Access Your Prosperity Consciousness

Access Your Prosperity Consciousness
a game designed by Eileen Moore Koenigsberg

What if you created your reality, the good, the bad, and the ugly? How much influence do we each have on our financial situation? Do you have all of the money you’d like to have each month, each year, or do you have enough to just get by? What are you doing to increase your money flows? Are you enjoying your life? What are you creating? Is there anything you don’t do because you don’t have the money for it?

What if you could change that easily and quickly? Is it possible to be more active with our money flows? How much can we influence and clear up our financial situations so that money flows into our lives with ease? So much so that you always have plenty for what you’d like to do? That you never NOT do something because of the money?

Would you like to have more money in your life? What would you do if you had an extra $1000 a month? What would you create? Do you limit your creations and your impact on the world by what money you receive? By what money you are willing to create? What if you created an amazing dream and went for it, and, even if you didn’t know how the money for that dream was going to show up, you would just move one step forward every day? Would you be willing to step outside of your invented box of “my money consciousness” and expand it exponentially to match what you’d really like to see, be, and create in the world?
I’m starting a 30 day Access Prosperity Consciousness Game. Join me if you’d like. The idea is to experiment with what brings more ease and flow with money, wealth and prosperity. What if you could become more willing to receive from any and all directions, people, places, and things? What if you could be open to new ideas and to follow through on what feels light to generate, create and have more money now and in the future?

The target is to see what a 30 day money receiving game will do for my money flows, will it expand them, creating more ease and prosperity in my reality? Each day,  play that you receive some money that you didn’t expect. (Gosh, thanks that’s so cool!) The amount that comes in will vary depending on my dice roll, anywhere from $200 to $1200, depending on the dice and what you’re willing to receive from the Universe. The amount will be cumulative, so, in other words each day will be at least the amount received the day before plus whatever you roll on the dice. Each day spend 90% of that money, but keep at least 10% in a “having money” account.  You can spend the rest, or save it up for a larger expenditure, but the idea is to get used to asking for more and receiving more each day from the Universe.
If you know Access clearings, add those to your practice.

It’s a twist on the Abraham Prosperity Game. My twist is that we are active participants in asking for what we receive. If we don’t ask, the Universe will not respond. The molecules respond to our thoughts, our directed energy. Our choices create our reality. We must ask. We choose. We create. We set the molecules and the energy into motion, and how does it get any better than that? Being open to receive creates the space for more.

So let’s begin. What energy, space and consciousness can I be to be open to receive even more than I ever thought possible?

Day 1 I rolled the pair of dice, and got two 4’s, so 8, or $800 received. Yay! So Grateful! Wow, how does it get any better than that? I will set aside $80 in my “having money” account, and I choose to spend the $720 on a shopping spree for myself and my family, we each get $144 to spend on new clothes or jewelry, their choice. I know the kids would like more hip back-to-school clothes, shoes, maybe jackets, I would like some new jewelry, specifically a beautiful opal ring, hubby would take some new clothes as well, I think a spiffy new sportcoat and a artsy dress shirt. So, fun, everyone gets to pick what they desire and I have $80 in my “having money” account. Yes! HDIGABTT?