Key #12 to a MAGICAL LIFE – Allowance – and What do elephants have to do with it?

Welcome to Key #12 to creating Your More Magical Life: Allowance!

Everyone has their own experiences, their own background, their own interesting point of view.  There are so many different perspectives on things, why would we want someone else to align and agree with us?

Have you ever resisted and reacted to someone else’s point of view?

Congress does it daily!  Ha!  See the video on what the story of the six blind men and the elephant have to do with this post.

What if you didn’t have to prove that you were right?  Or that someone else was wrong?  Or that you were wrong and someone else is right?  What if you could be in allowance of their opinion?

Interesting Point of View I have that point of view, Interesting point of view they have that point of view.

You can change your point of view tomorrow.allowance

If you are in allowance, you can be open to more possibilities in your life.  You don’t get stuck quite so much.  You allow others their opinion and honor it, respect it.

Defending your point of view as right is one of the things that gets us stuck in our lives.  We also will not see other options and possibilities, so it’s a great limitation we impose on ourselves.

Allowance lets you be free of that limitation.

Resisting and reacting to someone else’s point of view is also a sticking point.  If you try to convince someone else that we don’t have to get fatter as we age, or that it doesn’t have anything to do with heredity, you are also planting that resistance energy in your body.

Allowance is the key to not keeping that energy stuck in your body as well.  Interesting point of view.  Ah!


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