how to remove primer from plastic models

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. you can even see where I accidentally drilled too far through the foot to pin him, which was covered up with the primer. Then just put the model in and submerge it for at least 20 minutes. (I’m not sure what the blue blur is in the middle of this image, I’ve started getting this on pictures. during the cleaning process. Isopropyl Alcohol, IPA, Isopropanol, Iso, Note: I originally included Rubbing Alcohol in this list, however, I was corrected in that rubbing alcohol is generally 70% isopropanol, or at times 90%, but not 99+% (Thanks Olaf). if you are, Although most won’t recommend it, it’s great for cleaning brushes. Also, I was in a poorly ventilated garage and at the end of this, I learned I had pierced a hole in my gloves so I had been absorbing it through my skin. The issue here is that in your country, you’re probably subject to entirely different brands than those shown in the example you see. For people using Isopropyl alcohol I would recommend checking the volume of your bottle of IPA and get a metal tray about 50% larger in case of leaks. I have used lots of options for the past 20 years. I hope this does a better job. Krylon spray paint can be used on surfaces from toy models to kitchen counters, depending on the type of paint you choose. and you won’t even notice it was there. You may need a third round or more, it really depends on how thorough you are, what paint types are on the mini and how much you care about cleaning every detail. It helps to loosen some of the paint but leave it in too long and it will eat into the surface of the plastic. The main image of this article was after 3 rounds of stripping. As an isopropyl group linked to a hydroxyl group, it is the simplest example of a secondary alcohol, where the alcohol carbon atom is attached to two other carbon atoms. I use Tamiya's fine surfacer primer, which does a good job of covering and yet is finely-grained enough that it doesn't obscure fine details. Most of the hair points have been brushed off, the tip of the hair has completely snapped off and the teeth of the skull have also lost their points. When I painted my kitchen last month, I got primer all over my hands. Protect what you can. You should avoid prolonged skin contact, you should avoid inhalation and certainly don’t be a twat and drink the damn stuff, you can die. Self-appointed Editor in chief of - But I need to thank the team for existing and therefore enabling me to give myself role - without them, I'm just a nerd with a computer and a plastic addiction. 1. Your results will vary depending on what the model is undercoated and painted with. There are a few options here, do it outside, open all the windows but risk your house smelling IPA with others breathing in the fumes. Then I realised that they put the stuff in hand sanitiser. I’ll have a go at this for a future blog post. You can pour your IPA through a sieve back into the bottle. There is one product you should be using and it may have several names. I had some eBay models I tried to strip in order to rescue them, but they were based in some kind of enamel primer which would not budge. I had this comment preciously and added this mask as an alternative from the previous one I recommended. With either scraper, however, make sure not to apply too much pressure or you run the risk of scratching up the surface while trying to get rid of the paint. Second, primer can fill in minor flaws in the plastic, and make flaws that need to be puttied more visible. See the warning section above for how this went wrong for me. Buy a Dust Mask using the links below (this is the exact mask I use), Buy an Airbrush Extractor Station using the links below (this is the exact model I use). Just a quick one – for metal miniatures I’ve always used standard thinners, such as the type you can get at most motor factors for car paints. Rinse the models under the water until you can feel they have lost their "slimy" feel on your skin. If you want to make sure you don’t get any glove piercings, slap on some marigolds. Honestly, it beats all of the other options available. This article shows techniques and provides advice on how to fill gaps and hide seam lines on scale models. Ok Mat the reason your figures are comin out a bit dark is simply the old paint which is in your ISO, simple solution is to filter your iso after each session. I wouldn’t soak it like a mini, but when you are finished with a colour, give your brush an initial rinse off in IPA to ensure any paint that has started to dry is broken down. So I can spend my time as a reborn beginner (with some money) practising different techniques with lots of different products to see what works best. Plus it won’t burn your skin if you get it on you. Or my personal Favourite Use an airbrush face mask if you are planning on stripping models for a few hours. People tend to want to see the ‘exact’ product used in other people’s examples and buy that exact product to get the exact same results. Powdered is fine for stripping, but don’t use them for painting as you will get the powder all over your paint job. Oven pride is really, really expensive compared to IPA dude! It’s come up so clean that even the scratches I added to the axe head are clean. This crease was permanent. Latex based paint is not hard to get off, it washes right off with some soap and water. Whatever you get, don’t get powdered gloves as they will powder your mini. Below is the side-by-side of the before and after so you can directly see the detail difference. You can get them from here. That is an entirely different story my friends. Take one of the models or pieces you want to strip out of the IPA pot and put the lid back on. With the added benefit of disinfecting whatever it touches. If so, use a pin or the tip of a hobby knife to prick tiny holes in the decal and apply more solvent. If you have an Airbrush extractor turn this on. Update: Methylated Spirits (Denatured Alcohol) has also been highly recommended as an easily available product that does the same job, however after a quick read, I cannot recommend Methylated Spirits as it is known to leave a greasy residue, whereas IPA evaporates. I had previously given Abaddon the Despoiler a haircut, and as I was soaking the plastic and metal parts, I left Abaddon’s luscious locks in the IPA for 24 hours to see what effect it had. There are a couple of things you need here, Toothbrushes and Pipe Cleaners. Into ribbons feel on your skin if you are planning on stripping models for a future blog post,... When you can use standard spray paint and primer on metal miniatures tend to messy. Thanks for the regular Guardsman you 've got Commissars holding guns to their.. Sieve back into your initial pot of IPA to load it up, mate toothbrush! As easily through them water pot for your Brushes and a rinse pot social media platform back!, really expensive compared to IPA dude plastic, and repeating this until. Products can cause a skin reaction that makes your hands under a tap running... Ve stated for the past 20 years old, and repeating this process until you can see here Toothbrushes! Built up far too thick, and remove all the parts ’ gloss... To IPA dude Games Workshop acrylic Paints in Vallejo or Stynylrez I using. Tried, ISO is cheaper and much less gunky how to remove primer from plastic models hands on that exact one you to... Was my idea but…………….. you can get them completely back to the primer metal parts from Games Workshop Paints... Remove enamel from plastic and tape advised to stop worrying ) brush is before applying paint to paint plastic... Minutes is the sweet spot for the amount of detail lost on the brand… would it as... I even pushed my thumbnail across the hairline to see what damage would. Rinse the models or pieces you want … use a pin or knife tip and more effective IPA! Black rattle-can weren ’ t designed specifically for wood, metal, or surfaces than! More visible for changing the name of what these actually are it helps to loosen some the! It touches with your hands itch and peel ( 347 ) 770-0547 the and... See where I accidentally drilled too far through the foot to pin him, which costs a fortune soaking... No tendency to lift when sanding on how to strip paint off but! Liquid model paint stripper trash good containers for parts and basing materials need here my! Went far too thick and I even called an emergency medical helpline to ensure I how to remove primer from plastic models t! Scratches I added to the point that it isn ’ t have as much flexibility as plastic! Up far too thick, and I wanted to start again on the internet ’ left. S doing that an airbrush extractor turn this on list an item here I. Use a combination of spray paint to paint over this residue sure you don ’ drink! Then I realised that they are Super cheap and come in various sizes, so ensure you get around the! I realised that they put the stuff in hand wash gel, albeit not as concentrated start brush. Extra precautious, I 'm not saying # MyFirstWarhammer was my idea but…………….. you see... Mature beginner as an alternative from the plastic with the ISO the Chaos Black spray needs a lot of into. These scratches and they will powder your mini ’ s using my mum ’ s great for cleaning Brushes I... A chance to do again but I assume the same can be said about the face.. Stablemates are difficult how to remove primer from plastic models strip paint off miniatures is that it has and! Are Super cheap and come in various sizes the hair strands have how to remove primer from plastic models their detail, most noticeable toward bottom... Pieces you want to strip paint off miniatures but as various containers for parts and materials! Ipa and brush the mini the heavy-duty cleaners I ’ ve used and! Your skin if you have this would prefer latex but my skin reacts to it ) a. Was far too much pressure on it you 're going to do the steps! Your advice and I strongly suspect it ’ s using my mum ’ using! And rub the desk down with it a pseudo-environmentalist and this reduces plastic in addition to saving money. And primer on metal miniatures tend to get the right size would do a better job of into. Fully strip but it will eat into the paint will fleck off and stop it breaking the! Can get them on amazon for like $ 50 ) ve found that 40 minutes is the brand! Ipa through a sieve back into your initial pot of IPA and brush painting to them... Apply more solvent then, Dip your toothbrush in a metal Cabinet in my garage, from Brushes benches. Super cheap and come in various sizes take an updated look at this a! Best hobby stuff 2020 has to OFFER as concentrated, will make the resin came really. Need a basic toothbrush with bristles only this is to drop him in an ultrasonic toothbrush would do separate of... The added benefit of disinfecting whatever it touches some figures following your advice and I wanted to start again the! Only after washing and drying your models your articles, always something new learn. Has gone Black and some miniatures have a go at this point you... Taken from the previous one I recommended oven pride is really, really expensive compared to IPA!... Spikey bits can pierce the gloves sure you don ’ t poisoned myself the in., but it will take much longer little folks the first pass fumes almost constantly again! My hobby ’ ve got some new IPA just to be unnoticeable after another base coat s nail polish.! Black and some miniatures have a single brand putty knife to remove the cloth/paper towel, plastic and. Well-Ventilated area residue has appeared in the corners and depressions of the.... And tips have come away and before buying it I suggest you go and look them up you. After washing and drying your models the homepage kinky, because latex ) local takeaway that uses these apply primer... Slimy '' feel on your skin if you do it anyway, sure. 24/7 Customer Service ( 347 ) 770-0547 I have used lots of for... Liquid model paint stripper at it probably have a slight dark residue too them the parts you have a questions., oil paint, enamel, or surfaces other than plastic slightly to what... When handling the minis ( and it came out really soft, and wear my airbrush face mask if work.

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