When you are your true, amazing authentic Self, there is NO competition, just allowance!! Key #18

How to Create a More Magical Life: No Competition! stop judging and comparing yourself with others.

Be Your True, amazing, Authentic Self!

If something is working for someone, it doesn’t mean you must stop how you’re doing something and change to what they’re doing. Especially if what you’re doing is working for you! Especially if you are being YOU in the process!
Please don’t compare yourself, think you’re doing something wrong, and judge yourself into oblivion!

When you compare yourself to others, or you think you need to do what others are doing or saying, you aren’t being you, you aren’t being your authentic self.

It’s just not kind to YOU.

Nor is it the TRUTH of the situation!

Being yourself is the only thing you can really be!

Trying to be someone else, what you think your mom wants you to be, or what you think your dad wants you to be, or to be like your sibling, your grandparents, your teachers, your friends….well, that just is fake, plus it’s hard!

Let’s do the ease-filled thing and BE YOURSELF!  No Competition!

Recently I was in a situation where you could say the booth I did at a fair with a couple of other Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitators was in competition with a booth on the other side of the fair being run by a few other Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitators.  Although I’d signed up first for the fair last spring, and the organizers of the fair promised no competition, they allowed the others in that fair because one of the facilitators had a long history doing fairs there with her own business.

I knew this, and was not surprised when they had another booth at this end of summer fair. In fact, we’d talked and considered having our booths next to each other, but while talking then, I felt the energy of competition rising. She opted to go across the fair.

That past spring Fair there was time I was in competition and contracted.  I felt weird that they were there.  I mentioned something about their booth to my collaborating co-host facilitator friend and she asked me a question.  It was, “What if you could be in allowance of their choice?”

That shifted the energy immediately for me. Allowance.  Competition is halted by Allowance!

I don’t appreciate it when people are not in allowance of my point of view.  So why would I want to judge someone on theirs?

and Voila!  All of a sudden there was no competition on my end!  I didn’t care!  I was not trying to control them or their actions.  It didn’t affect me, it didn’t matter what they were doing. I moved to allowance immediately!  It was so easy.

That was how it was this time for me.  I didn’t think twice about the other “Access” booth, I wasn’t worried, it didn’t affect me. Sometimes fair goers mentioned their booth or one of the facilitators involved in that booth brought up competition or issues with images used(on Facebook).  I was cool with it. I was in awareness of everyone’s choices.

We decided our booth this time was focused on reaching, as many people that were interested in expanding their awareness, and to assist them in whatever way we could, with our Access Bars, or with energy clearings, or with energy healing.  It was such ease, joy and glory for me!

Next time you are trying for NO COMPETITION, use that question, “What if you could be in allowance of their choice?

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Magic Words

Do you remember being asked as a kid, What are the magic words?  And they wanted you to say “please” or “Thank you?”  Did your teachers, parents, grandparents, babysitters try to get you to be polite by using that term?

Years ago it was brought to my attention that words have power.  That what you say actually has an energy, a force.  That the words you use affect what you create and how you affect the world, how you “play” in the world.

Is there such a thing as Magic Words?  Are there some words that are more “magical” than others?

Lately I’ve been noticing that the words associated with magic are used in interesting ways.  I wanted to research this, to see what connection they had to “Old World” magic.

Are some words Magic Words because at one time or another they actually caused or helped to cause something special to come into existence? A phrase I found myself saying this week was “Third time’s a charm!” Sounds like a phrase that’s still around from the “Old World” magic days, describing when you repeat something three times, it makes it a charm, like a magic charm!

Hmmn, Magic Words or rules to creating Magic?

I once hung out with a linguist for a weekend.  She was a wealth of information.  It gave me an insight as to how much energy there is in a word, over the years, what meanings have been associated with them.

Words not only have meaning when written or spoken, but any actor would tell you that the emotion behind the word also gives it different meaning.  You could argue that the energy behind the word is what gives it different meaning and power as well.

I just watched another episode of Merlin, a British TV series set in the days of the legend of King Arthur.  They portray sorcerers lyrically speaking magic into being with their incantations and a flash of their eyes.  Sometimes they say words we understand, but mostly it seems to be spells with words from a different language.

Magic WordsIn Hogwarts, the fictional school of witchcraft and wizardry, they learn and use spells and charms.  I was never really sure of what the difference was between those two things.  I assumed, when reading those words, they were pretty much the same thing…..but is that an incorrect assumption?

Perhaps a spell is something that brings something to the physical and a charm is something you put on others……although there’s that song, “You put a spell on me!”

When I do energy healing and release work, I use specific words in a specific order, calling up the energy.  I use specific words in a specific order to clear the energy.  Are these, then, in and of themselves, Magic Words?  I also use specific phrases and invoke the energy by calling it forth with my intention, my words, and my focus.  How is this different than magic?

I love how the lyrics of many songs refer to magic.  We often act like magic will make us act differently, like against our free will.  Hmmmn, can it really?  Or is it a response of the energy and choices we make?  Can a person really be hypnotized by someone else?  Or is it only by themselves allowing it, calling it forth, even?

Well, magic beings we all are, I’d love to hear your stories of magic, spells, charms, and potions you’ve made, created, spoken, cast, and what has occurred!

Join me in creating more Magic in the World!

Share Your Magic with the World!