Are you the Boss of You? Being your own Boss means more than working for yourself!

Who’s the Boss?

Are you the Boss of you?

My kids used to say “You’re not the boss of me!” when they were in preschool.  It was such an interesting thing to hear.  I would never call myself their boss, so it was obviously something they learned elsewhere.

A lot of people talk about being their own boss.  When you work for yourself, when you’re an entrepreneur, you are definitely your own boss.

change the worldAlthough some would argue that your clients are your boss, if you’re doing whatever you need to do to keep them happy.  Maybe they are really the boss, then?

There’s definitely more to being the BOSS OF YOU than just working for yourself.

Are you willing to be the Boss of YOU in all areas of your life?

As my own boss of my architectural firm, and the chief designer, draftsman and client contact, I have a lot of roles to play.  I also know that I must keep moving, I need to get the project drawings completed, I need to answer the engineer or contractor’s questions, I need to get the drawings as complete as possible so they know what to bid, so they know how to build it, and so they know that it’s safe.  I am willing to do what it takes, work late, or research or make difficult phone calls, as things come up.  Facing the problems head on, finding solutions and moving on.

Are you willing to stay out of the stories you use to make yourself small?  Are you willing to slay the victim?  To be the Victor?

What are you secretly addicted to?  Someone else restricting you and your choices?

Stories, rationalizations? Holding patterns?

I have one couple I’m working with on an architectural project for their existing house.  They have been in a holding pattern for 13 years, they moved out of their architect-designed house in a town they didn’t like, but left all their furniture there and do NOT rent it out.  They’ve got a house sitter.  For 14 years!  They’d been living with crap furniture, with not so great house, moving, buying new things every time, and they have finally made a choice to change that, thus, my role in working with them to create some different possibilities for them and their home situation.

Are you seeing the world through tiny binoculars?  Or can you take those down, away from your eyes and see and be open to more possibilities than you ever dreamed of before?

What does it mean to be The Boss of You?

Is it when you stay cool, calm collected in the heat of the frying pan?  Is it when you keep your focus, day after day after day, on your target?  Is it when you draw on your inner strength and courage and play fiercely YOU?!

YES!?  Then I’ll have some of that boss stuff!

When you are the boss of you, you are inspired, focused, energized, and active.  You do what it takes to reach the target.  and you never give up.  You keep taking action, you do what it takes to get the job done.

take the plunge!

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