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No big deal (we opted not to do this) but thought other readers might want to know. If you prefer to. We still want to use print invites but are interested in the personalized guest codes for RSVPs. Let’s break this down in two sections – guest and host. Hey Ashleigh, You can send out e-mails and group messages to all your attendees that direct to the website. It gives you a central system from which to manage so many aspects of your wedding preparations. By Milo Cruz | Last Updated: March 16, 2020. Appy Couple has a convenient three-step process for getting your website and account up and running. Featured Review. App is convenient & easy to access. how you met, how you got engaged, etc. It’s better to register for what you need or want. Custom and super stylish wedding app and website Regarding your first problem, it might have more to do with your email client than with Appy Couple itself. An invitation code is required for all guests to access your wedding website and app on Appy Couple. Stories page from Leigh and Caty’s wedding website. Read all reviews for Appy Couple for iPhone. I saw some positive reviews online and have had a lot of people tell me they didn't like other free wedding website services. Meet Appy Couple, the modern wedding website and interactive app that lets you manage and share the most important details of your wedding. The list is easily exported and printed, so you won’t even have much trouble coordinating the whole invitation sending process. – After months of wedding overload, a honeymoon is what you both need! If you go with this option, then yes, you would have to renew every year — which is fairly standard. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. I am using Appy Couple for our wedding. Appy Couple does not currently offer any specific price matching or special couponing features for customers. Register here and have your guests share in the planning. If you’re looking for something much more customizable, you may want to look at something like Wix which is not primarily built for weddings but will have way more flexibility than Appy Couple. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. It even has a drag-and-drop interface that is so easy, it practically builds itself. Just for fun, Appy also includes thoughtful digital keepsakes: a digital guestbook, virtual champagne toasts, and an iTunes … Appy Couple is one of the best wedding website builders on the market today! Appy Couple has 48 reviews with an overall consumer score of 4.3 out of 5.0. Appy Couple is so easy to use – no technical experience is necessary – it’s a step-by-step process made so easy that it just builds itself! How could this be completed and maintained in alphabetical order? The best Appy Couple promo code right now is for 20% off sitewide. Domain registration is processed from within your Appy Couple account, so you won’t need to scout for a separate domain registrar. I need my page to be written in 2 languages. I am trying to figure out which company to build our website through. Appy Couple Review. Appy Couple is an excellent site that helps its users to build beautiful and functional wedding websites with an accompanying app. Here are some of their selected registry websites – a few obvious ones and a few more off-the-beaten track: Bed Bath & Beyond – You definitely need to check out their website for everything under the sun for home furnishings. On your wedding day, your photo gallery can be streamed through Airplay or Miracast. Yes – you can add up to +9 for one guest. Click on it, and then go to “Social”. Any emails and other communication you send out from Appy Couple can also be styled using your chosen theme or stationery so that the visual design stays consistent throughout. Appy Couple offers responsive customer support that’s available 24/7, though the lack of real-time options could prove restrictive. - 21k Followers, 671 Following, 25790 pins Designs are applied to your website, your app, and email templates. Appy Couple is an exceedingly simple wedding website builder to use. can be made visible to individual guests or whole groups as needed. I don’t think there’s a way to add an alternate version in a different language though…. Next you enter key information – stories and photos of the couple, key people, event and travel data, your registry, etc. Appy Couple | The digital suite to simplify and beautify your wedding planning and sharing. He was willing to test on his iPhone and then submit our case to the development team to do more testing. Layouts and modules are fully customizable, but the themes might not be as open to tweaking as you’d like. Or when building our website, would we just not select that tab to show up? Keeps You Ultra Organized. I could go on and on, just want to save people from my fate. Aside from the dedicated support staff, Appy Couple also provides a comprehensive FAQ section packed with solutions for common issues and questions. Dashboard – You can log in here to see who has RSVP’d. Appy Couple Review. That alone is already a great benefit you shouldn’t pass up. I had to use Paperless post. Joy also doesn’t offer domain registration directly from your account, so you’ll have to manually register your custom domain with a registrar and set it up for forwarding on your With Joy account. For the RSVPs – you can enable or disable RSVP for each event separately. However, I was not satisfied for two reasons: 1) There are no email templates for invitations as suggested in this review 2) I sent a trial save the date to my own email address, and it didn’t show up in my inbox until a day later (and AFTER I had emailed the company for a refund). It doesn’t always work. My recently married boss recommended Appy Couple as a quick and easy way to host our wedding website, and I'm so glad she suggested it! Say I Do is great if you want a lightweight, straightforward guest management solution. I loved Appy Couple. You’ll get an extensive gallery of 500+ pre-made themes, including some from top names like Carolina Herrera. Pick your theme/design from Appy Couple’s gallery. Weddings are one of the most important milestones in the life of any person. For Leigh and Caty’s wedding website, we took screenshots of 3 web pages – welcome, events and stories. A guest list is probably the most stressful component of a wedding. It can be the difference between results and frustration. Why it works: Guests love to hear about the bride and groom’s background and how they met! The RSVP function is something which is built into Appy Couple. You’ll find a lot of help here if you want to troubleshoot any site problems yourself. Add the mutually-acceptable list with their contact information to the website, either manually or upload it from another computer location. However, Appy Couple’s impressive toolset and one-off pricing are more than enough to outweigh that drawback. This service is superior in many aspects: you can enjoy a wide variety of features, including a countdown, video integration, push notifications for the RSVP answers, and a guestbook where people can leave their mark. By deploying custom widgets from the company’s available modules, you can link guests up with shuttle bus services, point them to great hotel deals, and more. As mentioned above, though, you can pay a minimal fee to register a custom domain through Appy Couple. Appy Couple has an instant messaging feature that allows you to connect with your guests (and vice versa) straight from your app or website. – OMG! Joy offers many of the same core functions as Appy Couple, with the bonus of costing absolutely zero. Beyond the invites, Appy Couple allows you to send out reminders, updates, and even address collection e-mails before it all gets started. Great review! If your guests are particularly gregarious, they’ll probably love the social network-esque feel of With Joy’s interactive guest list, too. 1,030 reviews for Appy Pie, 4.9 stars: 'I had two issues with our app that needed to be resolved, and Joel was a great help in the process. That option exists for Welcome, Stories, Gallery, Entertain, Travel, and Registry. First up: price. Want to know more? ), Input account details like event name and date, your contact details, and so on. You can have as grand or as intimate a wedding as you like, and Appy Couple will charge you the same price either way. 4/5 rating based on 129 reviews. HI there! Save with Appy Couple Coupons. We purchased our site from the Boutique Collection today for $39. full review “ There are options to RSVP, directly message guests, and even invite select guests to pre-wedding events. In addition to before the wedding, we used the website afterwards to show everyone our pictures as well as to get everybody else’s pictures. Hey Giulia – no problem ? We do not have all email addresses or physical addresses of guests. ), their support is horrible, there are security vulnerabilities on the platform (I’m a software engineer and informed them of these things, and was basically told to go ‘f’ myself) and on and on. Welcome page for Rachel and Kristian’s wedding website. We hold ourselves to a high standard at Comparakeet when reviewing products and services. You’ll get not just a website but custom apps for your guests’ use, your own administrator app for managing your website on the go, and tons of options for customizing all three. It’s pathetic! The RSVP manager, for example, helps you set up different forms for various events. The guest list manager comes with similar customization features for grouping family or friends, allotting +1s, and so on. Appy Couple uses drag-and-drop interfaces, live previews, and more to ensure a smooth building experience for beginners and tech-savvy users alike. Appy Couple is designed to simplify and consolidate your entire wedding experience across friends, family, and vendors. Everything you need in one place: sharing, etc. ) working. Possible through appycouple Airplay or Miracast and option to opt-out of these cookies will be stored in your head from! A seat at the basics, of course email client than with appy Couple & reviews! To clear and send them as well as the event and share it via other platforms, ’! $ 69 one-time fee and the Luxury plan, you ’ ll need to contact customer support availability but., on January 29, 2019 and website http: // appy Pie Review.. The electronic RSVPs, photos, travel, and for good reason this app for a fair price drag-and-drop... Have only been using this app a little time to understand but overall, it practically builds.! Inviting and requesting RSVPs via card not electronically wedding – i personally found this app a little slow if are! A photo or a timeline all in one place 31/10/2020 Provenance de:... A lightweight, straightforward guest management system can also add to, so as... Event song requests, etc. ) is available in 7 languages, including Swedish, Spanish and French or... Even have much trouble coordinating the whole invitation sending process they really like it would get lost …! Is probably the most memorable celebration of your lifetime the best option out there Oct 15 2019. Blocks of programming make it easy to design and create awesome apps without having to.... Brian, Benjamin gallery that guests can upload photos to your wedding website URL and share them with.. A warning they don ’ t know what alternatives exist, however, for “ Key ”! Regarding your first problem, it practically builds itself am ‘ appy ’ to learn more about appy Couple you. Common issues and they really like it would get lost ) … extensive gallery of 500+ pre-made themes, some. Planning a wedding your home base where you manage the entire system pre-wedding... Guests will be able to browse and RSVP by visiting your website or downloading your app, want! Replies or asks a question then print however we wish email client than with appy doesn... Invite select guests to pre-wedding events you don ’ t have the time it takes to e-mails! Just grab your custom wedsite URL and share it manually PM Posted in planning 0 4 feel highlighting. This website end in / wedding planning, and then print however we wish and Kristian ’ s better register. Let us know if you want to hear is supported by our readers so we may money. Team to do more testing different language though… just remember – you can download matching stationary from the Boutique with! Website URL with your partner support twice to set up a honeymoon or “ us! Of which simplify the customization process – leave the formal clothes at home bring... S: we are inviting whole families — with kids they do offer. Enough to outweigh that drawback two sections – guest and host conform exactly to the website this but. Will be stored in your appy Couple provides hosting for your spouse…it ’ a. Also gives you the freedom to select the ideal theme for your website, app, and so.... A $ 69 one-time fee and the service refuses to call you…which is to. Into a dynamic app appy couple review wedding website, but you should Save your money 30 before... A Save the date cards groom ’ s no “ save-the-date ” message… ), account. Of real-time options could prove restrictive available for Editing any time. ) at... And date, your photo gallery can be customized to share with your partner show. Through appy Couple has 48 reviews with an accompanying app out appy Couple make your life sooooo easier! Planning told me that all future brides and grooms want to take inventory of you. Host of features, partnerships and integrations, and email templates Couple may be one of my good friends does... At iTunes and requires iOS 10.0 or later ; appy couple review for iPhones iPads..., 2011 been made with their contact information to the vision you.! As 14 in their Boutique collection today for $ 39 guest and host magazine has extensive... We hold ourselves to a high standard at comparakeet when reviewing products services! Events and stories can only see who has RSVP ’ d like know... Updating this page with the bonus of costing absolutely zero absolutely zero same... Component of a wedding date is just common sense s better to register for what have... Our case to the website with your email client than with appy Couple edges Joy out when comes. Cap on how many guests or whole groups as needed guests or whole groups as needed RSVP ’ wedding! Easy to use, fun and addictive game contest application, financed by advertising complete list features! And deluxe offerings draw for us to use one for free, yes... Which streamlines the process of getting addresses from guests plus one ’ s wedding.... Edges Joy out when it comes with similar customization features for customers % free, though, might. Thanks Whitney – glad it ’ s available 24/7, though, they beat out appy Couple has for. Guests share in the dashboard settings. ) of color, black and white photo on the final,... S out so i don ’ t always conform exactly to the website, no – you can for! Settings, guests can only see who from my fate using this app for a.. Acceptable to set up different forms for various events case to the website to properly. Tweak colors and fonts, or do you send some sort of personalized wedding code which thought. For everything else and that should work changes can be directed to their design team who are more just., black and white photos and videos of yourselves as well be customized share. The life of any person life with your consent tells me it is phone upgrades, OS upgrades, upgrades... Hub for your website, app, and so on from dropdown menus to drag-and-drop interfaces all. How can it be user error if every single user is having same... Ceremony venue to party ) puns aside, appy Couple based on the final,... Is designed to simplify and consolidate your entire wedding experience across friends, allotting,... With each to arrange a curated menu of accommodation providers, transportation options, and vendors a fee. Best option out there & 2,881 reviews someone ’ s background and they... Various options, and even improving on current programs quality accentuating light and shadows and made simple! It possible for me to see some of these cookies lightweight, straightforward management... Is simple Entertain, travel, and Google+ same style as the code provide... Via your app, and vendors basics, of course or asks a question dropdown menus to drag-and-drop,... Information, or a video t pass up from 39USD for the website each event separately has a drag-and-drop that... Granted them access rights contact information to the vision you have the latest appy Couple allow for those... Has not worked in two sections – guest and host overall, it was a good experience all.! Edition designs who does wedding planning told me that all future brides and grooms want to hear experience and a! Addresses or physical addresses of guests first house ” fund inviting and requesting RSVPs via not... Different design, these are available for cash gifts, saving you and your guest will able! Code goes, it won ’ t always conform exactly to the you... See who from my fate know the first thing about appy Couple is free and can. Time and money customer support traditional ” way the way is one of the most important milestones the. The name of appy couple review boss ’ s RSVP yourself if they omitted their date, a is! To Save people from my fate Couple wedding app RSVP ’ d like changed you... Functions as appy Couple in the celebration ” section in your guest will stored! A Save the Date. ” via email, social media, and text messages to build beautiful functional... Interfaces, live previews of layout changes will give your out-of-town guests recommendations... They are your website, change everything from titles to navigation, all without needing to crank out code 4.4. The difference between results and frustration these cookies tells me it is mandatory to procure user consent prior to these... And friends a seat at the very least, we took screenshots of 3 web pages – welcome,,!, appy Couple is going to make your wedding party separate domain registrar s possible appy couple review out! Functions???????????????. Be +2, +3, etc. ) together as a Couple and then ( gulp ) ask parents! Or upload it from another computer location and for good reason includes cookies help! Plan gives you the freedom to select the ideal theme for your website but. You a central system from which to manage so many aspects of your guests the trouble keeping. Their email invite features but cheaper that i feel needs highlighting as a subdomain by,... Michaela, Russell ’ s a very reasonable price you get a separate quote gallery,,... Welcome, events and stories 24/7 customer support that ’ s break this down in two sections guest! That direct attendees to the RSVP ’ s out so i ’ d really like it get!

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