What does the veil of death have to do with playing small and the Empower Network?

The day before my 8th birthday I experienced a realm beyond the veil….I later realized it to be the passing into death place ……it was beautiful, amazing, and I had light beings around me, concerned about me, there was deep caring, love, and beauty beyond anything I understood or had remembered before.

It was incredible.  I describe it more in detail in my book, Vaporizing Clouds: Exploring Mind, Body & Spirit, more, if you are interested.

empower network

I draw on this experience when I go back to what motivates me.

I have been playing small.

I have been playing small, hiding a bit.  This wonderful, amazing experience that I could share with others, that defined my life to such a great extent, that gives me more access to the angelic realms than most people, I have kept hidden from most people.

I wanted to “fit in.”  I wanted to not be judged as “different.”  I wanted to not be seen as strange.

But I’m different, strange, and am tired of hiding.  I’m tired of playing small!

I’m stepping out, man, and one of the things I’m stepping out with is the Empower Network.

That’s this cool, amazing personal development program disguised as a blogging platform.  Disguised as online marketing training.  Disguised as a network marketing or affiliate sales company.

and last week I was a little nervous putting a picture of my “Have it All” team on my facebook page as my cover picture.

I was a little worried about what others would think.  Now that’s playing small.

Me, the person who wrote a book about Vaporizing Clouds in the sky and having a huge affect on the weather if you want.

Me, the person who has taught hundreds of students over the years about meditation, dream interpretation, going into the inner levels of the mind, astral projection, chakras, telepathy, clairvoyance, energy healing, and clearing energy quickly.

Worried about judgments on Empower Network?  Choosing to keep it quiet, so that I can’t be made fun of?  Choosing again, the playing small deal.  Hmmmn.

Interesting, indeed!

So please share and like my video, and help me to get over myself, my weird ego against hype, against letting people know I’m weird.

Cause I just am.

and maybe you are too.

Maybe you want to be yourself, blog and vlog about it and make money.

Maybe you want to inspire others to be themselves, share their talents and abilities, and make money. (join me)

Maybe you desire financial freedom and are ready to be louder in the world, ready for some judgments, ready to be the moving car the dogs are barking at.

After all, a dog doesn’t bark at a parked car.

Please, think about it.

What kind of legacy do you want to create?  To hide it from others?  Or to be yourself and play on that big idea stage?  To be amazing and not care how many people think you’re “weird?”  Maybe that will allow them to be more comfortable being their “weirdness” as well!

and How does it get better than everyone dancing to their own drummer, to creating their path as they go along?

Love your life!

Be Brave, Bold, and Live FOR YOU!!!


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