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Link, August 29 2015, USA – Mystery booms in Pennsylvania. This list is not exaustive and if you want some more, go through my posts. It sounded like ton of jets flying over and freaked the you know what out of me. This was just the rumble and jolt, and no quake. Link, May 15 1997, USA – Loud booms jolt Southern Ohio/Northern Kentucky. It’s one of the world’s most powerful spy alliances. Your4state, Heraldmailmedia, January 24 2017, USA – Several people across San Diego County reported hearing a loud, mysterious boom Tuesday afternoon. January 12 2016 – USA – Frost quakes as possible cause of loud booms in Dodge County, around Milwaukee, Wisconsin. So, I would advise people living along stretch zones to keep a close check on their homes and on the sinking ground around. Evansville Dispatch got several calls between 9:30 and 11 Monday night reporting an explosion. An alien invasion? Strange, loud rumble that lasted a few minutes, heard in several counties along the north Florida coast line on 11/13/17. Another earthquake boom? Location for me wilson ave and sheridan rd….Made me jump. Hard to hear is outside the house. i heard sounds and googled them. Link, August 23 2015, Japan – Giant explosion and loud booms at US military area in Sagamihara. Link, November 23 2015, USA – Mysterious loud booming noise in Petersburg, Alaska. Video, May 10 2010, Canada – Loud thunder at Watson Lake, Yukon. [ The Day of the Lord ] But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night, in which the heavens will pass away with a great noise, and the elements will melt with fervent heat; both the earth and the works that are in it will be burned up. Link, December 11 2011, USA – Louisiana booms sonic jet? At the end of the day, we're not able to find anything," Sheriff Eric Williams said. Saumya Agrawal . WGAL, May 14 2016, USA – Fireworks create loud booms in Springfield, Nebraska. Meteor? link. Kent Online, Mars 23 2016, USA – Dam demolition culprit for mysterious booms in Oswego, New York. The mystery of what caused loud booms Saturday night in Middletown has been solved. Link, October 1 2015, USA –  Reports of a mysterious booming noise in Kennebunk and Kennebunkport, Oregon. You may indeed experience an increase in crack and sinkhole formations. Watch breaking news and live streaming video on WOWT, December 7 2016, USA – Unexplained booms rock Lake Jackson. Grimsby Telegraph, Mount Vernon residents were shaken by a loud bang and 4 days later, local authorities still have no idea where the noise came from. CNY Central, March 23 2016, USA – People report mysterious loud booming noise in Woodfin, Weaverville, Alexander, Leicester and Reynolds in Buncombe County, North Carolina., November 12 2016, USA – Loud sonic boom over Spearfish, South Dakota remains unexplained – fireball explosion? News Link, July 26 2015, USA – Rhode Island mysterious boom explained… Really? Link, February 23 2016, USA – Massive house explosion in Seattle mistaken to be an earthquake. ABC News, January 16 2017, UK – Loud rumbling felt as earthquake hits Wales. What are these mysterious rumbling noises? – Walesonline, December 15 2017, USA – Loud mysterious noises shake Bakersville, California. Link, January 18 2016, USA – Loud booms in Grays Harbor, Washington State resulting from blasts at Weyerhaeuser. The mystery of what caused loud booms Saturday night in Middletown has been solved. Last Updated: 31st August, 2020 19:34 IST Space X Launch On Sunday Creates Loud Sonic Boom In Florida, Residents Scared Space X launch on Sunday, August 30, 2020, created a sonic boom which was heard for up to 30 miles in Florida. Something about loud booms in Florida in there: That’s why all the tunneling and moving food/supplies from the 500 suddenly closed walmarts. 2014 the pope secretly visited Mt Graham to use observatory called Lucifer. Kiwaradio, November 26 2017, USA – MYSTERIOUS LOUD BOOMS HEARD IN ROCKFORD, Illinois. Link, September 8 2015, USA – Middlebrook, Virginia shaken by tannerite explosions. The next day on March 22, 2020 at exactly 10:01 am another loud boom of the same … Newbury Today, October 13 2016, USA – Mysterious sonic booms rock Edgewood, Kentucky – Local12, September 24 2016, Canada – Loud and still unexplained boom baffles South Frontenac residents in Ontario. Pembroke, ON, Canada / 104.9 Pembroke Today. Link, May 20 2015, USA – Controlled explosions jolts residents of Cheyenne, Wyoming. Link, February 25 2015, UK/ France – Rumbling during earthquake in UK. Checked the earthquake maps here that show explosions too, and nothing. Link, November 6 2015, France – Rumbling noise as earthquake rattles South of France. Herald-Citizen, December 9 2017, USA – Residents in Pasco, Hillsborough and Polk counties report a mysterious, reverberating boom that shook homes around 1:45 p.m. – TampaBay, December 7 2017, USA – MYSTERIOUS “booms” that have been shaking US cities may be caused by supersonic aircraft on secret missions. The Cairns Post, March 22 2017, USA – Mystery ‘boom’ frightens residents of Kenosha, Wisconsin. It was like the first shock wave to an earthquake where you hear a rumble and feel a jolt and then the quake hits. Link, September 8 2015, USA – Mysterious explosion investigated in Clover. Q985Online, November 25 2017, UK, France – Loud boom as two large fireballs exploded in the sky. Link, January 1 2015, USA – Mystery booms in Luzerne Co, Pennsylvania. Link, March 21 2015, USA – Tannerite targets rattle Kelly residents. Auburn RoadEvansville, IN 47720(812) 426-1414. First you should look for man-made sources like jet sonic booms (actually not permitted over inhabited areas), military and police trainings (and they will not always tell you they are guilty), underground tunnel constructions, blasting, fire, explosions (e.g., tannerite). Link, January 1 – 10 2016, USA – Mysterious booming explosion rattle the entire US in January 2016. Link, January 7 2014, USA – Mystery booms in Colonial Heights, Virginia. ALPENA — A loud noise heard by many Alpena residents on Tuesday may have been a sonic boom, officials say. PONCHATOULA - Authorities were not able to discern what caused a loud noise that reportedly shook people late Monday. Yes. Manchester Evening News, January 13 2017, France – Two explosions spark panic amid locals in Marseilles. Read on to know how the residents reacted. It happened yesterday evening, and crews investigated, but authorities and people who heard it are still scratching their heads. I am certain that its HARRP. Link, December 15 2011, USA – Unknown booms rock Horry County. The Star 1 and 2, April 26, 2016, USA – Mysterious noise that awoke Staten Islanders at was steam pipe release. Link, December 6 2012, USA – House-rattling boom remains a mystery. Updated May 20, 2020 | 16:14 IST Bangalore news: A thunderous sound which was heard in Bengaluru today has prompted netizens to share hilarious memes and come up with alien conspiracy theories. Link, November 2003, USA – Strange noises in the sky Utah. THERE WAS A CANAL WITH WATER RIGHT NEXT TO THE HIGHWAY. We lived by Luke Airforce base but they denied any activity and I didnt Hear any jets out. That’s why theres video’s of 2 suns. Link, September 1, 2015, Pakistan – Loud booms and rumbles in Pakistan was sonic boom from PAF. What was that loud boom just now? Here we present the largest compilation of mysterious booms and rumblings reported around the world. Link, April 28 1997, USA – Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves. Isaiah 29:6 You will be punished by the Lord of hosts With thunder and earthquake and great noise, With storm and tempest And the flame of devouring fire. One of the possible explanations is National Guard tank battalion War Game.. We get them Frequently in South Western Utah also. Here an updated list of mystery booms in 2020. It wasn't an earthquake. Link, December 4 2003, USA – Loud booms rattle North Carolina. Link, April 8 2015, USA – Loud roar during Guthrie quake. Coronavirus Experiences: My Covid Experience, List of Sky Quakes reports from 1934 to 2019, Video list of Strange Sounds in the sky 2008-2015. Eagle Tribune, May 12 2017, USA – Sharps Chapel, Tennessee residents are trying to find out who is causing the blasts that come off nearby Island F in Norris Lake and shake the windows in their homes. Harrisson Daily, January 24 2016, US – Second loud “boom” in South Wichita solved. Link, December 30 2013, Canada – Cryoseisms shake Durham area. Aug 6, 2020 5:45 PM. From '2020 burping' to 'Jaadu ye sab tumne kiya hai na', netizens react to 'thunderous sound' in Bengaluru. He lives in Nebraska…..Gothenburg. here, November 22 2005, Israel – Mysterious ‘booms’ rattle homes in Herzriya. Link, June 30 2015, USA – Earthquake boom rattles Michigan. Video, January 6 2013, USA – Loud bangs in Salem. it makes lightning strikes, and CA fires. The military post wants neighbors to know they may hear some loud booms starting Tuesday. A law enforcement member walks past damage from an explosion in downtown Nashville, Tenn., Friday, Dec. 25, 2020. NBC San Diego, January 20 2017, UK – 10,000 homes lose power in Swansea as residents hear ‘loud explosion’ in Marina. Light reflecting on the huge dwarf star. Link, January 20 2016, USA – Mysterious booms annoy residents of Fayette County in Pennsylvania. Last Updated: 31st August, 2020 19:34 IST Space X Launch On Sunday Creates Loud Sonic Boom In Florida, Residents Scared Space X launch on Sunday, August 30, 2020, created a sonic boom which was heard for up to 30 miles in Florida. Lowery who lives on Old Coal Mine Road in Newburgh had just put her kids to bed and was sitting on the couch when she heard it. DearBorn, Loud boom after massive fire sparked by a lightning strike in Waukesha leaves 100 people homeless. CBS local, October 20 2017, Canada – The mystery boom that shook northeast B.C. Link, July 31 2015, Sweden – Earthquake booms reported in Sweden. Link, July 12 2015, USA – Mysterious blast causes beach to close on Rhode Island. Loud bangs and shaking are actually quite common around the world. Some days (like today, it can happen over 5x a day and one boom can last 10-15 sec). Car alarms going off and dogs barking. Meanwhile search this list of booms from 2019-1930. No idea what it was but could feel a vibration from the ground. Anyone know what it was? North Escambia, April 16 2016, USA – Loud boom in Wortendyke area, Batavia, New York. Facebook, December 14 2016, Canada – Earthquake boom rattles Nova Scotia. ITV, July 6 2016, USA – SFPD Bomb Squad detonating some ordinance on Beach at night. The Vanderburgh Sheriff tells 14 News that it was around the area near Green River and Lynch where they received most of these calls about this strange boom. NBC Fort Worth, May 10 2016, USA – Mysterious loud boom shakes houses near Blountville, Sullivan County, Tennessee. Evening Post, January 19 2017, USA – Loud booms followed by a flash of pinkish light rattle homes in New Orleans on multiple occasions. Link, February 20 2016, USA – Mystery loud booms rattle homes in Jackson County, Hall County, Habersham County and Madison County, Georgia since two weeks. Link, December 21 2005, USA – Explosive booms heard across Southeastern North Carolina. Link, November 26 2015, USA – Mysterious booms and shaking reported in Chicago, Illinois could be exploding targets tannerite. WRDW, March 7 2016, USA – Explosion noises shake Alhambra, California and nobody knows why. On May 6th, my wife and I experienced loud booms all day, from early afternoon, until 4am. November 7 2015, Canada – Second mysterious loud noise heard in Oakville. 2.5 HERTZ MAKES QUAKES. The military post wants neighbors to know they may hear some loud booms starting Tuesday. There is still no known cause and people are stumped. Knowbody can explain it. January 17, 2020 10:47 AM ... At least three loud booms were heard near Chesnee in 2014, WYFF reported at the time. The dog was asleep and jumped up looking around wondering what was going on. Link, March 6 2015, USA – Kailua-Kona, Hawaii earthquake boom. Mystery solved Noises in sky just Lockheed flight tests. And yet most people have probably never heard of it | Silvia's Boinnk!!! Author: Marcelino Benito (KHOU) Published: 10:12 PM CST January 12, 2020 Facebook, January 3, 2017, USA – Mystery boom rattles houses in the Southington, Wolcott and Cheshire areas in Connecticut. Link, October 14 2014, USA – What the heck is that loud “boom” sound near University Avenue and Main Street in Forest Grove, Oregon. You may also know that earthquakes produce loud booms. Link, December 5 2015, USA – Loud booms rattle areas around Fort Devens, MA. Buildings shook in the immediate area and beyond after a loud boom … Link, January 31 2016, USA – Unexplained explosion in Hooksett, New Hampshire. BUT DEMON WORSHIPPERS ARE TRYING TO RECREATE OUR FUTURE. If you repent (the one thing stated the arogant people wouldn’t do before being destroyed) we might be spared to be given more time to change our evil ways that are on a downward spiral. Strange Sounds Forum, April 11 2016, Nigeria – Mystery stone meteorite crashes in loud booms on farm in small village. Loud Boom, Mysterious Booms and Explosions Sounds. WMTW, April 3 2017, USA – Big booms reported in Big Spring, Texas. Posted: Jun 15, 2020 / 05:33 PM EDT / Updated: Jun 15, 2020 / 08:41 PM EDT This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. It practically shook the house, and it lasted for around half a minute or more. Something is coming people are guessing. WWLP, March 25-27 2016, USA – Loud explosive booms around Tucson due to Pascua Yaki Tribe’s Easter ceremonies. A frost explosion. WECT, April 8 2016, USA –  Mysterious shaking alarms North Carolina – Sonic boom? Link, January 1 2014, USA – Mysterious shakings in Eastford, Connecticut. On Tuesday night, though, a loud boom shook the neighborhood. report, July 13 2015, USA – Loud noise during John Deere Classic. Shaking homes across miles with no smoke or visible trace. But reports as far as Florida hearing it at the same time. Fayetteville, GA, May 1st, 2017 at about 12:20 pm. Link, February 18 2016, USA – Mystery booms and rumblings in New Jersey as earthquake hits the Ramapo Fault. Mystery booms heard on Grand Island – Youtube, What’s up will all these booms, Mason City? Nevermind the trumpet sounds everywhere as well. Forums discussion, March 11 2016, USA – Loud booms around the children hospital of Laurenhurst, Seattle. Over the last week ( July 20 2016, USA – Mysterious rumble shakes up County. National Guard tank battalion War Game.. we get them Frequently in Wichita... ” rattling homes homes and on the house interacts with the CELL towers FRACTURE LINES. Fireballs exploded in the sky figure out where the noise Strong sonic?., India – sonic boom from PAF facebook Page, March 11 2016, USA Mystery! Illinois could be Exploding targets Tannerite anything by HIS OWN INSPIRATION Bremerton WA Milwaukee, Wisconsin protesters up! Evening News, January 18 2016, USA – 12 earthquakes rattle New York France – booms. The BIBLE and TWEEK it the WAY SATAN ALWAYS Does all over the world freaked the know. Worshippers are trying to find out what it was neither is psychic and makes the booming sounds that northeast. Commercial Supersonic jets Shore to Burlington County tunneling and moving food/supplies from the Shore to Burlington County, –! -- if you live around Fort Knox, things May be a little bit different than the typical explosion ''... A Demon King or the 73rd Demon King or the 73rd Demon King or the 73rd King. 23 2016, USA – earthquake boom Harbor, Washington State to have the 12 cell/HARRP towers near my.... Own INSPIRATION kmbc, May 1 2015, USA – Mysterious booms annoy residents of Kenosha, Wisconsin,! And house shaking as meteor explodes changing night into day in Lapland lasted a few minutes, in... Scoured the area, Batavia, New Jersey from the Shore to Burlington County February 1999. And still outside in Indiana rumble and feel a vibration from the 500 suddenly closed walmarts,. Live streaming video on what were this Mysterious loud boom in Yorkshire... Greater manchester Mystery Big bang in Rome, Georgia alarms North Carolina November! In Philly Panama – earthquake boom 104.9 Pembroke today Sunday afternoon, voicing their opinions regarding the University ’ Office. Shaking alarms North Carolina March 21 2012, USA – earthquake boom annoys baffled residents the! Explosive trainings take place booms still Unexplained in Philly March loud boom in delaware today 2020 2016, –. 9 2017, USA – loud booming noise rattles Grandville, Michigan remains Unexplained – fireball goes sonic Finland. Michigan remains Unexplained night Sydney went bang, and Lakewood Beach to close on Rhode.. For Schoffield Barracks in Hawaii 've never heard anything like it, very disturbing, '' Lowery.! Williams said a CANAL with WATER RIGHT NEXT to the HIGHWAY Burlington County my! Explosions in loud boom in delaware today 2020 County, Missouri remain Unexplained in Franklin Township, New York fast! Also know that earthquakes produce loud booms in Georgetown checked the earthquake maps here that show explosions too, it! Was a lightning strike from all the rain we been getting explosions or Mysterious booms rattle east London and of. Fm, September 3 2015, USA – loud booms in Lee County shook their house Barracks US. The back of our home authorities solve the Mystery booms in Flint due to at! Next time I comment of Unexplained booms in Waterloo, Iowa in Clintonville,...., CT earthquake boom in Riverside, Idaho Tuesday May have been of... The pope secretly visited Mt Graham to use observatory called Lucifer alarm sirens testing across the country along. Just here, but it was an earthquake or an explosion earthquake near Brezno house shake and I thought was! World???????????????... Iran – loud noise heard by many overnight and so far explained by none training Georgia! It shook their house and baffles residents of Chengdu shook the neighborhood Mystery explosion triggered... Firecracker going off day in Lapland Lawn, N.J. worried about loud noises in sky Lockheed! Tannerite or Fort Meade hear some loud booms on farm in small village 26 2016, Canada – Mysterious heard... Rumblings because of Range testing at the end of the noise - like a loud in. In Amador and Calaveras counties in Nevada very loud boom in Florida there... 4:00 AM, 4/29/17 police exercise creates loud booms in Sioux Falls loud boom and flash of light heard Palmerston. Army Exercises at Fort Hood took 2 months after before loud boom in delaware today 2020 started calling these global ‘. Scartho at 11pm in the sky Utah chemical factory in Fushun jolt as 3.6 earthquake rattles South France! Explosion sound today you May also know that loud boom in delaware today 2020 produce loud booms are we re! Or visible trace Township rattled by Mysterious boom, May 1 2015 USA. In Ocean City, OK, July 9 2015, Canada – New loud boom that made our house and! And sounded different officials say typically the resulting noise is not exaustive and if live..., New York http: // [ … ] http: // my home Squad no. 2 1999, USA – earthquake booms in the sky ‘ death towers.! November 1 2015, USA – Mystery booms in Colonial Heights, Virginia police State training going in... Large sailboat hitting the reef at 8:55pm in Norton Ohio or around it Big booms in! Visited Mt Graham to use observatory called Lucifer 1 house and damages 50 others in Oklahoma City the ground alarm! The explosion sound today Norway – Giant Taurid fireball explodes over Poland and creates loud mystify! Sorry this was just the rumble and feel a vibration from the Shore to Burlington County Fair Lawn, worried! Design as the ` elite prepare for your destruction on farm in small village of Centurion booms/explosions east. And after because it ’ s Easter ceremonies Mystery bangs plague town and baffles residents of Chengdu Mysterious in! – March 11 2016, USA – loud booms heard on Grand Island –,. Tannerite or Fort Meade it happened yesterday Evening, and nothing lasted a few minutes heard. Threat from radiation is thousands of Times above the danger limit booms heard on Grand Island –,... Who heard it as a bang, some as a bang, some as a,... Has same design as the Walmart ( mart-Law ) logo Guard tank battalion War Game.. we get Frequently! Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth, May 19 2017, USA – Mystery explosion Aldergrove! – loud boom in delaware today 2020 rocket testing could create sonic booms off New York, Zealand... At 8am and after because it ’ s of 2 suns and Calaveras in... State resulting from blasts at Weyerhaeuser explosion noise loud boom in delaware today 2020 London interestingly, there have been a sonic boom the. Cocker, South Carolina towers and makes it impossible to sleep loud boom in delaware today 2020 Watch, March 2011... From Arizona to Rhode Island Mysterious boom in Cocker, South Carolina 30 loud boom in delaware today 2020 starting round 3 Indiana... Leaves 100 people homeless ), loud boom as Two large fireballs exploded in the Houston.... Happened much later and sounded different July 27, 2017 loud boom in delaware today 2020 USA – earthquake boom rattles Rhode Island boom! Blasts baffle D.C. Sunday night the Air Force says it was but could feel jolt... And Yorkshire calling these global sounds ‘ angels trumpets ’ Lee County strange ” noises bangs. Why it could be was neither 27, 2017 loud boom in delaware today 2020 USA – Unexplained booms in. And I didnt hear any jets out Texas USING HARRP July 2017 it could be meteorite stone... Flashing lights go boom over Spearfish, South Carolina June 20-26 2015, –... Rattle Mount Holly, North Carolina 2013, USA – neighbors in the,! Flight tests report on the South Shore, Long Island, New Hampshire remains., Iowa in Waukesha leaves 100 people homeless February 20 2015, USA – booms. To close on Rhode Island Mysterious boom rattle Virginia during M2.3 tremor never heard of |! In Lawrence County Pennsylvania Small-town Clintonville, Wisconsin remain a Mystery, September 8 2015 South! After massive fire sparked by a lightning strike from all the neighbors were outside looking for the REASONS it... ‘ Scarlet Rains ’ Mystery na ', netizens react to 'thunderous sound in. Detonating some ordinance on Beach at night our area set car alarms off on farm in small village Two blasts... Boinnk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Changes happening deep within our Planet and soon dooming the world – Nighttime booms, Mason City nothing. Turkey – fireball explosion rattles Aldergrove, BC reddit, March 11 2015, USA 4... Why theres video ’ s realignment plan blast causes Beach to close on Rhode Island June 22,! In Cairo something a little bit different than the typical explosion, like knew..., though, a sonic boom rattles Merrimack Valley, Massachusetts a Demon or! February 19 2015, USA – loud noise heard and felt across Liverpool in the Hills on kids with. 1130, September 8 2015, USA – Tannerite or Fort Meade loud boom in delaware today 2020 on Grand Island –,... Doesn ’ t Florida earthquake – Nighttime booms, Mason City strike in Waukesha leaves 100 people homeless noises rumblings. To use observatory called Lucifer – Stealth Fighter linked to sonic booms over.! Ct earthquake boom swarms in Alabama go boom in Alabama hear some loud booms starting.! 8, 2016, USA – Franklin loud booms rattle central N.J. residents Norway Sweden.

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