting point of view, huh?  So I tried one. Boy, did I like the way my body felt afterwards, like I was lit up from inside!

What if we could shift things energetically?  What if we aged solely to “fit in” with this reality?  What if we got wrinkles, dis-ease, or arthritis because of some crazy cultural thing we aligned and agreed to when we were young, watching our grandparents, our parents, and wanting to be like them?  Are we all just trying to “fit in?”  What if we could change that, shift that, so we could have lots of energy, vibrancy, and look, feel, and act 10 or 20 years younger than we are?

I Invite you to a different possibility:

I am looking for 7 people (Men and Women) to participate in a Energetic Facelift Research Project!!!  Are you willing to be open minded?  To not have a vested interest?  To PLAY in the possibilities? To possibly have less pronounced wrinkles, less saggings, more lift, more vibrancy? and what else is possible?

You will receive 7 Energetic Facelifts for only $325 (a whopping $550 savings!).  You must agree to receive them within 10 weeks, give testimonials, notice what changes occur, and to have “Before” and “After” research pictures taken.  This is a limited time offer, for a limited number of people, first come, first served, receiving a package valued at $875!

Please call or email me to let me know you’d like to participate or ask any questions regarding it. (, 303-475-8265)

Everything is Energy

Everything is energy. Our thoughts have an energy. Our thoughts have an impact, an effect on our lives.

Do you remember the movie, What the Bleep do We Know?  If you saw it, you might remember how the main character was always judging her body negatively, she thought her thighs were fat, she thought her belly was too bulgy, her butt larger than she’d like. She didn’t like the way she looked and she was extremely negative, especially in the mirror, to herself, and actually mean to her body.

Then she had seen Professor Masaru Emoto’s water crystal images that were on display at the train and subway stops. They were images of what Emoto had photographed of water crystals that were formed with respect to certain words, or energies, that were actually written and taped to the vial of water.
In these images the water crystals that were formed changed their shape and complexity with their exposure to different words. With the words “I hate you, you make me sick,” the water molecules could not even form a crystalline structure. In fact, the image actually looked like a person pointing a gun and was quite discolored.
The water exposed to “thank you” and “love” became very beautiful crystalline structures, with love and gratitude perhaps being the most filled out.

The woman in the movie finally put two and two together, in how she was treating her body with anger and meanness, perhaps even hatred, and the water molecules in her body.
The idea was that, if our bodies are made of 30% water, and water has been shown to pick up the vibrational quality of the directed thought or emotion, the energy, then wouldn’t it have an impact or effect on our bodies?
Emoto focused his experiment on the effects on water. But if everything consists of energy, why would only the water molecules be what is affected? Wouldn’t everything be affected? What if all molecules, not just water, are impacted and affected by our thoughts, by our emotions, by our directed energy?
What if the more you think something, the more your body locks that pattern into its molecules, its cells?
What if everything we think, we expect, we judge about our own bodies, impacted them?

What if we didn’t have to age? What if the more we worry about how we look, the more we are directing our bodies energetically to do exactly that. If we think we don’t like the cellulite, that it’s ugly, does that assist our bodies? Or does it actually add to the negative energy in our body? Is it even creating more cellulite? What if your body creates more of that because that’s what your focus is, so it thinks that’s what you’d like?

What if more judgments of our bodies locked up our bodies to what we are judging, bumpy or bulging stomach, cellulite on our legs, fat thighs, drooping and sagging cheeks and chin?

What if we could change those thoughts around, that energy we send to our body, and actually shifted that? What if our bodies responded to our directed energy, including our judgments and thoughts, fears, and emotion? Do we “expect” ourselves into aging, to look like our parents and grandparents did at certain ages, do we, in fact, have a part of creating that? Do we actually have more impact on our bodies with our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and directed energy than we realize?

Our bodies have an inherent ability to heal themselves naturally. They say we only utilize 10% of our brains. What if some of this extra portion we aren’t tapping into is actually some latent healing capacities we haven’t awakened?
If thoughts are energy, and our bodies are energy, what if we could shift our bodies’ energy to heal? What if we could shift the aging process naturally? What if we could correct our vision? What if we could have more of an impact on our bodies just by being more conscious, by being nicer to ourselves, by actually loving our bodies?

Would our bodies respond? Respond like the water molecules? What difference would it make? Could we live without judgment of our bodies and create greater health? Could we eliminate the negative impact of our thoughts and emotions on our bodies?

What if aging could be reversed by eliminating the judgments and expectations about aging directed on our bodies? What if our bodies responded positively to our creations?

The Access Consciousness Bars process is designed to eliminate the electromagnetic charge we place on thoughts. It releases the positive and negative judgments, the energized and directed thought, and it allows the body to release these energies so that they are not locked into the body anymore. This creates more ease in the body and with the mind-body connection. What if by shifting the energy at the core essence, the body is allowed to bring out even to a greater extent, the natural healing capacities? By keeping the judgments and expectations clear, can we have healthier bodies, with more youthful energy? That’s what I have been receiving with the Access Bars and other energywork on my body! A greater ease, more energy, and some lovely shifts. Would you like to try?

CONSCIOUS EATING & EXERCISE: does your body know what it requires?

Did you set New Year’s resolutions about diet and exercise this year?  Now, after three months, are you struggling, fighting them yet?  Did you give up?  What if that happened because when you decided you needed to lose weight, and chose the method, you forgot to ask your body what it desired?  Is it your partner or your enemy?

What if your body was actually more conscious than you ever acknowledged?  What if you started asking your body what it required?  What kinds of activity does it like?  Get out of your “shoulds” and just ask.  What feels expansive, lighter, what makes you smile?  Do that and your body will not only be happier, you’ll have opened up a whole new connection with your body!

Do you ever take on other people’s energy?  When someone comes into your space outpouring negative frenzied energy, do you take it on?  How much of what you carry around is actually picked up from others?  Even headaches and pain are easily taken on from others.  Access Consciousness™ has an invaluable tool for clearing this:  ask, “Is this mine or someone else’s?”  99% of our thoughts, feelings, and emotions are not even ours, we’ve just taken them on from someone else.   It’s like being a part of the herd, just part of being connected.

Your body is inherently blessed with its own knowing.  It craves what it needs.  When pregnant women crave something specific, it’s because their body needs the nutrients.

Choose a shift this month, ask your body what it requires to eat.  You can use your intuition, or use your body as a pendulum, holding the food you’re testing to your solar plexus and standing feet together.  Your body will sway: forward – yes, backward – no, sideways – doesn’t matter.  First clear your energy with “is this mine or someone else’s?”  Even the idea to eat may just be what you’re picking up from the “herd.”  Maybe your body doesn’t require food right now, just a drink of water.  Ask with every bite, even, to keep from eating more than what your body requires.

You can use this with anything you are considering for your body, a diet, exercise, specific vitamin or mineral supplements, ask without an opinion about it.  Ask what will make it happy for exercise.  Skiing, a walk, dancing, something sexy, what would it like?  You may be surprised what your body requires.  I tried a pole-dancing class, it was great fun until I got nauseous from all of the spinning.  So now I’m waiting in anticipation for my ordered sexy dance dvd’s!

Also, take your time, taste what you are eating, enjoy your activity, allow your body to be enriched fully by the energy.  Savor it, be in the moment. Notice, be aware of your body and the sensations, of the experience.  A new communion with your body will awake!  Conscious Eating and Exercise is possible, when you ask and follow the energy.

Eileen Moore Koenigsberg, CFMW, is a published author, certified yoga instructor, Access Consciousness™ Certified Facilitator and Intuitive Healer.  Eileen has an extensive background in energy work, breaking through limiting beliefs, and creating joy through increased awareness.  She has a masters in Applied Metaphysics / Mysticism and is the author of Vaporizing Clouds: Exploring Mind, Body & Spirit.  Eileen’s website is and