Thank YOU, Dr. Masaru Emoto! His last word was “Arigato,” (“Thank you” in Japanese).

Today, Dr. Masaru Emoto passed.  I was first introduced to his work by a friend at a meditation group, where she showed us some images and described that he was doing research on water and thought, or directed energy.

Then, years later, I remember seeing his work quite extensively used in the movie, “What the Bleep Do we Know?”  where a photographer came upon an exhibit of his images and his research displayed at a train station.

It was (and still is) amazing research.

Dr. Emoto published his research in his New York Times Bestseller, The Hidden Messages in Water, where he showed beautiful pictures of water crystals that were formed and influenced by the words thank you, I hate you, gratitude, and love.  He also exposed water to music, from Chopin and Beethoven to the Beatles (Yesterday) and Elvis. (Heartbreak Hotel).  It’s a fascinating book, also showing the effect from electromagnetic waves (such as a microwave or a cell phone).

Emoto’s water crystal experiments consist of exposing water in glasses to different words, pictures or music, and then freezing and examining the aesthetics of the resulting crystals with microscopic photography. Emoto demonstrated without a doubt that water exposed to positive speech or thoughts (intention) will result in “beautiful” crystals being formed when that water is frozen and that negative intention will yield “ugly” frozen crystal formations, or won’t actually be able to form crystals.

Basically, he proved that thoughts have energy and that they affect water, and most likely, everything.  That consciousness is inherent in everything.

I included some of his images in my book and paid for and received these images for my use.  Please note, they are the property of Dr. Emoto and his research team.  This one is from the word (energy) of thank you.

I discuss his experiments more fully and the ramifications in my own book, Vaporizing Clouds: Exploring Mind, Body & Spirit, which you can read the first chapter of the book here, order it from my website directly.

“And I have found the most beautiful crystal of all – the one created by ‘Love and gratitude’…..’Love and gratitude’ are the words that must serve as a guide for the world…..

Water teaches in a very clear way how we must live our lives. The story of water reaches from every individual cell to encompass the entire cosmos.”

-Masaru Emoto

Emoto was admired and respected throughout the world.  According to Jordan on the SpiritScience network, his last word was “Arigato,” (“Thank you” in Japanese). The IMH staff said this last word was to you, everybody. He was so grateful for you and thanked you all so very much.

I am so glad to have been a part of spreading Emoto’s findings in my book, classes, and more.  I’m also so very glad he did this research and that he put it out there to the world, it has profound implications and yet it is soooo simple.

Love and Gratitude, to YOU, Dr. Emoto!

(See below another of the office of Dr. Masaru Emoto’s images, that of love and gratitude. Notice how full it is.)

and LOVE AND GRATITUDE to ALL, to this amazing world, this wondrous universe, the wonder and beauty and abundance all around!

<3 <3 <3

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Thanks!  and Remember, being Gratitude and Love is being our Source Energy!  Our Infinite Being selves!

Key #22: What kind of LEGACY do you desire to create? What is your RIDICULOUS goal and how fast can you create it??

Key #22 of the 22 KEYS FOR A MORE MAGICAL LIFE IS about creating a LEGACY!

To me, creating a legacy is more than just what you leave legally to your inheritors when you die. It’s about what you are creating and contributing to THE WORLD by YOUR PRESENCE here.

Do you have a ridiculous, save-the-world type of goal you want to create in the world? In this lifetime?

What if you could create anything with your life? What would you do?

What inspires you? What makes your heart sing?

What kind of legacy do you want to leave your children? Your grandchildren? Your friends and loved ones? The people in your community? Your country? Your continent? Our world?

What about with your career or business? Do you have a desire to create a legacy of some kind with your business? What about other areas of passion you might have? Any strides you want to make? Anything you want to contribute toward? Research? Creative Arts? Music you’d like to compose? Poems to write? Stories to tell? Videos, movies, artwork? Cities to improve?

What is it that you want to leave the world?

For example, one of my Team Have it All teammates, Ashley Webb, just shared a blog post about his father on his father’s birthday, who was also, unfortunately, just diagnosed with Alzeimer’s. What he shared was about a legacy his father had created: the suicide prevention hotline. How many lives had his father saved with ONE CHOICE? His father shared a vision of being there for people, of listening, of showing them that they were loved, to help them in any way he could. The suicide prevention hotlines around the world have saved thousands upon thousands of people from killing themselves in despair or depression.
I found that very Inspiring! What an amazing LEGACY he has created!

Infinite Being, legacy
Key #22 to creating your More Magical Life, is indeed seeking, reaching for, creating, and contributing your own LEGACY to not only your heirs, but to your community, to the world. Is there something you’d like to make a difference with over the years you live? What if you live NOW acting on that desire of that intention? Of making a difference in a positive way? Of being a shining light? Of radiating your love, your joy, your you-ness, in whatever way is perfect for you! With music, art, writing, ideas, teachings, inventions, volunteering for a non-profit or in a classroom, whatever inspires you.

To share your genius, your beauty, your creations with the world.

The world is ready and waiting for it!
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What if you kept your ridiculous goal in mind, reached for the stars, and created something towards it every day? I love how the Empower Network has inspired me, and I feel like I’ve only just begun! Check out this inspirational video from David Sharpe, co-founder.

What inspiration can you contribute to the world? We’re looking forward to seeing it.

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Stretch! Think Big! Think Ridiculous Amounts! Key #21 to More Magic!

Key #21 of the 22 KEYS to a MORE MAGICAL LIFE is to Stretch! Think Big!

Take Action even if you don’t know what you’re doing exactly, set it into motion.

To create Magical Results in your Business…your life…..if you choose to take action it’s great to have really clear targets or goals. The people that are successful are soooo clear. CLARITY. What is your dream? Plus, is there a way to stretch your goal? To stretch yourself? Beyond! Stretch! Think Big!

All of the things you desire to accomplish, to create, to contribute to the world, can you compress the time down? Can you create even faster than you originally thought? How can you stretch yourself? A bigger goal than you ever imagined possible?

As an architect, I am often amazed at how slow everything goes when building a project.

The design can also be very arduous, thinking of every detail, from the overall concept to the finish materials, the structure, the plumbing, the lighting, power, mechanical systems, the feel of the spaces, the function, the flow….how it all works together, it can be very complicated.

I was listening to a goal-setting exercise with David Wood, co-founder of the Empower Network. He was having us visualize our monthly income with EN. I set a number in my head. Then, he said, it has to be at least $15,000/month because that’s what the training is called.

Oh my, my mind was not there at all, how could I possibly do that in that short amount of time? That was a Stretch!

But I decided to Stretch! Think Big! I Dared to Think Ridiculously Big!

Plus, please don’t be attached or judgmental, making yourself wrong for it, that just slows the energy down. Just know it’s a ridiculous goal! and it’s possible! You can make it happen! Go For IT! See what you create!

What if you could do things with ease by following your hunches, your gut, checking in with your intuition, acting on your knowing? Can you cut down some decision-making time? Can you start being in the
flow, like when you swoosh down the mountain on skis, really in tune with the mountain, the snow, the skis, the sunlight, the paths, the bumps, the rocks, the shadows, your body and your turns?

I heard an excellent example recently having to do with being in the ease or flow…..while riding a horse….How, when you’re trotting, it’s bumpy, controlled, yes, a little slow, and uncomfortable. Awkward. I remember that when taking riding lessons, it really was awkward and bumpy trotting.

However, if you trust the horse, trust your ability, and allow yourself and the horse to go into a canter, it is actually much smoother. The stride fits the horse better, it’s not so bumpy, and you move over a lot more ground more efficiently. It’s more like being in the flow, in ease…

So, what if, by stretching, you were actually in the flow? What if you were able to canter rather than trot?

What if when you Stretch! Think Big! you are in the smooth flow of energy at the perfect speed, you’re at the perfect place at the perfect time?

Have you ever done that?

What if things got done with more ease? Could you accomplish a lot more in a much shorter amount of time, with a little less control?

How much fun could you create and have in your life by stretching? Maybe stretching for you is setting an outcome and a goal, very clearly, take action without knowing exactly what it is, to just follow your hunches, your intuition, to adjust as you go along.

I dare you to try it, Stretch! Think Big! and to see what kind of Magic it creates in your life!

Would an Infinite Being Choose This? Key #20 for a More Magical Life

Creating a More Magical Life: Would an Infinite Being Choose This?

One More way to stay in your Magic, to remember your inner wizardry – is just to remind yourself every day, of your inner core, your essence.

Do you believe you are, at your core, an Infinite Being? Beautiful spirit. A soul. Like when you close your eyes and meditate, or get quiet, do you realize you are connected to all that is, and to the “God source?”

Does it feel light, expansive to you that you do not die, but just change form upon death of this life? Have you had enough exposure to this concept that it is true for you?

Do you “act as if” you are an Infinite Being?

inner wisdom infinite being

Have you heard that if you start acting “as if” you are successful, people pick up on that energy and you become seen as more successful? You feel more successful, and then you actually are more successful.

If you change your energy to feel and be in gratitude, you are connected automatically to abundance.

I played a fun role-playing games at a networking event where we were to “act as if”we were successful, the energy in the room lightened up right away! It’s not denying that you’d like more success, it’s coming from the energy of already being it.

Do you know you are an Infinite Being?

I have had enough experiences that I know I am just going to change form when I come to the end of my current life. I’ve seen angels, experienced the near-death space, the space between the veils. At other times, I’ve caused and been aware of the separation of me and my body, I’ve floated above my body, and caused myself to walk around in my etheric body while my physical body is sitting in a chair. Although connected, I know I am not my physical body and I know that I will leave my body and live on.

So, if you have some of these similar experiences, maybe this will assist you as well.

So, how can I use this in my daily life? How can I use this knowledge and draw on it for my more Magical Life? For what I desire to create?

If I remind myself that I am an Infinite Being, I can ask, would an Infinite Being choose this? Or I can ask, would a magical, wizarding being settle for this? How can I change this? What would it take for the molecules to support me more?

Or I can ask, Am I living my potency? Is this true to my inner nature?

Now this is a tool, you can use, to remind yourself that you don’t need to choose jealousy or resentment, you don’t need to judge yourself or others as wrong or right, good or bad. You can simply acknowledge that you are an Infinite Being at core, and bring that more forward in your energy. To be more of that inner wizard, to be that brilliant light you are. Some Christians might use something similar, like “Would Jesus choose or do this?” to give themselves a broader perspective.

Would an Infinite Being choose this? Would I settle for this? If I were being my powerful inner wizarding self, is this what I would choose?

Use this for little things and big, daily, and watch how your life changes.

Watch how much more magic comes into your life when you recognize it can, when you ask for it, and you ask for greater things.

Now and in the future.



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infinite being

Perceive, Know, Trust Your Awareness, and Key #19

Key #19 to a More Magical Life is to play more with your awareness of energy, trust your awareness, and act on it.

If you do this, if you practice this, trust your awareness, that is truly the key to being in the flow.

I got a glimpse of how it could be the other day. I have been asking for more awareness. I have been asking for greater talents and abilities. I have been asking for more ease with money, and being in the flow.

I was doing a talk with my friend and co-facilitator, Tamara Younker, at the Body Mind Spirit Celebration Fair in Denver over the weekend. We were talking about Being, developing, and trusting your Psychic Self.

This ended up to me, “Trust Your Awareness.”

So many people at the fair come and get readings from “Psychics.” I know some of these readings are totally awesome and great for the person asking.

AND I wonder how I can empower the individual so that they KNOW that THEY KNOW. That was what we explored in the talk we presented. We invited people to add their insights and questions, to see where they were at. So they could see that they are, indeed, also very psychic and aware and that they could be looking to their own self. “To thine own self be true.”

I shared a story at the talk about how I got a download of information from a man I drove by, an unexpected download of information. It was lightning fast!

I knew he was not comfortable looking at me but could sense me looking at him, I sensed he was unusual, uncomfortable being in the physical, that he had a hard time communicating with “normal” people, that his awareness of energy, emotions, and thoughts was very strong and that he had trouble fitting in. All in an instant as I drove by and glanced in his direction.

Later I mentioned it to a student and she told me, “Oh, I know that guy!”

What?! I really was taken aback, I still had the inclination to believe I was making it up.

Trust your awareness.

It reminded me of things I picked up from people when I was a child…..things I downloaded from awkward people, that didn’t know how to act like those around them, that didn’t know how to fit in.

I realized that the more I trust my awareness and my sense of energy, the more I allowed myself to say no to others when it didn’t feel right for me, and the more I was truthful with the energy of a situation, the easier and quicker things would flow.

That I could actually have it all very quickly.

That awareness comes in handy, very quickly, that if I trusted it, it would be easeful, much more so than I was practicing, and that things can actually come together fairly quickly.

So now, the challenge at hand is doing this. It is sensing and trusting my perception and acting on it. Sense, receive, trust, and act on it. Perceive/Receive, trust, act.


How does it get any easier than that? and to trust your awareness, to trust your perceptions.

For me, to Know that I am not making them up. It is real.


I love being psychic and aware!

What am I aware of here?

What do I know that I’m pretending not to know?

What is it? What do I do with it? Can I change it? How can I change it?

Be. You. In the Flow. Now. Trust Your Awareness.

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Magic Words

Do you remember being asked as a kid, What are the magic words?  And they wanted you to say “please” or “Thank you?”  Did your teachers, parents, grandparents, babysitters try to get you to be polite by using that term?

Years ago it was brought to my attention that words have power.  That what you say actually has an energy, a force.  That the words you use affect what you create and how you affect the world, how you “play” in the world.

Is there such a thing as Magic Words?  Are there some words that are more “magical” than others?

Lately I’ve been noticing that the words associated with magic are used in interesting ways.  I wanted to research this, to see what connection they had to “Old World” magic.

Are some words Magic Words because at one time or another they actually caused or helped to cause something special to come into existence? A phrase I found myself saying this week was “Third time’s a charm!” Sounds like a phrase that’s still around from the “Old World” magic days, describing when you repeat something three times, it makes it a charm, like a magic charm!

Hmmn, Magic Words or rules to creating Magic?

I once hung out with a linguist for a weekend.  She was a wealth of information.  It gave me an insight as to how much energy there is in a word, over the years, what meanings have been associated with them.

Words not only have meaning when written or spoken, but any actor would tell you that the emotion behind the word also gives it different meaning.  You could argue that the energy behind the word is what gives it different meaning and power as well.

I just watched another episode of Merlin, a British TV series set in the days of the legend of King Arthur.  They portray sorcerers lyrically speaking magic into being with their incantations and a flash of their eyes.  Sometimes they say words we understand, but mostly it seems to be spells with words from a different language.

Magic WordsIn Hogwarts, the fictional school of witchcraft and wizardry, they learn and use spells and charms.  I was never really sure of what the difference was between those two things.  I assumed, when reading those words, they were pretty much the same thing…..but is that an incorrect assumption?

Perhaps a spell is something that brings something to the physical and a charm is something you put on others……although there’s that song, “You put a spell on me!”

When I do energy healing and release work, I use specific words in a specific order, calling up the energy.  I use specific words in a specific order to clear the energy.  Are these, then, in and of themselves, Magic Words?  I also use specific phrases and invoke the energy by calling it forth with my intention, my words, and my focus.  How is this different than magic?

I love how the lyrics of many songs refer to magic.  We often act like magic will make us act differently, like against our free will.  Hmmmn, can it really?  Or is it a response of the energy and choices we make?  Can a person really be hypnotized by someone else?  Or is it only by themselves allowing it, calling it forth, even?

Well, magic beings we all are, I’d love to hear your stories of magic, spells, charms, and potions you’ve made, created, spoken, cast, and what has occurred!

Join me in creating more Magic in the World!

Share Your Magic with the World!

Are you Willing to DO WHATEVER it TAKES to create what you desire? Key #17

Key #17 to Creating your Magical Life is To Be Committed, To Be willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES~ to create what you desire!

(and yes, I mean, legally!)

We’ve talked about some of this, a related factor anyway, to some extent.  We live in the physical.  The physical 3-dimensional world involves moving, acting, being in a body.

In fact, most everything we actually need money for is to take care of our body.  Eating, housing, sleeping, dressing, driving our bodies, playing…..

Taking action is an important part in creating your business, in creating your life the way you desire, in creating really anything in your life.  Yes, you can ask for support from the Universe (Multiverse), you might visualize, get focused, pull energy, ask the quantum entanglements and more, AND you need to take action.

In the grand scheme of things it takes all of these things.

But the most important action of all, is the commitment to your goal, that you are willing to do whatever it takes to keep moving forward to that target, that goal


That commitment to yourself is key.

If you are committed to your target, you can keep your “why” in mind, and keep yourself motivated. You can keep yourself motivated when others don’t believe in you. When you start to doubt, you can do it. The commitment to you is key to reaching your goals.

If you are willing to do whatever it takes to say, for example, graduate from college, you have classes you will need to take.  You have a major area of focus.  You have a map, a group of classes to take, assignments in each class to do, reading, projects, research, whatever the class requires.

If you are serious about graduating, you will need to do whatever it takes to get passing grades in those classes you need.  You may need to study, to do projects, to retake an extra hard class….you buckle down, you do it, over four years, perhaps, and you reach that goal of graduating and receiving a degree, of studying further the things you want.

If you aren’t willing to do whatever it takes, you might end up changing majors to an easier major, for example, or quitting, going to a different school, or even deciding you really don’t want to spend four years in college, and try something else.

There’s nothing wrong with any of this.  It’s just a matter of if you are willing to do whatever it takes, you will create a more magical life!

If you desire a more magical life, if you desire greater awareness, creating some amazing things in your life, financial freedom, personal and time freedom, you will need to be willing to do whatever it takes to get there.

Whatever it takes doesn’t have to be busy work, it doesn’t have to be hard.  It can mean different things at different times.  Sometimes it’s letting go of limiting beliefs.  Sometimes it’s receiving more from the universe.  Sometimes it’s spending 8-10 hours a day on your new creation.

If I hadn’t been willing to do whatever it takes to write my book, edit it, and format it, it would not have gotten done.

You will be able to create your magical life if and when you are committed to it.  You are willing to do whatever it takes to get the projects, or to Not talk to someone so they can learn for themselves how to do something.  Sometimes doing whatever it takes is actually NOT DOING, by the way.

So Key #17 to creating a More Magical Life, is to do WHATEVER IT TAKES, it is commitment and follow through, it is NOT telling yourself a story that it’s too hard, that it’s impossible, playing the victim…..It’s doing, facing the challenges, and moving forward, not quitting, finding a way around or through the obstacles, dissolving them, etc…..and climbing up that mountain, being the Victor!

What magical things do you desire to have more of in your life?

Key #16: You Create Your Reality and Does the Universe HaveYour Back?????

Your Thoughts, Emotions, Words, and Deeds, YOU Create Your Reality!

You and your thoughts, words, emotions, and deeds create!  Be aware of them or not!  They create one way or another!

You Create Your Reality!

and Does the Universe Really have your back?

Try it and see:  Ask for something ridiculous, ask for something so off the wall, I don’t know, a blue feather, or 10x more money coming in in a week, or five “signs” from the Universe that you can’t miss!    (Remember El Signo from the Tuscan Sun – the bird splat on her head?)

Whatever you think of that would be fun for you!

and Watch, observe, see if they really do.

Ask for rockstar parking spot…..five days in a row create it….

Ask for rain every day.. every afternoon…..every night…  I don’t care what it is.  Know that you create your reality by experimenting with asking, visualizing, calling forth the energy.

Play with it.  You Create Your Reality……How?  What happens?  What happens when I doubt?  What happens when I start fearing something won’t happen?  Do I chase it away?

What happens when I’m attached to an outcome?

What happens when I’m not and I keep things open-ended?

What happens when I ask nicely? What happens when I demand? When I command?

What happens when I follow through on my intuition?  When I follow through on my desires?  When I decide it has to be this way?  Or when I’m open to receive in multiple ways?

Play, Experiment, have fun, Tinker!  Watch, observe, see if and how YOU CREATE YOUR REality!  Daily.  Weekly.  All of the time!

What if you are a wizard?  A Mage?  A Magical Life could be yours if you but played, tried, experimented!

You Create your Reality.  Test out this theory, this proposition, with your own fun-filled experiments and see what you co-create and initiate with the universe, the quantum entanglements, the source field, the elements…..


Learn about coaching with Eileen – she’s an awesome facilitator!!!

Are you the Boss of You? Being your own Boss means more than working for yourself!

Who’s the Boss?

Are you the Boss of you?

My kids used to say “You’re not the boss of me!” when they were in preschool.  It was such an interesting thing to hear.  I would never call myself their boss, so it was obviously something they learned elsewhere.

A lot of people talk about being their own boss.  When you work for yourself, when you’re an entrepreneur, you are definitely your own boss.

change the worldAlthough some would argue that your clients are your boss, if you’re doing whatever you need to do to keep them happy.  Maybe they are really the boss, then?

There’s definitely more to being the BOSS OF YOU than just working for yourself.

Are you willing to be the Boss of YOU in all areas of your life?

As my own boss of my architectural firm, and the chief designer, draftsman and client contact, I have a lot of roles to play.  I also know that I must keep moving, I need to get the project drawings completed, I need to answer the engineer or contractor’s questions, I need to get the drawings as complete as possible so they know what to bid, so they know how to build it, and so they know that it’s safe.  I am willing to do what it takes, work late, or research or make difficult phone calls, as things come up.  Facing the problems head on, finding solutions and moving on.

Are you willing to stay out of the stories you use to make yourself small?  Are you willing to slay the victim?  To be the Victor?

What are you secretly addicted to?  Someone else restricting you and your choices?

Stories, rationalizations? Holding patterns?

I have one couple I’m working with on an architectural project for their existing house.  They have been in a holding pattern for 13 years, they moved out of their architect-designed house in a town they didn’t like, but left all their furniture there and do NOT rent it out.  They’ve got a house sitter.  For 14 years!  They’d been living with crap furniture, with not so great house, moving, buying new things every time, and they have finally made a choice to change that, thus, my role in working with them to create some different possibilities for them and their home situation.

Are you seeing the world through tiny binoculars?  Or can you take those down, away from your eyes and see and be open to more possibilities than you ever dreamed of before?

What does it mean to be The Boss of You?

Is it when you stay cool, calm collected in the heat of the frying pan?  Is it when you keep your focus, day after day after day, on your target?  Is it when you draw on your inner strength and courage and play fiercely YOU?!

YES!?  Then I’ll have some of that boss stuff!

When you are the boss of you, you are inspired, focused, energized, and active.  You do what it takes to reach the target.  and you never give up.  You keep taking action, you do what it takes to get the job done.

take the plunge!

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What does the veil of death have to do with playing small and the Empower Network?

The day before my 8th birthday I experienced a realm beyond the veil….I later realized it to be the passing into death place ……it was beautiful, amazing, and I had light beings around me, concerned about me, there was deep caring, love, and beauty beyond anything I understood or had remembered before.

It was incredible.  I describe it more in detail in my book, Vaporizing Clouds: Exploring Mind, Body & Spirit, more, if you are interested.

empower network

I draw on this experience when I go back to what motivates me.

I have been playing small.

I have been playing small, hiding a bit.  This wonderful, amazing experience that I could share with others, that defined my life to such a great extent, that gives me more access to the angelic realms than most people, I have kept hidden from most people.

I wanted to “fit in.”  I wanted to not be judged as “different.”  I wanted to not be seen as strange.

But I’m different, strange, and am tired of hiding.  I’m tired of playing small!

I’m stepping out, man, and one of the things I’m stepping out with is the Empower Network.

That’s this cool, amazing personal development program disguised as a blogging platform.  Disguised as online marketing training.  Disguised as a network marketing or affiliate sales company.

and last week I was a little nervous putting a picture of my “Have it All” team on my facebook page as my cover picture.

I was a little worried about what others would think.  Now that’s playing small.

Me, the person who wrote a book about Vaporizing Clouds in the sky and having a huge affect on the weather if you want.

Me, the person who has taught hundreds of students over the years about meditation, dream interpretation, going into the inner levels of the mind, astral projection, chakras, telepathy, clairvoyance, energy healing, and clearing energy quickly.

Worried about judgments on Empower Network?  Choosing to keep it quiet, so that I can’t be made fun of?  Choosing again, the playing small deal.  Hmmmn.

Interesting, indeed!

So please share and like my video, and help me to get over myself, my weird ego against hype, against letting people know I’m weird.

Cause I just am.

and maybe you are too.

Maybe you want to be yourself, blog and vlog about it and make money.

Maybe you want to inspire others to be themselves, share their talents and abilities, and make money. (join me)

Maybe you desire financial freedom and are ready to be louder in the world, ready for some judgments, ready to be the moving car the dogs are barking at.

After all, a dog doesn’t bark at a parked car.

Please, think about it.

What kind of legacy do you want to create?  To hide it from others?  Or to be yourself and play on that big idea stage?  To be amazing and not care how many people think you’re “weird?”  Maybe that will allow them to be more comfortable being their “weirdness” as well!

and How does it get better than everyone dancing to their own drummer, to creating their path as they go along?

Love your life!

Be Brave, Bold, and Live FOR YOU!!!


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