Key #22: What kind of LEGACY do you desire to create? What is your RIDICULOUS goal and how fast can you create it??

Key #22 of the 22 KEYS FOR A MORE MAGICAL LIFE IS about creating a LEGACY!

To me, creating a legacy is more than just what you leave legally to your inheritors when you die. It’s about what you are creating and contributing to THE WORLD by YOUR PRESENCE here.

Do you have a ridiculous, save-the-world type of goal you want to create in the world? In this lifetime?

What if you could create anything with your life? What would you do?

What inspires you? What makes your heart sing?

What kind of legacy do you want to leave your children? Your grandchildren? Your friends and loved ones? The people in your community? Your country? Your continent? Our world?

What about with your career or business? Do you have a desire to create a legacy of some kind with your business? What about other areas of passion you might have? Any strides you want to make? Anything you want to contribute toward? Research? Creative Arts? Music you’d like to compose? Poems to write? Stories to tell? Videos, movies, artwork? Cities to improve?

What is it that you want to leave the world?

For example, one of my Team Have it All teammates, Ashley Webb, just shared a blog post about his father on his father’s birthday, who was also, unfortunately, just diagnosed with Alzeimer’s. What he shared was about a legacy his father had created: the suicide prevention hotline. How many lives had his father saved with ONE CHOICE? His father shared a vision of being there for people, of listening, of showing them that they were loved, to help them in any way he could. The suicide prevention hotlines around the world have saved thousands upon thousands of people from killing themselves in despair or depression.
I found that very Inspiring! What an amazing LEGACY he has created!

Infinite Being, legacy
Key #22 to creating your More Magical Life, is indeed seeking, reaching for, creating, and contributing your own LEGACY to not only your heirs, but to your community, to the world. Is there something you’d like to make a difference with over the years you live? What if you live NOW acting on that desire of that intention? Of making a difference in a positive way? Of being a shining light? Of radiating your love, your joy, your you-ness, in whatever way is perfect for you! With music, art, writing, ideas, teachings, inventions, volunteering for a non-profit or in a classroom, whatever inspires you.

To share your genius, your beauty, your creations with the world.

The world is ready and waiting for it!
Check out this inspirational video from one of the founders of Empower Network and the legacy they (and we all) are creating – from homeless van man to co-founder of a multi-million dollar blogging and online marketing training platform!

What if you kept your ridiculous goal in mind, reached for the stars, and created something towards it every day? I love how the Empower Network has inspired me, and I feel like I’ve only just begun! Check out this inspirational video from David Sharpe, co-founder.

What inspiration can you contribute to the world? We’re looking forward to seeing it.

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Stretch! Think Big! Think Ridiculous Amounts! Key #21 to More Magic!

Key #21 of the 22 KEYS to a MORE MAGICAL LIFE is to Stretch! Think Big!

Take Action even if you don’t know what you’re doing exactly, set it into motion.

To create Magical Results in your Business…your life…..if you choose to take action it’s great to have really clear targets or goals. The people that are successful are soooo clear. CLARITY. What is your dream? Plus, is there a way to stretch your goal? To stretch yourself? Beyond! Stretch! Think Big!

All of the things you desire to accomplish, to create, to contribute to the world, can you compress the time down? Can you create even faster than you originally thought? How can you stretch yourself? A bigger goal than you ever imagined possible?

As an architect, I am often amazed at how slow everything goes when building a project.

The design can also be very arduous, thinking of every detail, from the overall concept to the finish materials, the structure, the plumbing, the lighting, power, mechanical systems, the feel of the spaces, the function, the flow….how it all works together, it can be very complicated.

I was listening to a goal-setting exercise with David Wood, co-founder of the Empower Network. He was having us visualize our monthly income with EN. I set a number in my head. Then, he said, it has to be at least $15,000/month because that’s what the training is called.

Oh my, my mind was not there at all, how could I possibly do that in that short amount of time? That was a Stretch!

But I decided to Stretch! Think Big! I Dared to Think Ridiculously Big!

Plus, please don’t be attached or judgmental, making yourself wrong for it, that just slows the energy down. Just know it’s a ridiculous goal! and it’s possible! You can make it happen! Go For IT! See what you create!

What if you could do things with ease by following your hunches, your gut, checking in with your intuition, acting on your knowing? Can you cut down some decision-making time? Can you start being in the
flow, like when you swoosh down the mountain on skis, really in tune with the mountain, the snow, the skis, the sunlight, the paths, the bumps, the rocks, the shadows, your body and your turns?

I heard an excellent example recently having to do with being in the ease or flow…..while riding a horse….How, when you’re trotting, it’s bumpy, controlled, yes, a little slow, and uncomfortable. Awkward. I remember that when taking riding lessons, it really was awkward and bumpy trotting.

However, if you trust the horse, trust your ability, and allow yourself and the horse to go into a canter, it is actually much smoother. The stride fits the horse better, it’s not so bumpy, and you move over a lot more ground more efficiently. It’s more like being in the flow, in ease…

So, what if, by stretching, you were actually in the flow? What if you were able to canter rather than trot?

What if when you Stretch! Think Big! you are in the smooth flow of energy at the perfect speed, you’re at the perfect place at the perfect time?

Have you ever done that?

What if things got done with more ease? Could you accomplish a lot more in a much shorter amount of time, with a little less control?

How much fun could you create and have in your life by stretching? Maybe stretching for you is setting an outcome and a goal, very clearly, take action without knowing exactly what it is, to just follow your hunches, your intuition, to adjust as you go along.

I dare you to try it, Stretch! Think Big! and to see what kind of Magic it creates in your life!

Would an Infinite Being Choose This? Key #20 for a More Magical Life

Creating a More Magical Life: Would an Infinite Being Choose This?

One More way to stay in your Magic, to remember your inner wizardry – is just to remind yourself every day, of your inner core, your essence.

Do you believe you are, at your core, an Infinite Being? Beautiful spirit. A soul. Like when you close your eyes and meditate, or get quiet, do you realize you are connected to all that is, and to the “God source?”

Does it feel light, expansive to you that you do not die, but just change form upon death of this life? Have you had enough exposure to this concept that it is true for you?

Do you “act as if” you are an Infinite Being?

inner wisdom infinite being

Have you heard that if you start acting “as if” you are successful, people pick up on that energy and you become seen as more successful? You feel more successful, and then you actually are more successful.

If you change your energy to feel and be in gratitude, you are connected automatically to abundance.

I played a fun role-playing games at a networking event where we were to “act as if”we were successful, the energy in the room lightened up right away! It’s not denying that you’d like more success, it’s coming from the energy of already being it.

Do you know you are an Infinite Being?

I have had enough experiences that I know I am just going to change form when I come to the end of my current life. I’ve seen angels, experienced the near-death space, the space between the veils. At other times, I’ve caused and been aware of the separation of me and my body, I’ve floated above my body, and caused myself to walk around in my etheric body while my physical body is sitting in a chair. Although connected, I know I am not my physical body and I know that I will leave my body and live on.

So, if you have some of these similar experiences, maybe this will assist you as well.

So, how can I use this in my daily life? How can I use this knowledge and draw on it for my more Magical Life? For what I desire to create?

If I remind myself that I am an Infinite Being, I can ask, would an Infinite Being choose this? Or I can ask, would a magical, wizarding being settle for this? How can I change this? What would it take for the molecules to support me more?

Or I can ask, Am I living my potency? Is this true to my inner nature?

Now this is a tool, you can use, to remind yourself that you don’t need to choose jealousy or resentment, you don’t need to judge yourself or others as wrong or right, good or bad. You can simply acknowledge that you are an Infinite Being at core, and bring that more forward in your energy. To be more of that inner wizard, to be that brilliant light you are. Some Christians might use something similar, like “Would Jesus choose or do this?” to give themselves a broader perspective.

Would an Infinite Being choose this? Would I settle for this? If I were being my powerful inner wizarding self, is this what I would choose?

Use this for little things and big, daily, and watch how your life changes.

Watch how much more magic comes into your life when you recognize it can, when you ask for it, and you ask for greater things.

Now and in the future.



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infinite being

Perceive, Know, Trust Your Awareness, and Key #19

Key #19 to a More Magical Life is to play more with your awareness of energy, trust your awareness, and act on it.

If you do this, if you practice this, trust your awareness, that is truly the key to being in the flow.

I got a glimpse of how it could be the other day. I have been asking for more awareness. I have been asking for greater talents and abilities. I have been asking for more ease with money, and being in the flow.

I was doing a talk with my friend and co-facilitator, Tamara Younker, at the Body Mind Spirit Celebration Fair in Denver over the weekend. We were talking about Being, developing, and trusting your Psychic Self.

This ended up to me, “Trust Your Awareness.”

So many people at the fair come and get readings from “Psychics.” I know some of these readings are totally awesome and great for the person asking.

AND I wonder how I can empower the individual so that they KNOW that THEY KNOW. That was what we explored in the talk we presented. We invited people to add their insights and questions, to see where they were at. So they could see that they are, indeed, also very psychic and aware and that they could be looking to their own self. “To thine own self be true.”

I shared a story at the talk about how I got a download of information from a man I drove by, an unexpected download of information. It was lightning fast!

I knew he was not comfortable looking at me but could sense me looking at him, I sensed he was unusual, uncomfortable being in the physical, that he had a hard time communicating with “normal” people, that his awareness of energy, emotions, and thoughts was very strong and that he had trouble fitting in. All in an instant as I drove by and glanced in his direction.

Later I mentioned it to a student and she told me, “Oh, I know that guy!”

What?! I really was taken aback, I still had the inclination to believe I was making it up.

Trust your awareness.

It reminded me of things I picked up from people when I was a child…..things I downloaded from awkward people, that didn’t know how to act like those around them, that didn’t know how to fit in.

I realized that the more I trust my awareness and my sense of energy, the more I allowed myself to say no to others when it didn’t feel right for me, and the more I was truthful with the energy of a situation, the easier and quicker things would flow.

That I could actually have it all very quickly.

That awareness comes in handy, very quickly, that if I trusted it, it would be easeful, much more so than I was practicing, and that things can actually come together fairly quickly.

So now, the challenge at hand is doing this. It is sensing and trusting my perception and acting on it. Sense, receive, trust, and act on it. Perceive/Receive, trust, act.


How does it get any easier than that? and to trust your awareness, to trust your perceptions.

For me, to Know that I am not making them up. It is real.


I love being psychic and aware!

What am I aware of here?

What do I know that I’m pretending not to know?

What is it? What do I do with it? Can I change it? How can I change it?

Be. You. In the Flow. Now. Trust Your Awareness.

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When you are your true, amazing authentic Self, there is NO competition, just allowance!! Key #18

How to Create a More Magical Life: No Competition! stop judging and comparing yourself with others.

Be Your True, amazing, Authentic Self!

If something is working for someone, it doesn’t mean you must stop how you’re doing something and change to what they’re doing. Especially if what you’re doing is working for you! Especially if you are being YOU in the process!
Please don’t compare yourself, think you’re doing something wrong, and judge yourself into oblivion!

When you compare yourself to others, or you think you need to do what others are doing or saying, you aren’t being you, you aren’t being your authentic self.

It’s just not kind to YOU.

Nor is it the TRUTH of the situation!

Being yourself is the only thing you can really be!

Trying to be someone else, what you think your mom wants you to be, or what you think your dad wants you to be, or to be like your sibling, your grandparents, your teachers, your friends….well, that just is fake, plus it’s hard!

Let’s do the ease-filled thing and BE YOURSELF!  No Competition!

Recently I was in a situation where you could say the booth I did at a fair with a couple of other Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitators was in competition with a booth on the other side of the fair being run by a few other Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitators.  Although I’d signed up first for the fair last spring, and the organizers of the fair promised no competition, they allowed the others in that fair because one of the facilitators had a long history doing fairs there with her own business.

I knew this, and was not surprised when they had another booth at this end of summer fair. In fact, we’d talked and considered having our booths next to each other, but while talking then, I felt the energy of competition rising. She opted to go across the fair.

That past spring Fair there was time I was in competition and contracted.  I felt weird that they were there.  I mentioned something about their booth to my collaborating co-host facilitator friend and she asked me a question.  It was, “What if you could be in allowance of their choice?”

That shifted the energy immediately for me. Allowance.  Competition is halted by Allowance!

I don’t appreciate it when people are not in allowance of my point of view.  So why would I want to judge someone on theirs?

and Voila!  All of a sudden there was no competition on my end!  I didn’t care!  I was not trying to control them or their actions.  It didn’t affect me, it didn’t matter what they were doing. I moved to allowance immediately!  It was so easy.

That was how it was this time for me.  I didn’t think twice about the other “Access” booth, I wasn’t worried, it didn’t affect me. Sometimes fair goers mentioned their booth or one of the facilitators involved in that booth brought up competition or issues with images used(on Facebook).  I was cool with it. I was in awareness of everyone’s choices.

We decided our booth this time was focused on reaching, as many people that were interested in expanding their awareness, and to assist them in whatever way we could, with our Access Bars, or with energy clearings, or with energy healing.  It was such ease, joy and glory for me!

Next time you are trying for NO COMPETITION, use that question, “What if you could be in allowance of their choice?

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Are you Willing to DO WHATEVER it TAKES to create what you desire? Key #17

Key #17 to Creating your Magical Life is To Be Committed, To Be willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES~ to create what you desire!

(and yes, I mean, legally!)

We’ve talked about some of this, a related factor anyway, to some extent.  We live in the physical.  The physical 3-dimensional world involves moving, acting, being in a body.

In fact, most everything we actually need money for is to take care of our body.  Eating, housing, sleeping, dressing, driving our bodies, playing…..

Taking action is an important part in creating your business, in creating your life the way you desire, in creating really anything in your life.  Yes, you can ask for support from the Universe (Multiverse), you might visualize, get focused, pull energy, ask the quantum entanglements and more, AND you need to take action.

In the grand scheme of things it takes all of these things.

But the most important action of all, is the commitment to your goal, that you are willing to do whatever it takes to keep moving forward to that target, that goal


That commitment to yourself is key.

If you are committed to your target, you can keep your “why” in mind, and keep yourself motivated. You can keep yourself motivated when others don’t believe in you. When you start to doubt, you can do it. The commitment to you is key to reaching your goals.

If you are willing to do whatever it takes to say, for example, graduate from college, you have classes you will need to take.  You have a major area of focus.  You have a map, a group of classes to take, assignments in each class to do, reading, projects, research, whatever the class requires.

If you are serious about graduating, you will need to do whatever it takes to get passing grades in those classes you need.  You may need to study, to do projects, to retake an extra hard class….you buckle down, you do it, over four years, perhaps, and you reach that goal of graduating and receiving a degree, of studying further the things you want.

If you aren’t willing to do whatever it takes, you might end up changing majors to an easier major, for example, or quitting, going to a different school, or even deciding you really don’t want to spend four years in college, and try something else.

There’s nothing wrong with any of this.  It’s just a matter of if you are willing to do whatever it takes, you will create a more magical life!

If you desire a more magical life, if you desire greater awareness, creating some amazing things in your life, financial freedom, personal and time freedom, you will need to be willing to do whatever it takes to get there.

Whatever it takes doesn’t have to be busy work, it doesn’t have to be hard.  It can mean different things at different times.  Sometimes it’s letting go of limiting beliefs.  Sometimes it’s receiving more from the universe.  Sometimes it’s spending 8-10 hours a day on your new creation.

If I hadn’t been willing to do whatever it takes to write my book, edit it, and format it, it would not have gotten done.

You will be able to create your magical life if and when you are committed to it.  You are willing to do whatever it takes to get the projects, or to Not talk to someone so they can learn for themselves how to do something.  Sometimes doing whatever it takes is actually NOT DOING, by the way.

So Key #17 to creating a More Magical Life, is to do WHATEVER IT TAKES, it is commitment and follow through, it is NOT telling yourself a story that it’s too hard, that it’s impossible, playing the victim…..It’s doing, facing the challenges, and moving forward, not quitting, finding a way around or through the obstacles, dissolving them, etc…..and climbing up that mountain, being the Victor!

What magical things do you desire to have more of in your life?

Key #16: You Create Your Reality and Does the Universe HaveYour Back?????

Your Thoughts, Emotions, Words, and Deeds, YOU Create Your Reality!

You and your thoughts, words, emotions, and deeds create!  Be aware of them or not!  They create one way or another!

You Create Your Reality!

and Does the Universe Really have your back?

Try it and see:  Ask for something ridiculous, ask for something so off the wall, I don’t know, a blue feather, or 10x more money coming in in a week, or five “signs” from the Universe that you can’t miss!    (Remember El Signo from the Tuscan Sun – the bird splat on her head?)

Whatever you think of that would be fun for you!

and Watch, observe, see if they really do.

Ask for rockstar parking spot…..five days in a row create it….

Ask for rain every day.. every afternoon…..every night…  I don’t care what it is.  Know that you create your reality by experimenting with asking, visualizing, calling forth the energy.

Play with it.  You Create Your Reality……How?  What happens?  What happens when I doubt?  What happens when I start fearing something won’t happen?  Do I chase it away?

What happens when I’m attached to an outcome?

What happens when I’m not and I keep things open-ended?

What happens when I ask nicely? What happens when I demand? When I command?

What happens when I follow through on my intuition?  When I follow through on my desires?  When I decide it has to be this way?  Or when I’m open to receive in multiple ways?

Play, Experiment, have fun, Tinker!  Watch, observe, see if and how YOU CREATE YOUR REality!  Daily.  Weekly.  All of the time!

What if you are a wizard?  A Mage?  A Magical Life could be yours if you but played, tried, experimented!

You Create your Reality.  Test out this theory, this proposition, with your own fun-filled experiments and see what you co-create and initiate with the universe, the quantum entanglements, the source field, the elements…..


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Key #15 to More Magical Life: Your Thoughts Affect Reality

Welcome to Key #15 to  a More Magical Life!

Your Thoughts Affect Reality

Your Thoughts, my thoughts, everyone’s thoughts affect reality.

Thoughts are energy. Directed thought has. an. impact. on. reality.

This is a truth I found myself playing with since I was in my early 20’s.

My thoughts affect reality.  Your thoughts affect reality.  Everyone’s thoughts affect reality.

When I was taught to meditate, I was also taught to observe.  To observe my thoughts.  When you observe your thoughts, all of them, you can start seeing how things are related and how your thoughts contribute to and impact your reality. Period.


What a super cool reality we live in!  How does it get any better than that? They’re going to call you crazy, but once you take the time to truly observe, you will see that your thoughts affect reality.  All of the time.

Some day I may tell you more about my water and fire superpowers, about my mistakes with them, and my tests/play.  But for now, I’ll stick to this one focus.

Today, it rained again.  That makes at least 15-16 days in a row, now, ever since I connected with the element of water and asked for a daily afternoon or evening rain.

I have a special talent or ability with the elements.  I also think other people can develop this, too.  Anyway, I asked for rain.  I asked for rain daily.  I asked for gentle rain, consistent, that would keep fires at bay, that would contribute to our land here in Colorado.

and it has come every day, without a miss, ever since.


How super coolio is this magical world of ours?

Play with it.  Play with asking, with your thoughts.

Prayer is a form of thought, so if you want to do it as prayer, go right ahead.

Invite the rain in your life to wash out your doubts of empowerment.

We are super potent beings.

Step into your potency, your magic, your inner wizard NOW.

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Key #1 Magical Life: GRATITUDE

What are you grateful for?

There was a time, not too long ago, that I woke up in the morning and I was worried, concerned about money, what I was going to do today.

Remember, what you focus on expands. So if you focus on your “problems” they will become larger.

If you focus on what other possibilities there are or can be created, these start expanding. More ideas come to mind. What else is possible is a gem of a question to use for this.

I found myself needing to turn my financial situation around once and for all.

I went to gratitude. Gratitude for what I already had, gratitude for my mind, my body, my awareness, my path. No judgment can exist when you are in gratitude. When you judge how stupid or bad or wrong or whatever other ugliness you harshly criticize yourself with, your energy shrinks, and you are buying a lie.

I found that when starting with GRATITUDE, my energy automatically expanded, got lighter, the judgments couldn’t exist.

I felt better. I loved my life. I remembered that I loved me, my family, my friends, this amazing, amazing universe!

I also found that when I practiced starting my day with gratitude, more business came in. I received more calls, out of the blue, for new projects. I didn’t get all of the work, and when I focused on wanting it for the money, it would slip out of my hands. I would create funkiness there.

So when I stepped back into gratitude, the projects would come in again.

I have a friend, George, that tells his story of his business. He was struggling. How he just was fighting with the universe, God, why is it so hard? He came home to find his house infested with bedbugs, he wasn’t making the money he needed, he was wanting to serve and inspire people and he thought he was on his path, why wasn’t it working?

He cried, laid down on his bed and cried. Then, he describes, the idea of RADICAL GRATITUDE came to him. That was the message from the Universe, be grateful for what you’ve got, and more will come…..

and, of course, it did.

I took it to heart as well. When I started my day with gratitude, things shifted. Yes, that is the MOST POWERFUL TOOL….BEING GRATITUDE. No judgment can exist there.

All your junky, gunky energy from the previous day will clear with the beautiful, true energy of gratitude. Peace will come.

So, try starting your day with gratitude, it will not only feel great, it will help your business prosper, your relationships, your health, all things!

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Key #2 Magical Life: Truth and Lies

Key #2: The Truth will make you feel lighter, expansive, happy;

a lie will make you feel heavy, contractive, smaller.

Have you ever noticed this? This is actually an awesome way to tell whether you want to do something, whether you are telling your truth (we are actually excellent at lying to ourselves) and whether you are living your truth.

Have you ever done something not because you desire to, but because you feel obligated to? It can be anything, from serving on a committee or going to someone’s birthday party, to accepting a date offer or going to visit your relatives.

Somewhere, in your past, you’ve made a decision that you “should” do it, and so, even if you don’t want to, even if your body is screaming, “no!” you feel obligated, and you tell your mother, “of course, I’ll go to that family reunion.”

I used to be very good at this with doing things for my kids, I would say, yes, I can coach the soccer team, though I know nothing about soccer, yes, I can be coach coordinator, or overall coordinator, do referee training, sure, I’m wonder woman super mom.

Then when it came to the actual coaching sessions, I would find my body not wanting to lead the practices, and finding I would ask for rain so we could skip practice. I became very good at getting it to rain when I wanted.

If I would have just said, “No” to the coaching, I would have been more honest with myself. That would have felt better. The truth makes you feel lighter, a lie makes you feel heavier.

Have you ever gotten truth chills? When you feel the energy run up and down your spine, when you just KNOW something rings totally TRUE for you?

That’s a sure way for me to tell, “yes!” This is the truth, and it’s usually a cool, inspiring, truth when it involves truth chills, for me, at least.

If you use this every day, you will start to see when you are lying to yourself about wanting to do what you say you do, if it feels light to you it will feel in alignment with your targets, it will be in the flow with what you desire to create.

If you notice the things that are not so easy or not in the flow for you are things that feel heavy for you, that felt contractive.

You can use this, too, with things you might be told. If someone tells you you’re doing something wrong, does it feel light to you? No! and who’s point of view is that? Yours or theirs? So what if how you were doing something really doesn’t have a right or wrong? Just a point of view? and could you realize that what’s truth for you and what’s truth for someone else can be different? It doesn’t make you wrong?

So listen to your OWN TRUTH! Listen to the sensations in your body. If it feels light, expansive, it is truth for you, if it is heavy, it is a lie.


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