Day 4 Prosperity Game

What magic can I receive in my life? If money were not an issue, what would you create in your life?  What if you could live as if you had more money than you knew what to do with?  Would that change things in your energy field?  Would that change what you choose to create and generate in your life?  What if money was not the deciding factor in the decisions and choices you made?  If you chose because it felt expansive to you, it felt lighter to do this?  If it was amazing to choose to get your bars run, or watch a movie, or rub your daughter’s back and sing her a lovesong before bed?  What if those simple joys created more energy for you to receive more?  What else is possible and what would you create if money were not an issue, if you had, say, $100,000,000 a year to spend?  What would you create?  Would it be different than what you are working toward now?   Could you be in that energy and create your life from that, without the money?  Would the money you need come when you need it?  Just asking…..what if it did?  Are you ready to create the magical life you can only just imagine bits of today?

With the little game I’m playing, I shook a 9 on the dice, so I receive $900 more today, added to that total of yesterday of $2300 for today’s total of $3200!  Wow, interesting to receive that much money daily and it going up.  Today I shall keep $320 in my having money account for a new total there of $320 + $460 or $780.  Yum!  OK, that leaves $2880 to spend today.  I will use it for ski passes for my family and myself this winter ($1500), ski rental for my three kids ($480), and a week in Breckinridge with them at winter break ($900).  What fun can we have together?

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