Magic Words

Do you remember being asked as a kid, What are the magic words?  And they wanted you to say “please” or “Thank you?”  Did your teachers, parents, grandparents, babysitters try to get you to be polite by using that term?

Years ago it was brought to my attention that words have power.  That what you say actually has an energy, a force.  That the words you use affect what you create and how you affect the world, how you “play” in the world.

Is there such a thing as Magic Words?  Are there some words that are more “magical” than others?

Lately I’ve been noticing that the words associated with magic are used in interesting ways.  I wanted to research this, to see what connection they had to “Old World” magic.

Are some words Magic Words because at one time or another they actually caused or helped to cause something special to come into existence? A phrase I found myself saying this week was “Third time’s a charm!” Sounds like a phrase that’s still around from the “Old World” magic days, describing when you repeat something three times, it makes it a charm, like a magic charm!

Hmmn, Magic Words or rules to creating Magic?

I once hung out with a linguist for a weekend.  She was a wealth of information.  It gave me an insight as to how much energy there is in a word, over the years, what meanings have been associated with them.

Words not only have meaning when written or spoken, but any actor would tell you that the emotion behind the word also gives it different meaning.  You could argue that the energy behind the word is what gives it different meaning and power as well.

I just watched another episode of Merlin, a British TV series set in the days of the legend of King Arthur.  They portray sorcerers lyrically speaking magic into being with their incantations and a flash of their eyes.  Sometimes they say words we understand, but mostly it seems to be spells with words from a different language.

Magic WordsIn Hogwarts, the fictional school of witchcraft and wizardry, they learn and use spells and charms.  I was never really sure of what the difference was between those two things.  I assumed, when reading those words, they were pretty much the same thing…..but is that an incorrect assumption?

Perhaps a spell is something that brings something to the physical and a charm is something you put on others……although there’s that song, “You put a spell on me!”

When I do energy healing and release work, I use specific words in a specific order, calling up the energy.  I use specific words in a specific order to clear the energy.  Are these, then, in and of themselves, Magic Words?  I also use specific phrases and invoke the energy by calling it forth with my intention, my words, and my focus.  How is this different than magic?

I love how the lyrics of many songs refer to magic.  We often act like magic will make us act differently, like against our free will.  Hmmmn, can it really?  Or is it a response of the energy and choices we make?  Can a person really be hypnotized by someone else?  Or is it only by themselves allowing it, calling it forth, even?

Well, magic beings we all are, I’d love to hear your stories of magic, spells, charms, and potions you’ve made, created, spoken, cast, and what has occurred!

Join me in creating more Magic in the World!

Share Your Magic with the World!

Key #15 to More Magical Life: Your Thoughts Affect Reality

Welcome to Key #15 to  a More Magical Life!

Your Thoughts Affect Reality

Your Thoughts, my thoughts, everyone’s thoughts affect reality.

Thoughts are energy. Directed thought has. an. impact. on. reality.

This is a truth I found myself playing with since I was in my early 20’s.

My thoughts affect reality.  Your thoughts affect reality.  Everyone’s thoughts affect reality.

When I was taught to meditate, I was also taught to observe.  To observe my thoughts.  When you observe your thoughts, all of them, you can start seeing how things are related and how your thoughts contribute to and impact your reality. Period.


What a super cool reality we live in!  How does it get any better than that? They’re going to call you crazy, but once you take the time to truly observe, you will see that your thoughts affect reality.  All of the time.

Some day I may tell you more about my water and fire superpowers, about my mistakes with them, and my tests/play.  But for now, I’ll stick to this one focus.

Today, it rained again.  That makes at least 15-16 days in a row, now, ever since I connected with the element of water and asked for a daily afternoon or evening rain.

I have a special talent or ability with the elements.  I also think other people can develop this, too.  Anyway, I asked for rain.  I asked for rain daily.  I asked for gentle rain, consistent, that would keep fires at bay, that would contribute to our land here in Colorado.

and it has come every day, without a miss, ever since.


How super coolio is this magical world of ours?

Play with it.  Play with asking, with your thoughts.

Prayer is a form of thought, so if you want to do it as prayer, go right ahead.

Invite the rain in your life to wash out your doubts of empowerment.

We are super potent beings.

Step into your potency, your magic, your inner wizard NOW.

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Key #1 Magical Life: GRATITUDE

What are you grateful for?

There was a time, not too long ago, that I woke up in the morning and I was worried, concerned about money, what I was going to do today.

Remember, what you focus on expands. So if you focus on your “problems” they will become larger.

If you focus on what other possibilities there are or can be created, these start expanding. More ideas come to mind. What else is possible is a gem of a question to use for this.

I found myself needing to turn my financial situation around once and for all.

I went to gratitude. Gratitude for what I already had, gratitude for my mind, my body, my awareness, my path. No judgment can exist when you are in gratitude. When you judge how stupid or bad or wrong or whatever other ugliness you harshly criticize yourself with, your energy shrinks, and you are buying a lie.

I found that when starting with GRATITUDE, my energy automatically expanded, got lighter, the judgments couldn’t exist.

I felt better. I loved my life. I remembered that I loved me, my family, my friends, this amazing, amazing universe!

I also found that when I practiced starting my day with gratitude, more business came in. I received more calls, out of the blue, for new projects. I didn’t get all of the work, and when I focused on wanting it for the money, it would slip out of my hands. I would create funkiness there.

So when I stepped back into gratitude, the projects would come in again.

I have a friend, George, that tells his story of his business. He was struggling. How he just was fighting with the universe, God, why is it so hard? He came home to find his house infested with bedbugs, he wasn’t making the money he needed, he was wanting to serve and inspire people and he thought he was on his path, why wasn’t it working?

He cried, laid down on his bed and cried. Then, he describes, the idea of RADICAL GRATITUDE came to him. That was the message from the Universe, be grateful for what you’ve got, and more will come…..

and, of course, it did.

I took it to heart as well. When I started my day with gratitude, things shifted. Yes, that is the MOST POWERFUL TOOL….BEING GRATITUDE. No judgment can exist there.

All your junky, gunky energy from the previous day will clear with the beautiful, true energy of gratitude. Peace will come.

So, try starting your day with gratitude, it will not only feel great, it will help your business prosper, your relationships, your health, all things!

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Key #4 Magical Life: Clear Yesterday’s Gunk

Clear your gunkKey #4 to your Magical Life is to Clear Yesterday’s Gunk, Junk, the Gobbledy-goo and Crap you may be carrying forward from yesterday.

Every morning is a great time to do this, to start your day off with vibrant, clear energy. For Your Magical Life, remembering gratitude first, (Key 1) and keys 2 & 3, Key #4 is to start off with a clear slate.

Here is what I say (You can do it verbatim, make up your own way, whatever works for you):

Any dis-ease in my body that I have taken on from others, I now let go, return to sender with consciousness attached.

Any negative emotions that I have taken on from others for whatever reason, I now return to sender with consciousness attached.

Any negative thoughts that I have taken on in my mental body or any limiting thoughts, I now return to sender with consciousness attached.

Any gunk, junk, emotions, unsureness, fears, doubts, worries, insecurities, or any and all other distractors that I am running and/or carrying forward from yesterday or re-creating now, or carrying for other people, and all of the stuff underneath, I destroy & uncreate now, let them all go.

I also destroy, uncreate, and let go of any assumptions, decisions, conclusions, judgments, identifications, and computations of how something will come into my life and how my life is, will be, and has been.

Any assumptions, conclusions, decisions I’ve made about what “success” looks like, I now destroy, uncreate and let go.

Anything I am holding onto in my body, any tension, anger, sadness, I ask it now to release, to let it go, destroy, uncreate it. Anyplace that I have bought into scarcity, anywhere that I have forgotten prosperity and abundance in my life, I let that go, destroy & uncreate it as well.

All worries, doubts, fears, jealousy, anger, rage, fury, hate, I now let them all go, destroy & uncreate them now.

Any judgments, conclusions, decisions, computations I have made about how something needs to show up in my life, or any locking into place I have made I now revoke, recant, reclaim, rescind, renounce, denounce, destroy and uncreate those now.

Today I clear anything and everything that is dragging me down, that is not lifting me up, anything I picked up while sleeping, any energy that is not expansive, and anywhere I have refused to see, hear, notice, perceive, know, be, and receive my awareness in totality, I now destroy and uncreate that now.

If you know the Access Consciousness Clearing Statement, you can say that after each destroy and uncreate statement or just say POC & POD, for short (point of creation, point of destruction) (Click here to learn more about Access Consciousness tools.)
So Key #4 to your magical life is all about letting go and clearing yesterday’s (and all previous) Crap!

Once you let go of that you have a clear, beautiful, empty slate from which to create what you truly desire, so there’s nothing getting in your way!

(There never really is anything that gets in your way except YOU, anyway!)

To find out more about the other 22 Keys to your Magical Life, please see my other blog posts: Key #1, Key #2, Key #3 and come back tomorrow for Key #5!

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Key #6 Magical Life: Abundance

Nature is abundant!  Look at all of the seeds produced in the plant kingdom, by each and every plant, each flower produces hundreds of seeds.  Each seed can produce hundreds of new plants.

Key #6 of the 22 Keys to Creating Your Magical Life is: Abundance is all around us.

Look at the stars in the sky – how much space there is, is there a limit to this Universe?

So when you are dwelling in scarcity, it is a lie.  Abundance is the name of the game, it is actually what is.  Scarcity is created by limited thinking.  Coming to conclusions, and not allowing the energy to change and shift.  When you think it doesn’t get any better than what it is right now, that is a scarcity mentality.

Check out this cool video of a dandelion flower becoming the seeds.

Look around you!  The true quality of nature is ABUNDANCE!  it is all around us!  Everywhere you’ve created lack, or nations have created lack, is because of untrue thinking and action.

When you recognize that the true nature of this reality is actually abundance, you can then come from that quality of limitlessness.  Have you ever sat down with some friends and done a brainstorming session?  How many ideas did you come up with in 20 minutes? Our minds, once directed in possibilities, can also come up with an infinite number of ideas and solutions.

The nature of this reality is abundance and prosperity.  Anytime you are stuck in scarcity consciousness, go back to Key #3, asking who does this belong to? (Are you taking it on from some other person?)  It should lighten up and go away.

Or if it seems to be stuck, use Key #4, clearing that gunk, junk, and gobbledygoo.

And claim, be and live your abundance!

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Key #7 Magical Life: Mission, Vision, and Values and Your Why

Key #7:  What motivates you?  What do you desire to create in your life?  Do you have a Mission?  A Vision?  What do your values tell you about your path?  Do you have a Why?  What is your motivation for what you desire to create?

Maybe it has to do with a business you’re creating or have already created.  Why did you start it?  Is there a motivational factor?  What were you”born to do?”  Do you have a calling?  What is it at your heart’s desire?  What do you desire to contribute to others and to the world?

This Key #7 to Creating your Magical Life has to do with looking at what motivates you.  Do you have an overall mission? An overall vision?  Or perhaps a compelling story?  What is your Why?  Why are you focusing on what you’re focusing on?  What excites you? INspires you?  and what do you want to bring to the world?

Some people are inspired by different things.  Some people are competitive with the people around them, they see someone else doing or being what they, themselves, would like, so that is a motivational factor.  It is one from outside the self, but it still can provide motivation.

MissionDo you have something that makes your heart sing?  Something you LOVE to do, that may be easy for you?  Do you love telling stories or singing songs or composing music?

What gives you energy?  What brings you joy?  What would you die for?  What would you regret if you had never tried?

These are questions you can ask if you are NOT sure of your why….not sure of your own Mission and Vision… help you clarify.  To help jog your memory, was there something you LOVED as a child that you feel compelled to do?

I recently joined a mastermind group for my empowerment coaching business. The first thing we talked about was clarifying our mission, vision, and values.  If those are clear, then your business has a rudder, a direction.  Targets and goals can be created, not just based on numbers and how many people you want to serve, BUT WHY.  What is your motivating force?  What value will you be providing your clients as well?

I had created a mission and vision for my architectural business years ago, but I realized, though I’d been in business as an energy healer, facilitator and coach for more than a year, I had never written down a formal Mission Statemen, Vision, and the values I hold dear.  I had done it for non-profit organization, with a board, where we agonized over every minute detail.

Your Mission should be BIG!  The definition of Mission is a strongly-felt aim, ambition, or calling.  Your mission is your guiding light and will encompass a deep emotional and energetic tug.

Vision is how you envision you will impact your tribe, your life, the world.

So it was time for me to write out my Mission and Vision for Light of Dawn EnergyWorks…..wanna hear?

My Mission is, “To empower people to discover and unleash their Inner Wizard!”

The world and this Universe is Magical, and we ARE all WIZARDS, most of us with potency we have yet to discover and cultivate.  I know that the wisdom of the ages is inside us, each one of us, and that, if we allow ourselves to be ourselves totally, have the innate knowing within.  My mission is to get people to see this magic and to give them tools to establish a deeper trust and knowing with this wisdom.

My Vision is as follows:  “I am an international empowerment facilitator.  I generate hundreds of thousands of dollars each year, empowering people to tap into their inner wizard and live more potently, authentically, creatively, and holistically connected. I am a change agent that inspires greater awareness and genius in everyone I touch.”

The vision should be written in first person present tense.  Use your mission to help you expand your vision.  Your Mission is what you stand for, and your vision is how you envision fulfilling your mission.

Keep in mind, your missions and vision can be flexible as well, they will morph over time, most likely.  Review and renew them each year.  But Do IT:  Get CLEAR ON YOUR MISSION!!!


Key #11 Magical Life – Release Judgment!

Have you ever used judgment on your body?  When you look in the mirror at your face, do you have a litany of judgment running through your mind?  Oh, my hair’s an ugly gray, ugh, my cheeks are sagging horribly, ick! I look like an old turkey with my neck skin hanging down, my nose is too wide to be pretty, my lips are too thin for any beauty…..

Or do you look yourself in the eye and send yourself LOVE?  Unconditional, sweet love?  and smile?

Key #11 to a More Magical Life is RELEASE JUDGMENT – to not practice mean points of view, to yourself or others.

Have you ever felt fantastic after you’ve expressed some judgment toward others?  Or toward yourself?  Do you feel like you’re flying high?  Or does it shrink you?

Remember which key was it, #2?  The truth will make you feel lighter, a lie will make you feel smaller, heavier……

Which way does any expressed judgment make you feel?

I remember when I was a kid, I would feel lighter expressing some judgment, putting someone down initially, to be a part of the group, to fit in, to show them I could be just as nasty as them……but after that was expressed, I would feel like crap!  My stomach twisted uncomfortably, I had shrunk and I felt bad, and then I judged myself for being mean to try and be accepted by others, and got even smaller.

Judgments.  Nasty they can be to ourselves and our bodies.  Our lovely bodies.

Judgments, Nasty they can be to our soul.

Say, for example, you are trying to build a business, and so you have some targets of how many people and you get half of that in you first telecall, and no one signs up for your offer.  You give as many people as want it something free, and then nobody signs up for you next thing, be it a class or coaching or whatnot.

You can judge yourself as not being smart enough, not being good enough, not being aware enough, and that you are, thus, a failure, or you don’t know what you’re doing and you might just talk yourself out of even trying next time.

But remember, does judgment create more energy or cool things?  ‘

NO!  Judgment STOPs the ENERGY! It collapses with

crap and into crap.

So whenever you hear yourself start the judgment roll, STOP!!!!!  No MORE JUDGMENT!!!

stop handDestroy those judgments and be in allowance, of yourself and others.

Releasing judgment will help you stay expanded, will help you to be more of your potent being.

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Are you satisfied with your career path?  Do you feel like something is missing?  Are you desiring to leave a LEGACY?

Did you forget what your passion is?  Did you forget why you are here?

Have you ever considered what kind of legacy you are currently creating?  Is it the kind of legacy you’d truly LOVE to create?

Just some questions to consider, this life is precious.  What is it that you desire to create, experience, and contribute to the world?  Is there something MORE for you to design?  What else is possible?

Would you be interested in working with someone that can assist you in identifying these things, that can assist you in unleashing your inner potent wizard?  To create a more Magical Life?

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Key #12 to a MAGICAL LIFE – Allowance – and What do elephants have to do with it?

Welcome to Key #12 to creating Your More Magical Life: Allowance!

Everyone has their own experiences, their own background, their own interesting point of view.  There are so many different perspectives on things, why would we want someone else to align and agree with us?

Have you ever resisted and reacted to someone else’s point of view?

Congress does it daily!  Ha!  See the video on what the story of the six blind men and the elephant have to do with this post.

What if you didn’t have to prove that you were right?  Or that someone else was wrong?  Or that you were wrong and someone else is right?  What if you could be in allowance of their opinion?

Interesting Point of View I have that point of view, Interesting point of view they have that point of view.

You can change your point of view tomorrow.allowance

If you are in allowance, you can be open to more possibilities in your life.  You don’t get stuck quite so much.  You allow others their opinion and honor it, respect it.

Defending your point of view as right is one of the things that gets us stuck in our lives.  We also will not see other options and possibilities, so it’s a great limitation we impose on ourselves.

Allowance lets you be free of that limitation.

Resisting and reacting to someone else’s point of view is also a sticking point.  If you try to convince someone else that we don’t have to get fatter as we age, or that it doesn’t have anything to do with heredity, you are also planting that resistance energy in your body.

Allowance is the key to not keeping that energy stuck in your body as well.  Interesting point of view.  Ah!


Want to see Eileen’s other Keys to a More Magical Life? Check #1 out here.

Key #13 to a Magical Life: Listen to Your Inner Wisdom

What do I mean by Listen to your Inner Wisdom?

Have you ever found by talking or sharing what you know while teaching, that you have a lot of inner wisdom and knowledge inside?

Have you ever been teaching a class and have words just flow out of you?

Have they ever sent chills up your spine?

Have you ever meditated?inner wisdom

I think I was lucky in my chosen path.  I was intrigued at a young age with the the idea of past lives and the possibility of reincarnation because of some of my angelic experiences and also from books I had read describing people remembering and going back to past lives and between lives during hypnosis.

When I was attending Iowa State University in Ames, I discovered a school in Des Moines, Iowa that offered past life readings and taught classes in self-development.  I really wanted a past life reading, and saw that you got one with the classes at lesson 8 as a teaching tool / bonus.  The classes sounded very intriguing to me, so I figured I might as well do the classes and get the free past life reading after a couple of months.

So I went.  I tried to get a couple of friends to join me, but they were not as interested.  I drove down weekly to the evening 3 hour class.  I was exposed to very strict discipline of the mind.  Ideas were presented to me that I’d never really thought about.  It was fascinating, the eastern philosophy and application of the yogic mind.

So I worked with mental exercises to discipline my mind.  To stop the monkey mind, the distractions, the chatter.  I used candles to focus on as well as a mirror and myself.  It was all extremely challenging in a way I’d not explored before.

Then they presented meditation.inner wisdom

Wow.  What was I listening for? The way they taught meditation in my class in 1984 was called “expectant listening.”  They had you do some mental clearing techniques and ask a question or set an intention, and then just expectantly listen, wait quietly for an insight, an answer, maybe a flash of inner wisdom.

I was never quite sure, especially at the beginning, what I was listening for.  Was God going to speak to me?  What about my angels?  What was going to happen?  I would go off on tangents in my mind when I would forget to stay focused. Sometimes the tangents would bring insights.

I figured I was listening for My inner wisdom, but how would I know when I got it?

I invite you to play with this. What is your inner wisdom? Is that when you feel light? Expansive? Connected to source, and things flow with ease?

How will you know what your inner wisdom is without playing with it? Asking for it? Noticing? Observing?

Use that previous tool, a truth will make you feel lighter, expansive, happier and a lie will make you feel heavier, contracted, small.

Have you ever spent time out in nature?  Do you expand out into the hills, the woods, the mountains, the sky, the forests?  Connect to the oceans, the rivers, the stars above, the earth below.  Expand out into the universe as far as you’d like.  Stay connected with your body.  Your body is connected to this expansive nature as well, it can sense so much.

So play, play with your inner wisdom, play with your expansive nature.  Play with what feels light, what feels heavy, and notice the difference.  Be in your awareness.

You will discover and create MORE MAGIC in your life!!!!

How does it get ANY BETTER THAN THAT?!
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Unleashing and Unlocking Your Authentic You!

“When they push, when they pull, tell me can you hold on? When they say, you should change, do you lift your head high, and stay strong, do you give up, give in, when your hearts cryin’ out that it’s wrong? Will you love you for YOU at the end of it all?” (from Soar, by Christina Aguilera)

I’m guessing that most people on their deathbed do not regret taking risks, and being themselves more authentically, of following their dream.  They, instead, regret that they haven’t done as much as they wanted to, they played small, they didn’t risk, they didn’t ever follow that dream.

Are you truly being your authentic self?  Do you ever play small?  Are you creating everything you desire in your life?

I, Eileen – which means light – I will identify and Illuminate three things for you:

IDENTIFY 3 ways you may be playing small AND

ILLUMINATE you with three tools for getting out of your own way and choosing that bigger you, that authentic YOU unleashed!

You will then be able to use these three tools in your daily life to

Unleash and Unlock your Amazing, Authentic You this new year!

Are you ready?

#1)  What if you knew the truth for you by checking in with your energy, your body, how it makes you feel?  The sensations of your body, or the smile or frown on your face, perhaps?    So would that mean you would NOT need to look outside of yourself for your truth?  You could trust your own inner wisdom?

Truth will make you feel lighter, expansive, and a lie will make you feel heavier, contractive.

Example:  Truth chills – have you ever experienced these?  Where you just KNEW that was the truth!  Or, when a comedian gets you to chuckle, it’s usually some truth about ourselves we’re discovering.

#2)  What if you were 1000x more psychic and aware than you ever realized you were?  What if you were constantly being imbued with other people’s thoughts, feelings, emotions, on a weekly, daily, hourly basis?

Example:  I noticed every time I was around another facilitator friend of mine, that I got nervous, I doubted my ability, I wasn’t sure of myself. …I started to think she made me nervous…..and then I remembered, oh, yeah, that tool of mine,……

Tool is:  Who does this belong to?  Is this mine or someone else’s thought, feeling, or emotion?  If it lightens up at all, it is NOT YOURS, you are picking up on someone else’s energy.  It will lighten up and go away.  Use it daily.  Use it for every thought, feeling and emotion you have.  You will be surprised at what is NOT YOURS!

This is a highly valuable tool.  Use it only if you dare to see how empty your mind could be.

#3)  Stop Judging YOU.  Have you ever judged an action of your own to be stupid, you were embarrassed to death, and then you wanted to shrink and hide?  What if you let that go, you said, hmmn, you know, my opinion is just an interesting point of view.  Maybe it’s not right or wrong, a good choice or a bad choice, OK, cool, that didn’t work very well, let’s try something different.  What else is possible here?

What if you recognized that every choice you have ever made has led you to right where you are now, and that, thankfully, you were grateful for the path you have made.  So, instead of judging yourself as an idiot (or a victim) for the things in your life that aren’t working as well as you’d like, you said, huh, ok, cool, you stopped the judging, recognized it as just an interesting point of view, and now what?  How do I change this?  Ask questions to help open yourself to new possibilities?

3rd tool:  No judgment, so see everything you had a judgment of as “Interesting point of view” or other people’s judgments, just an “interesting point of view/”  This will allow you to open up to more possibilities.

These tools, believe it or not, will assist you in living more authentically YOU, unleashing and Unlocking the bigger playing field YOU!!!  By being less worried about what other people think, you can trust your own inner wisdom, your knowing.  You can stop thinking and being other peoples’ thoughts and emotions, being more YOU.  Plus, you can stop judging and limiting yourself, and instead be open to what else is possible?  Stop playing small.  Unleash and unlock your amazing, authentic self!

“What are you waiting for?  Spread your wings and fly!”