Sessions see Personal Empowerment Coaching  Are you choosing for YOU? Do you remember what motivates you, what inspires you?

Have you given up on lost dreams? 

Have you been putting your desires on hold while you live your life for everyone else?

What do you desire to create in this life?

What legacy do you want to leave? 

Are you ready to CHOOSE FOR YOU? 

Are you in Transition or in a PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION? 

Could you use someone to assist you to truly identify what is stopping you, to clear it, and identify what you truly desire to create? 

Someone to help you get really clear,  to map out a direction, to keep on track, and achieve it?


I can assist you with QUICK, EFFECTIVE tools and techniques to discover the nuggets of awareness you have.

Together we can uncover your hidden desires, discover what’s been in place that’s keeping you from moving forward with these, and clear your limiting beliefs.

As we reveal what you truly desire in your life, we’ll generate a plan of action so you know the immediate steps!

Accountability, encouragement, insights, honesty, intuition, and effective tools and processes will propel you forward by leaps and bounds.

Personal empowerment coaching can be used to improve all areas of your life:

  • career or biz   – do you love it?
  • money flows   – is it flowing in with ease?
  • creativity   – are you having fun?
  • relationship   – is it working for you?
  • health & body   – are you in harmony?
  • spiritual awakening – do you feel connected? Are you committed to you? 

A typical Coaching Client will commit to 3-4 months of working together. 

This gives you a good base with regular contact, to build the habit of integrating the empowerment tools and processes into your life. 

This allows a time frame in which to move forward and see changes, hit and build on your personal targets, to create more in your life. 


6 & 9 Session Packages Available Schedule a 30 minute Strategy session – it’s FREE!

Get a chance to experience a personal empowerment coaching session with Eileen before you make a longer-term commitment.

go Distance and Hands-on Healing Energetic Sessions Available:  sessions are 60-75 minutes in len go gth
xxx hd big video Intuitive Energy Healing    a hands-on click or off energy healing process Energy healing handsin which source link   acute pain, headaches, including MIGRAINES, nausea, and hormonal imbalance can be relieved, and whatever is needed for communion with the body and the being will be the target. xxnatxx b g blowjob   Since we co-create our lives, including our bodies, and energy is the at the root of all dis-ease, this session will be in part a search for the energetic root cause of the ailment and an integration and synthesis of the body and the being.  
Chakra Balancing, Past Life Clearing, Entity Clearing, House Clearing, Clearing Stuck Energy……All Fabulously and smoothly conducted as well.
Access Bars
Woman getting her bars run

go to site Access Bars    a hands-on process where 32 points on the head are touched, energy is discharged and dissipated from the individual energy field, allowing more ease, joy, awareness and less stress and pent-up emotions, more sense of peace and spaciousness and more joy is received.

video old man fuck young girl All pronouncements by your doctor(s), family, past, etc. can be explored and cleared.  I am open to assist with any kind of miraculous healings if you are looking to create that! What else is possible with your health, your body?

go to site Energetic Facelift   a hands-on energetic process consisting of many energies deigned to reverse the signs of aging, give you more elasticity, flexibility, and energize and rejuvenate you, your face, and your body.  Multiple sessions are recommended for more Energetic Facelift - Before & Afterlasting effect. Access Body Processes   hands-on energetic processes for specific to general healing and integration of the body-being connection.  Examples include correcting vision, processes to eliminate drug damage to cells, processes for eliminating long-term pain, aiding ADD & ADHD among other things.

– Sessions are held in Eileen’s fabulous Mountain Retreat Healing Room in Conifer or at Studio G at 9th and Santa Fe Dr. in Denver.  Please call to schedule an appointment.  (303) 475-8265  OR

I will be happy to come to you within the Metro area for an additional fee if you are unable to drive.

Personal Empowerment Coaching via phone or in person.


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