What does the veil of death have to do with playing small and the Empower Network?

The day before my 8th birthday I experienced a realm beyond the veil….I later realized it to be the passing into death place ……it was beautiful, amazing, and I had light beings around me, concerned about me, there was deep caring, love, and beauty beyond anything I understood or had remembered before.

It was incredible.  I describe it more in detail in my book, Vaporizing Clouds: Exploring Mind, Body & Spirit, more, if you are interested.

empower network

I draw on this experience when I go back to what motivates me.

I have been playing small.

I have been playing small, hiding a bit.  This wonderful, amazing experience that I could share with others, that defined my life to such a great extent, that gives me more access to the angelic realms than most people, I have kept hidden from most people.

I wanted to “fit in.”  I wanted to not be judged as “different.”  I wanted to not be seen as strange.

But I’m different, strange, and am tired of hiding.  I’m tired of playing small!

I’m stepping out, man, and one of the things I’m stepping out with is the Empower Network.

That’s this cool, amazing personal development program disguised as a blogging platform.  Disguised as online marketing training.  Disguised as a network marketing or affiliate sales company.

and last week I was a little nervous putting a picture of my “Have it All” team on my facebook page as my cover picture.

I was a little worried about what others would think.  Now that’s playing small.

Me, the person who wrote a book about Vaporizing Clouds in the sky and having a huge affect on the weather if you want.

Me, the person who has taught hundreds of students over the years about meditation, dream interpretation, going into the inner levels of the mind, astral projection, chakras, telepathy, clairvoyance, energy healing, and clearing energy quickly.

Worried about judgments on Empower Network?  Choosing to keep it quiet, so that I can’t be made fun of?  Choosing again, the playing small deal.  Hmmmn.

Interesting, indeed!

So please share and like my video, and help me to get over myself, my weird ego against hype, against letting people know I’m weird.

Cause I just am.

and maybe you are too.

Maybe you want to be yourself, blog and vlog about it and make money.

Maybe you want to inspire others to be themselves, share their talents and abilities, and make money. (join me)

Maybe you desire financial freedom and are ready to be louder in the world, ready for some judgments, ready to be the moving car the dogs are barking at.

After all, a dog doesn’t bark at a parked car.

Please, think about it.

What kind of legacy do you want to create?  To hide it from others?  Or to be yourself and play on that big idea stage?  To be amazing and not care how many people think you’re “weird?”  Maybe that will allow them to be more comfortable being their “weirdness” as well!

and How does it get better than everyone dancing to their own drummer, to creating their path as they go along?

Love your life!

Be Brave, Bold, and Live FOR YOU!!!


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Key #15 to More Magical Life: Your Thoughts Affect Reality

Welcome to Key #15 to  a More Magical Life!

Your Thoughts Affect Reality

Your Thoughts, my thoughts, everyone’s thoughts affect reality.

Thoughts are energy. Directed thought has. an. impact. on. reality.

This is a truth I found myself playing with since I was in my early 20’s.

My thoughts affect reality.  Your thoughts affect reality.  Everyone’s thoughts affect reality.

When I was taught to meditate, I was also taught to observe.  To observe my thoughts.  When you observe your thoughts, all of them, you can start seeing how things are related and how your thoughts contribute to and impact your reality. Period.


What a super cool reality we live in!  How does it get any better than that? They’re going to call you crazy, but once you take the time to truly observe, you will see that your thoughts affect reality.  All of the time.

Some day I may tell you more about my water and fire superpowers, about my mistakes with them, and my tests/play.  But for now, I’ll stick to this one focus.

Today, it rained again.  That makes at least 15-16 days in a row, now, ever since I connected with the element of water and asked for a daily afternoon or evening rain.

I have a special talent or ability with the elements.  I also think other people can develop this, too.  Anyway, I asked for rain.  I asked for rain daily.  I asked for gentle rain, consistent, that would keep fires at bay, that would contribute to our land here in Colorado.

and it has come every day, without a miss, ever since.


How super coolio is this magical world of ours?

Play with it.  Play with asking, with your thoughts.

Prayer is a form of thought, so if you want to do it as prayer, go right ahead.

Invite the rain in your life to wash out your doubts of empowerment.

We are super potent beings.

Step into your potency, your magic, your inner wizard NOW.

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Key #14 More Magical Life: Listen to Your Body!

Listen to Your Body

Welcome back to the 22 Keys to a More Magical Life! Key #14: Listen to Your Body!

What if our bodies are amazing, conscious, awareness units?  How much of the world is your body picking up?  What sensations are you receiving from your body’s awareness of energy?  (including other peoples’ energy.)

You are a body and a being (spirit, some might call it, or soul), interconnected, working together.  The body is part of this 3d reality and is super aware of energy, feelings, sensation, emotions.  Your body moves, breathes, and is affected by your thoughts in a million different ways.  By your direction.  By your emotions, your desires, your perceived lack.

Your mind, emotions, body, and spirit are all interconnected.  Your body will respond to your mind, your directed thought.  What if your body had a separate consciousness?  What if it communicated by feelings, sensations, energy back to you?

What if your body was super psychic and aware?  What if it used feelings, whispers, to talk with you?  What if it made the whispers get louder, the more you refused to listen until it became pain?

How can you listen to your body?  How can you communicate with your body?

What if you have pain?  Ask first, who does this belong to?  Is this mine or someone else’s?

Just like our thoughts, feelings, and emotions, we can pick up other people’s pain and take it into our body.

I’ve seen and experienced my body doing this over and over, especially the more aware I was of other peoples’ bodies and their pain, I would get the sensation in my own body.

When talking with my yoga teacher years ago, he had a wrapped up foot.  All of a sudden I felt all of this weird energy in my right foot, in the area of his injury.  I could sense what he was experiencing, I felt pain and energy sensations in my right foot.  If I had not realized it was his, I could have kept it, thinking it was mine, and then have to deal with a hurt foot.  Without a real injury, I would have been dealing with the pain of one.

People do this all of the time without being aware of it.

So ask.  Listen to your body and if you feel a pain, first question could be, “hey body, is this mine?” If it’s not yours, it should lighten up and go away.

You may also get the awareness of whose it is, and then, if you are a healer you will know what you’re dealing with.

Listen to your body.  You can also ask your body whatever comes to mind.  If you have pain that doesn’t shift, you could ask, “Body, What is this?  Are you trying to tell me something? What do I do with it?  Can I change it? How can I change it?”

Listen to your body. Ask it more open ended questions.  What would it take for these creaky knees to be more flexible?  To feel at ease bending deep?  and by directing your questions, the molecules will respond.

I see it in yoga.  I will ask, what would it take for this pose (asana) to be easy for me?  For my body to be more flexible here?  The next time I do the pose, I will be able to reach an additional foot further!  It’s incredible!

Listen to your body.  appreciate your body.  Honor and love your body.  Dry skin?  What would it take for it to be more supple, more vibrant, to have more moisture?  You may get a knowing of products or nutrition you could take to alleviate it.

Listen to your body, it is very aware!  I still remember running in Cheesman Park years ago, across a road in a crosswalk, I almost got ran into by a car that stopped too late!  My right leg already felt the impact energetically, so that was an interesting sensation.

Use your awareness, use your communion and communication with your body to keep yourself from again like everyone else, to keep your self healthy and vibrant!  To live longer!  To be more into living!

Listen to your body and the secrets it’s communicating with you.  You will find it fascinating!

Work directly with Eileen in Personal Empowerment Coaching, Classes, and Healing.

2012: End of the World as we Know it?

The End of the World as We Know it?

There’s been quite a lot of hoopla over the “end” of the Mayan calendar, and the other prophesies and the date of December 21, 2012, tomorrow, the Winter Solstice for us here in the northern hemisphere. I heard someone this morning say the planets will all be aligned, which happens every 524 gazillion years, (OK, I’m not sure how often, but it was huge), and the end of a yuga cycle, the beginning of a new one.

Is there really anything occurring that is extraordinary? Has the culture been shifting? Becoming more aware? In some ways, I think it has. People are more aware of diet, exercise, and the effect they have on their body…..to a point. They are open to other cultures, religions, activities, ways of thinking…to a point.

Yet, there is still a victim consciousness. What if we could all be responsible not only for the good, but also the bad and the ugly in our lives? What if determining whether something is good or bad is actually just an interesting point of view? What if we could be OK with changing our minds based on the energy of the situation and circumstance at the moment? What if we could say, OK, cool, what else is possible here? What if we did not worry about being wrong (or right), but rather, choosing to move forward with a different choice and seeing if that works better?

Should we be more aware of our thoughts? Yes! Are things going to manifest more quickly? Perhaps they already are! Do we have an impact on our lives, our environment, the earth? Undoubtedly, yes! What can we do to contribute to greater consciousness, to be a contribution to our lives, our families, our neighbors, and our world? Live in awareness, respond rather than react, and practice kindness to all, including ourselves.

Be in gratitude. What else is possible? What would you like to create your next year to be like? What would you like to contribute to the world, to your friends, to yourself? Step into it, be that which will change the world, by being you. Authentically, fully, with awareness and potency!

Great Blessings to all as we choose greater conscious living!

Key #1 Magical Life: GRATITUDE

What are you grateful for?

There was a time, not too long ago, that I woke up in the morning and I was worried, concerned about money, what I was going to do today.

Remember, what you focus on expands. So if you focus on your “problems” they will become larger.

If you focus on what other possibilities there are or can be created, these start expanding. More ideas come to mind. What else is possible is a gem of a question to use for this.

I found myself needing to turn my financial situation around once and for all.

I went to gratitude. Gratitude for what I already had, gratitude for my mind, my body, my awareness, my path. No judgment can exist when you are in gratitude. When you judge how stupid or bad or wrong or whatever other ugliness you harshly criticize yourself with, your energy shrinks, and you are buying a lie.

I found that when starting with GRATITUDE, my energy automatically expanded, got lighter, the judgments couldn’t exist.

I felt better. I loved my life. I remembered that I loved me, my family, my friends, this amazing, amazing universe!

I also found that when I practiced starting my day with gratitude, more business came in. I received more calls, out of the blue, for new projects. I didn’t get all of the work, and when I focused on wanting it for the money, it would slip out of my hands. I would create funkiness there.

So when I stepped back into gratitude, the projects would come in again.

I have a friend, George, that tells his story of his business. He was struggling. How he just was fighting with the universe, God, why is it so hard? He came home to find his house infested with bedbugs, he wasn’t making the money he needed, he was wanting to serve and inspire people and he thought he was on his path, why wasn’t it working?

He cried, laid down on his bed and cried. Then, he describes, the idea of RADICAL GRATITUDE came to him. That was the message from the Universe, be grateful for what you’ve got, and more will come…..

and, of course, it did.

I took it to heart as well. When I started my day with gratitude, things shifted. Yes, that is the MOST POWERFUL TOOL….BEING GRATITUDE. No judgment can exist there.

All your junky, gunky energy from the previous day will clear with the beautiful, true energy of gratitude. Peace will come.

So, try starting your day with gratitude, it will not only feel great, it will help your business prosper, your relationships, your health, all things!

Eileen is a personal empowerment coach that assists you to get on track and stay on track with your mission, vision, and life targets. You have amazing talents and abilities, what do you desire to create in this life? Are you ready to move forward? Phone coaching sessions are available. Click here to check out Eileen’s free trial 20 minute session.

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Key #2 Magical Life: Truth and Lies

Key #2: The Truth will make you feel lighter, expansive, happy;

a lie will make you feel heavy, contractive, smaller.

Have you ever noticed this? This is actually an awesome way to tell whether you want to do something, whether you are telling your truth (we are actually excellent at lying to ourselves) and whether you are living your truth.

Have you ever done something not because you desire to, but because you feel obligated to? It can be anything, from serving on a committee or going to someone’s birthday party, to accepting a date offer or going to visit your relatives.

Somewhere, in your past, you’ve made a decision that you “should” do it, and so, even if you don’t want to, even if your body is screaming, “no!” you feel obligated, and you tell your mother, “of course, I’ll go to that family reunion.”

I used to be very good at this with doing things for my kids, I would say, yes, I can coach the soccer team, though I know nothing about soccer, yes, I can be coach coordinator, or overall coordinator, do referee training, sure, I’m wonder woman super mom.

Then when it came to the actual coaching sessions, I would find my body not wanting to lead the practices, and finding I would ask for rain so we could skip practice. I became very good at getting it to rain when I wanted.

If I would have just said, “No” to the coaching, I would have been more honest with myself. That would have felt better. The truth makes you feel lighter, a lie makes you feel heavier.

Have you ever gotten truth chills? When you feel the energy run up and down your spine, when you just KNOW something rings totally TRUE for you?

That’s a sure way for me to tell, “yes!” This is the truth, and it’s usually a cool, inspiring, truth when it involves truth chills, for me, at least.

If you use this every day, you will start to see when you are lying to yourself about wanting to do what you say you do, if it feels light to you it will feel in alignment with your targets, it will be in the flow with what you desire to create.

If you notice the things that are not so easy or not in the flow for you are things that feel heavy for you, that felt contractive.

You can use this, too, with things you might be told. If someone tells you you’re doing something wrong, does it feel light to you? No! and who’s point of view is that? Yours or theirs? So what if how you were doing something really doesn’t have a right or wrong? Just a point of view? and could you realize that what’s truth for you and what’s truth for someone else can be different? It doesn’t make you wrong?

So listen to your OWN TRUTH! Listen to the sensations in your body. If it feels light, expansive, it is truth for you, if it is heavy, it is a lie.


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Key #3 Magical Life: are you Super Psychic and Aware?

KEY #3:  What if you are 95% MORE PSYCHIC and AWARE than you ever recognized?

So with the first KEY, you have expressed your gratitude for the amazing and magical (and possibly not so amazing) things in your life, and whatever your are grateful for, you have expanded your energy.

The second Key is the amazing tool to keep you truthful with yourself and the energy of any situation:  The Truth will make you feel LIGHTER, and a LIE will MAKE you feel HEAVIER.  Use it daily, hourly, whenever you are are choosing, communicating, and creating!  Use it when choosing something in alignment with your mission, vision, and values.

Today’s topic: KEY #3  What if you are 95% MORE PSYCHIC and AWARE than you ever recognized? What if those thoughts, feeling, and emotions are not even yours?

What if what you think are your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions, are not always yours?  What if you are so psychic and aware, you are taking on other peoples’ thoughts, feelings, and emotions as if they are yours?  and Then you try to fix them.  But if it that depression isn’t even yours, how can you fix it?

I have a wonderful TOOL I learned with Access Consciousness for this – ask, “Who does this belong to?  Is this mine or someone else’s?”  If it’s not yours, it should lighten up and go away.

Remember, this can be for thoughts, beliefs, “I’m not good enough to make this sale!”  Ask yourself (can be silently), Whoa, Nelly, am I being super psychic?  Who does that even belong to?  Is that even yours?  Do you go into other peoples’ universes, pick up their thoughts, and then worry about them having enough money to buy what you are selling?  Let that stuff go, man!  Does that serve you at all?

This can be for emotions, feeling depressed is a big one we take on from others.  Again, ask, “Is this mine or someone else’s?”  Just by being aware it might not be yours, you allow the energy to shift.  If it’s not yours, it will lighten up and go away.  What if you are just super psychic?  More so than we ever discuss in this society.

This can also be for feelings, pain and other sensations you might sense in your body, for example, pain.  I often will take on other peoples’ pain, especially if they tell me about their injury, or I see the bandages.  My body will automatically reproduce it, or try to heal them, take it out of another person’s body.

It’s actually a very cool, useful tool, especially as a healer, knowing where the person you might be working on has pain.  However, use it for awareness, do NOT take it on to heal them, for it will be difficult to leave your body.  I did this with a couple of friends a few years back.  One, when I would focus on her, I would get black energy in my belly.  It felt like tar, it was disgusting.  She was grossly overweight and had a tendency to lie, and I think she had something seriously wrong inside her internal organs.  I would focus on her and feel nasty, get this black gunk energy in my abdominal area.  It was nasty and I didn’t know how to get rid of it.  I would surround myself with white light, I would try to pull it out of my body and energetically send it away, but it would be right back.  I liked the idea of healing them, of taking the illness out of their body, but how I did it was to take it into mine.   I was being super psychic with my body, embodying their junk, and I didn’t have that “Who does this belong to?” tool.

I was also doing this at the same time with another girlfriend that had cancer.  I would send her healing energy, play with pulling the disease out of her and end up taking on her energy inside my body, and then I got scared.  I couldn’t release it.

In fact, one of our cats died of cancer very quickly right near that time.  I think he took it out of me and didn’t know how to release it either.

Anyway, my friend died, she just kept recreating the cancer, and I got to stop taking on her energy.

But I never really learned how to release it completely until this tool from Access Consciousness.  KEY #3, What if you are 95% MORE PSYCHIC and AWARE than you realize?  Use the question,”Who does this belong to?  Is this mine or someone else’s?”  and 99% of the time it lightens up and goes away.  this will bring you clarity on what is actually your energy and what it is you are sensing from others: their nervousness, anxiety, depression, feeling of unworthiness, all the judgments, what if it isn’t even yours?!  Return it to sender….consciousness attached.  and ask “Who does this belong to?” for every thought, feeling, and emotion.  Daily.

Now, when it’s sticky, it’s a truth with a lie attached, and that you need another tool that I will talk about tomorrow.

In the meantime, use the tool, “Who does this belong to?” for every thought, feeling, and emotion you have. Check out my Elvis, “Return to Sender” blog about this very tool a week or two ago as well.  It clears pain easily, it clears emotions, it clears negative thoughts, it clears whatever you’ve taken on from others.  It truly is one of the most valuable tools I have ever used!

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Key #4 Magical Life: Clear Yesterday’s Gunk

Clear your gunkKey #4 to your Magical Life is to Clear Yesterday’s Gunk, Junk, the Gobbledy-goo and Crap you may be carrying forward from yesterday.

Every morning is a great time to do this, to start your day off with vibrant, clear energy. For Your Magical Life, remembering gratitude first, (Key 1) and keys 2 & 3, Key #4 is to start off with a clear slate.

Here is what I say (You can do it verbatim, make up your own way, whatever works for you):

Any dis-ease in my body that I have taken on from others, I now let go, return to sender with consciousness attached.

Any negative emotions that I have taken on from others for whatever reason, I now return to sender with consciousness attached.

Any negative thoughts that I have taken on in my mental body or any limiting thoughts, I now return to sender with consciousness attached.

Any gunk, junk, emotions, unsureness, fears, doubts, worries, insecurities, or any and all other distractors that I am running and/or carrying forward from yesterday or re-creating now, or carrying for other people, and all of the stuff underneath, I destroy & uncreate now, let them all go.

I also destroy, uncreate, and let go of any assumptions, decisions, conclusions, judgments, identifications, and computations of how something will come into my life and how my life is, will be, and has been.

Any assumptions, conclusions, decisions I’ve made about what “success” looks like, I now destroy, uncreate and let go.

Anything I am holding onto in my body, any tension, anger, sadness, I ask it now to release, to let it go, destroy, uncreate it. Anyplace that I have bought into scarcity, anywhere that I have forgotten prosperity and abundance in my life, I let that go, destroy & uncreate it as well.

All worries, doubts, fears, jealousy, anger, rage, fury, hate, I now let them all go, destroy & uncreate them now.

Any judgments, conclusions, decisions, computations I have made about how something needs to show up in my life, or any locking into place I have made I now revoke, recant, reclaim, rescind, renounce, denounce, destroy and uncreate those now.

Today I clear anything and everything that is dragging me down, that is not lifting me up, anything I picked up while sleeping, any energy that is not expansive, and anywhere I have refused to see, hear, notice, perceive, know, be, and receive my awareness in totality, I now destroy and uncreate that now.

If you know the Access Consciousness Clearing Statement, you can say that after each destroy and uncreate statement or just say POC & POD, for short (point of creation, point of destruction) (Click here to learn more about Access Consciousness tools.)
So Key #4 to your magical life is all about letting go and clearing yesterday’s (and all previous) Crap!

Once you let go of that you have a clear, beautiful, empty slate from which to create what you truly desire, so there’s nothing getting in your way!

(There never really is anything that gets in your way except YOU, anyway!)

To find out more about the other 22 Keys to your Magical Life, please see my other blog posts: Key #1, Key #2, Key #3 and come back tomorrow for Key #5!

To find out more about how to Empower You to Discover Your Inner Wizard and create your Magical Life, click here. Schedule a free coaching session.

Key #5 Magical Life: Ask and You Shall Receive

“Ask and you shall Receive, Seek and You shall find, knock and the door shall be opened unto you.”

What if the Universe is there to support you? God, source, the molecules, the Law of Attraction, however you want to name it, what if you actually did ask for things, ask for support, and set the energy into motion, and it will take shape, it will be done?

What if you could command mountains? Or at least molecules? That’s command, not demand. Ask and you shall receive!

Play with this next tool, Key #5, Asking Questions as the Magic Wand for your inner wizard!

Do you know what your goals or targets are? For this month? If you have your own business, do you know what you are working toward? Do you have something else you are working toward creating? A book? A song composition? Training an animal? Maybe it’s quality time with loved ones.

Be clear on these, and then ask for support. Use your role as director of the energy, ASK open ended questions!

One of the ways I discovered my inner wizard was by having my own business. I would get work when I was in the question and asking for it. When I was too busy, or I didn’t want any calls, none would come. It was quite magical!

It works all of the time! If you do not have things you are focusing on to create, are you wishing you did? If you’d like to change that, make a list. Start with 5 top things you’d like to create in your life.

Ask some questions around the goals or targets. Be as open-ended with them as you can.

Any energy you put out toward something will come back to you. If you are focusing on more clients, say for a business you are starting, ask some questions around it.

You could ask things like, “What can I be, do, create, or generate today for this business to expand? Who can I call, run in to, or connect with to generate 2 more clients this week? Is there some advertising that would be expansive for it?

Is there some networking events that would be good? What can I do today that willl be a contribution for it or whoever my business would like to serve? Who is crazy enough to pay me good money for the services I can provide for them now or in the future?

Generative questions create more possibilities.

Be clear on your targets, what is it you are creating? What is it you would like to have more of in your life?

and Play! Have fun with the questions. Notice how they may be creating exactly what you are asking for (be careful with your word choice – OK that’s another KEY) and it may look WAY different than you think. Be open to receive. Follow the energy, if it feels light, expansive, that’s the way to go.

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Key #6 Magical Life: Abundance

Nature is abundant!  Look at all of the seeds produced in the plant kingdom, by each and every plant, each flower produces hundreds of seeds.  Each seed can produce hundreds of new plants.

Key #6 of the 22 Keys to Creating Your Magical Life is: Abundance is all around us.

Look at the stars in the sky – how much space there is, is there a limit to this Universe?

So when you are dwelling in scarcity, it is a lie.  Abundance is the name of the game, it is actually what is.  Scarcity is created by limited thinking.  Coming to conclusions, and not allowing the energy to change and shift.  When you think it doesn’t get any better than what it is right now, that is a scarcity mentality.

Check out this cool video of a dandelion flower becoming the seeds.

Look around you!  The true quality of nature is ABUNDANCE!  it is all around us!  Everywhere you’ve created lack, or nations have created lack, is because of untrue thinking and action.

When you recognize that the true nature of this reality is actually abundance, you can then come from that quality of limitlessness.  Have you ever sat down with some friends and done a brainstorming session?  How many ideas did you come up with in 20 minutes? Our minds, once directed in possibilities, can also come up with an infinite number of ideas and solutions.

The nature of this reality is abundance and prosperity.  Anytime you are stuck in scarcity consciousness, go back to Key #3, asking who does this belong to? (Are you taking it on from some other person?)  It should lighten up and go away.

Or if it seems to be stuck, use Key #4, clearing that gunk, junk, and gobbledygoo.

And claim, be and live your abundance!

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