Magic Words

Do you remember being asked as a kid, What are the magic words?  And they wanted you to say “please” or “Thank you?”  Did your teachers, parents, grandparents, babysitters try to get you to be polite by using that term?

Years ago it was brought to my attention that words have power.  That what you say actually has an energy, a force.  That the words you use affect what you create and how you affect the world, how you “play” in the world.

Is there such a thing as Magic Words?  Are there some words that are more “magical” than others?

Lately I’ve been noticing that the words associated with magic are used in interesting ways.  I wanted to research this, to see what connection they had to “Old World” magic.

Are some words Magic Words because at one time or another they actually caused or helped to cause something special to come into existence? A phrase I found myself saying this week was “Third time’s a charm!” Sounds like a phrase that’s still around from the “Old World” magic days, describing when you repeat something three times, it makes it a charm, like a magic charm!

Hmmn, Magic Words or rules to creating Magic?

I once hung out with a linguist for a weekend.  She was a wealth of information.  It gave me an insight as to how much energy there is in a word, over the years, what meanings have been associated with them.

Words not only have meaning when written or spoken, but any actor would tell you that the emotion behind the word also gives it different meaning.  You could argue that the energy behind the word is what gives it different meaning and power as well.

I just watched another episode of Merlin, a British TV series set in the days of the legend of King Arthur.  They portray sorcerers lyrically speaking magic into being with their incantations and a flash of their eyes.  Sometimes they say words we understand, but mostly it seems to be spells with words from a different language.

Magic WordsIn Hogwarts, the fictional school of witchcraft and wizardry, they learn and use spells and charms.  I was never really sure of what the difference was between those two things.  I assumed, when reading those words, they were pretty much the same thing…..but is that an incorrect assumption?

Perhaps a spell is something that brings something to the physical and a charm is something you put on others……although there’s that song, “You put a spell on me!”

When I do energy healing and release work, I use specific words in a specific order, calling up the energy.  I use specific words in a specific order to clear the energy.  Are these, then, in and of themselves, Magic Words?  I also use specific phrases and invoke the energy by calling it forth with my intention, my words, and my focus.  How is this different than magic?

I love how the lyrics of many songs refer to magic.  We often act like magic will make us act differently, like against our free will.  Hmmmn, can it really?  Or is it a response of the energy and choices we make?  Can a person really be hypnotized by someone else?  Or is it only by themselves allowing it, calling it forth, even?

Well, magic beings we all are, I’d love to hear your stories of magic, spells, charms, and potions you’ve made, created, spoken, cast, and what has occurred!

Join me in creating more Magic in the World!

Share Your Magic with the World!

Are you the Boss of You? Being your own Boss means more than working for yourself!

Who’s the Boss?

Are you the Boss of you?

My kids used to say “You’re not the boss of me!” when they were in preschool.  It was such an interesting thing to hear.  I would never call myself their boss, so it was obviously something they learned elsewhere.

A lot of people talk about being their own boss.  When you work for yourself, when you’re an entrepreneur, you are definitely your own boss.

change the worldAlthough some would argue that your clients are your boss, if you’re doing whatever you need to do to keep them happy.  Maybe they are really the boss, then?

There’s definitely more to being the BOSS OF YOU than just working for yourself.

Are you willing to be the Boss of YOU in all areas of your life?

As my own boss of my architectural firm, and the chief designer, draftsman and client contact, I have a lot of roles to play.  I also know that I must keep moving, I need to get the project drawings completed, I need to answer the engineer or contractor’s questions, I need to get the drawings as complete as possible so they know what to bid, so they know how to build it, and so they know that it’s safe.  I am willing to do what it takes, work late, or research or make difficult phone calls, as things come up.  Facing the problems head on, finding solutions and moving on.

Are you willing to stay out of the stories you use to make yourself small?  Are you willing to slay the victim?  To be the Victor?

What are you secretly addicted to?  Someone else restricting you and your choices?

Stories, rationalizations? Holding patterns?

I have one couple I’m working with on an architectural project for their existing house.  They have been in a holding pattern for 13 years, they moved out of their architect-designed house in a town they didn’t like, but left all their furniture there and do NOT rent it out.  They’ve got a house sitter.  For 14 years!  They’d been living with crap furniture, with not so great house, moving, buying new things every time, and they have finally made a choice to change that, thus, my role in working with them to create some different possibilities for them and their home situation.

Are you seeing the world through tiny binoculars?  Or can you take those down, away from your eyes and see and be open to more possibilities than you ever dreamed of before?

What does it mean to be The Boss of You?

Is it when you stay cool, calm collected in the heat of the frying pan?  Is it when you keep your focus, day after day after day, on your target?  Is it when you draw on your inner strength and courage and play fiercely YOU?!

YES!?  Then I’ll have some of that boss stuff!

When you are the boss of you, you are inspired, focused, energized, and active.  You do what it takes to reach the target.  and you never give up.  You keep taking action, you do what it takes to get the job done.

take the plunge!

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What does the veil of death have to do with playing small and the Empower Network?

The day before my 8th birthday I experienced a realm beyond the veil….I later realized it to be the passing into death place ……it was beautiful, amazing, and I had light beings around me, concerned about me, there was deep caring, love, and beauty beyond anything I understood or had remembered before.

It was incredible.  I describe it more in detail in my book, Vaporizing Clouds: Exploring Mind, Body & Spirit, more, if you are interested.

empower network

I draw on this experience when I go back to what motivates me.

I have been playing small.

I have been playing small, hiding a bit.  This wonderful, amazing experience that I could share with others, that defined my life to such a great extent, that gives me more access to the angelic realms than most people, I have kept hidden from most people.

I wanted to “fit in.”  I wanted to not be judged as “different.”  I wanted to not be seen as strange.

But I’m different, strange, and am tired of hiding.  I’m tired of playing small!

I’m stepping out, man, and one of the things I’m stepping out with is the Empower Network.

That’s this cool, amazing personal development program disguised as a blogging platform.  Disguised as online marketing training.  Disguised as a network marketing or affiliate sales company.

and last week I was a little nervous putting a picture of my “Have it All” team on my facebook page as my cover picture.

I was a little worried about what others would think.  Now that’s playing small.

Me, the person who wrote a book about Vaporizing Clouds in the sky and having a huge affect on the weather if you want.

Me, the person who has taught hundreds of students over the years about meditation, dream interpretation, going into the inner levels of the mind, astral projection, chakras, telepathy, clairvoyance, energy healing, and clearing energy quickly.

Worried about judgments on Empower Network?  Choosing to keep it quiet, so that I can’t be made fun of?  Choosing again, the playing small deal.  Hmmmn.

Interesting, indeed!

So please share and like my video, and help me to get over myself, my weird ego against hype, against letting people know I’m weird.

Cause I just am.

and maybe you are too.

Maybe you want to be yourself, blog and vlog about it and make money.

Maybe you want to inspire others to be themselves, share their talents and abilities, and make money. (join me)

Maybe you desire financial freedom and are ready to be louder in the world, ready for some judgments, ready to be the moving car the dogs are barking at.

After all, a dog doesn’t bark at a parked car.

Please, think about it.

What kind of legacy do you want to create?  To hide it from others?  Or to be yourself and play on that big idea stage?  To be amazing and not care how many people think you’re “weird?”  Maybe that will allow them to be more comfortable being their “weirdness” as well!

and How does it get better than everyone dancing to their own drummer, to creating their path as they go along?

Love your life!

Be Brave, Bold, and Live FOR YOU!!!


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Key #15 to More Magical Life: Your Thoughts Affect Reality

Welcome to Key #15 to  a More Magical Life!

Your Thoughts Affect Reality

Your Thoughts, my thoughts, everyone’s thoughts affect reality.

Thoughts are energy. Directed thought has. an. impact. on. reality.

This is a truth I found myself playing with since I was in my early 20’s.

My thoughts affect reality.  Your thoughts affect reality.  Everyone’s thoughts affect reality.

When I was taught to meditate, I was also taught to observe.  To observe my thoughts.  When you observe your thoughts, all of them, you can start seeing how things are related and how your thoughts contribute to and impact your reality. Period.


What a super cool reality we live in!  How does it get any better than that? They’re going to call you crazy, but once you take the time to truly observe, you will see that your thoughts affect reality.  All of the time.

Some day I may tell you more about my water and fire superpowers, about my mistakes with them, and my tests/play.  But for now, I’ll stick to this one focus.

Today, it rained again.  That makes at least 15-16 days in a row, now, ever since I connected with the element of water and asked for a daily afternoon or evening rain.

I have a special talent or ability with the elements.  I also think other people can develop this, too.  Anyway, I asked for rain.  I asked for rain daily.  I asked for gentle rain, consistent, that would keep fires at bay, that would contribute to our land here in Colorado.

and it has come every day, without a miss, ever since.


How super coolio is this magical world of ours?

Play with it.  Play with asking, with your thoughts.

Prayer is a form of thought, so if you want to do it as prayer, go right ahead.

Invite the rain in your life to wash out your doubts of empowerment.

We are super potent beings.

Step into your potency, your magic, your inner wizard NOW.

Work with Eileen in her personal empowerment coaching program.  Click Here to find out more.

Or Work with Eileen directly in Empower Network, blogging online and making money.

Key #6 Magical Life: Abundance

Nature is abundant!  Look at all of the seeds produced in the plant kingdom, by each and every plant, each flower produces hundreds of seeds.  Each seed can produce hundreds of new plants.

Key #6 of the 22 Keys to Creating Your Magical Life is: Abundance is all around us.

Look at the stars in the sky – how much space there is, is there a limit to this Universe?

So when you are dwelling in scarcity, it is a lie.  Abundance is the name of the game, it is actually what is.  Scarcity is created by limited thinking.  Coming to conclusions, and not allowing the energy to change and shift.  When you think it doesn’t get any better than what it is right now, that is a scarcity mentality.

Check out this cool video of a dandelion flower becoming the seeds.

Look around you!  The true quality of nature is ABUNDANCE!  it is all around us!  Everywhere you’ve created lack, or nations have created lack, is because of untrue thinking and action.

When you recognize that the true nature of this reality is actually abundance, you can then come from that quality of limitlessness.  Have you ever sat down with some friends and done a brainstorming session?  How many ideas did you come up with in 20 minutes? Our minds, once directed in possibilities, can also come up with an infinite number of ideas and solutions.

The nature of this reality is abundance and prosperity.  Anytime you are stuck in scarcity consciousness, go back to Key #3, asking who does this belong to? (Are you taking it on from some other person?)  It should lighten up and go away.

Or if it seems to be stuck, use Key #4, clearing that gunk, junk, and gobbledygoo.

And claim, be and live your abundance!

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If you received a million dollars every year, what would you create?

golden-coin-stacksEver wanted to be a philanthropist?

If you had a million dollars every year to spend on whatever you choose, what would you do with it?

  What if you received $10 million each year?  Does that open it up even more?  What about $100 million?  Feel how large that got?  That’s almost like no limits, huh?

What would you create in your life, what would you choose for you, and what would you gift to others if money were not holding you back?

Would you create something for your community?  Would you create something for the world that is different than what is available now?

What are your passions, what inspires you?  What could you do with that kind of money every year to contribute to the world?  What would you desire to create?

If money were not stopping you, what would you desire your life to be like?  What would be your bliss?

Is there something you’d like to contribute to the world?  Something for your family?  Your friends?  Would you like to create art?  Music, dance, theater, books, somehow share your ideas?  Or would you be interested in funding or doing research?  Or creating an invention?  What ideas do you have that would be fun for you to explore?  What if you could use your life on earth to create and generate knowledge or creativity?  What if you could stimulate love?  What if you could create safe havens for the destitute?  What sustains you?  What enlivens you?  What enriches you and your life?

Do you see anything in the world that you would like to change, to improve somehow?  What is it?  What one or two things would you like to change?

You see, the reason most people do not create the life of their dreams is they don’t realize they can.  They’ve created their life not necessarily as choice, but as reaction, and obligation.  Many people use the lack of money as their limitation.  It is the proverbial excuse for not having things better in their lives.

I love to empower people.  If money weren’t an issue for me, and I had a million dollars, $10 million dollars, or even $100 million coming to me every year, I admit I would live differently.  I wouldn’t have “not enough money” as an excuse.  I would dream bigger.  I could be lofty with my goals, my targets.  I could get out of just getting by, making a living, trying to get ahead, and shift that to thriving and creating what I truly would like.

What if everyone could be in the thriving energy?  What if every day you could create from something bigger?

What if “ask and you shall receive” were actually true?  What if we actually only had to ask and be willing and able to receive, from the molecules, the universe, source, God, the angels, the quantum particulates, the higher self, or wizards and genies, from the magical creative world in which we live?  What if question, play, and curiosity were our magic wands?  Or what if by asking for more, you receive, created and generated more?  What if by just asking, “What else is possible here?” more possibilities were actually seen and created?

If we know from Quantum Physics that the photons will actually be in multiple places at once, and that when the observer looks at the photon, it will collapse into a single position, what does that tell us about our effect on the observed?  If we stay more in play and questions, more possibilities actually are created.

Our thoughts affect our reality.  We create our reality.  What if by playing in the quantum field of limitless money, we could create more ease with money and more of what we would like to see in the world?  What if by playing with this question EVERY MORNING, we could create total joy and freedom with money AND be open and willing to receive MORE?  What if by asking these questions and playing with them every day, we actually found our passions and created more in the world, not letting our lack of money, stop us?  What if we stopped utilizing it as an excuse?  To create as if we had all the money in the world…..and then see what happens, who steps in, what else is generated and created in the world and what are the infinite possibilities?

What if we actually stimulate the universe to bring us more money by playing and living in the joy of creating?  What if we could actually amplify and actualize more of what we’d like in this world?  In our lives?

If money were no issue, what would you generate and create in your life?  Dream big!  Act on your dreams, as if you can create it, and see what unfolds!  I dare you!  Take a week, and every day, imagine what you would be and do if you had $100,000,000 drop in your lap every year.  See what you would like to create in your life and if you can change what’s stopping you.  Choose it, ask questions, and see what possibilities emerge!

Day 4 Prosperity Game

What magic can I receive in my life? If money were not an issue, what would you create in your life?  What if you could live as if you had more money than you knew what to do with?  Would that change things in your energy field?  Would that change what you choose to create and generate in your life?  What if money was not the deciding factor in the decisions and choices you made?  If you chose because it felt expansive to you, it felt lighter to do this?  If it was amazing to choose to get your bars run, or watch a movie, or rub your daughter’s back and sing her a lovesong before bed?  What if those simple joys created more energy for you to receive more?  What else is possible and what would you create if money were not an issue, if you had, say, $100,000,000 a year to spend?  What would you create?  Would it be different than what you are working toward now?   Could you be in that energy and create your life from that, without the money?  Would the money you need come when you need it?  Just asking…..what if it did?  Are you ready to create the magical life you can only just imagine bits of today?

With the little game I’m playing, I shook a 9 on the dice, so I receive $900 more today, added to that total of yesterday of $2300 for today’s total of $3200!  Wow, interesting to receive that much money daily and it going up.  Today I shall keep $320 in my having money account for a new total there of $320 + $460 or $780.  Yum!  OK, that leaves $2880 to spend today.  I will use it for ski passes for my family and myself this winter ($1500), ski rental for my three kids ($480), and a week in Breckinridge with them at winter break ($900).  What fun can we have together?

Day 3-Access Your Prosperity Game

OK, so I’m wondering if this is going to create any change in my money flows?  If I practicde receiving, and more each day, will it change my real life incoming energy flows with money and receiving? How can I change my reality with money so that it is always available, always there for me, I love it and its friends, and it loves me?  I rolled a 7 today, so $700, plus the last two days total of $1500, for a total of $2300!  Woohoo!  I will put $230 in my “having money account, which brings that total account up to $230 + $230 for a total of $460 and leaving me with $2070 today to spend how I choose.  Hmmn.  Fun! I will take $600 of it and get my windshield fixed, my car door and bumper dents removed and touched up.  I will put $250 of it toward my Access facilitators business and I will spend the balance on an electronic keyboard,  microphones and speakers so now I can sing in open mics with a keyboard if I want, goof around and compose, and use the mics for facilitating Right Voice for You Tasters!  Yahoo!  How does it get any better than that?  What will tomorrow bring?  What can I create, generate, and institute with regards to abundance, wealth and money that I never thought I could generate so easily and quickly?  and how much better does it get?  What would it take for me to have joy and ease with money?   Eveything that doesn’t allow all of these things, Destroy & uncreate, RWGBPPA9SBB.  joining me today with your roll of the dice?

Access Your Prosperity Consciousness

Access Your Prosperity Consciousness
a game designed by Eileen Moore Koenigsberg

What if you created your reality, the good, the bad, and the ugly? How much influence do we each have on our financial situation? Do you have all of the money you’d like to have each month, each year, or do you have enough to just get by? What are you doing to increase your money flows? Are you enjoying your life? What are you creating? Is there anything you don’t do because you don’t have the money for it?

What if you could change that easily and quickly? Is it possible to be more active with our money flows? How much can we influence and clear up our financial situations so that money flows into our lives with ease? So much so that you always have plenty for what you’d like to do? That you never NOT do something because of the money?

Would you like to have more money in your life? What would you do if you had an extra $1000 a month? What would you create? Do you limit your creations and your impact on the world by what money you receive? By what money you are willing to create? What if you created an amazing dream and went for it, and, even if you didn’t know how the money for that dream was going to show up, you would just move one step forward every day? Would you be willing to step outside of your invented box of “my money consciousness” and expand it exponentially to match what you’d really like to see, be, and create in the world?
I’m starting a 30 day Access Prosperity Consciousness Game. Join me if you’d like. The idea is to experiment with what brings more ease and flow with money, wealth and prosperity. What if you could become more willing to receive from any and all directions, people, places, and things? What if you could be open to new ideas and to follow through on what feels light to generate, create and have more money now and in the future?

The target is to see what a 30 day money receiving game will do for my money flows, will it expand them, creating more ease and prosperity in my reality? Each day,  play that you receive some money that you didn’t expect. (Gosh, thanks that’s so cool!) The amount that comes in will vary depending on my dice roll, anywhere from $200 to $1200, depending on the dice and what you’re willing to receive from the Universe. The amount will be cumulative, so, in other words each day will be at least the amount received the day before plus whatever you roll on the dice. Each day spend 90% of that money, but keep at least 10% in a “having money” account.  You can spend the rest, or save it up for a larger expenditure, but the idea is to get used to asking for more and receiving more each day from the Universe.
If you know Access clearings, add those to your practice.

It’s a twist on the Abraham Prosperity Game. My twist is that we are active participants in asking for what we receive. If we don’t ask, the Universe will not respond. The molecules respond to our thoughts, our directed energy. Our choices create our reality. We must ask. We choose. We create. We set the molecules and the energy into motion, and how does it get any better than that? Being open to receive creates the space for more.

So let’s begin. What energy, space and consciousness can I be to be open to receive even more than I ever thought possible?

Day 1 I rolled the pair of dice, and got two 4’s, so 8, or $800 received. Yay! So Grateful! Wow, how does it get any better than that? I will set aside $80 in my “having money” account, and I choose to spend the $720 on a shopping spree for myself and my family, we each get $144 to spend on new clothes or jewelry, their choice. I know the kids would like more hip back-to-school clothes, shoes, maybe jackets, I would like some new jewelry, specifically a beautiful opal ring, hubby would take some new clothes as well, I think a spiffy new sportcoat and a artsy dress shirt. So, fun, everyone gets to pick what they desire and I have $80 in my “having money” account. Yes! HDIGABTT?