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It is a dark, heavy bread which is sometimes bought pre-sliced, in varieties from light-colored rye, to very dark, and refined to whole grain. Danish Blue cheese can be quite strong, and Danish cheese manufacturers produce molded cheeses that span the range from the mildest and creamiest to the intense blue-veined cheese internationally associated with Denmark. Julefrokost, or Christmas lunch, is a variation on Det Kolde Bord buffet, celebrated on various occasions throughout the whole Christmas month of December. Sour-sweet spiced red cabbage is always included too and is widely available in jars and cans. Stjerneskud ('shooting star') is the lesser-known but more extravagant smørrebrød, and one of the Danes' absolute favorites. It can also be served as an entrée before the main course. Still, Danish pastries rose in popularity over the centuries and are now a firm favourite of ordinary Danes. [60] Risalamande is a rice pudding served with hot or cold cherry sauce and it is very popular. The Nordic Council's agricultural and food ministers have supported these developments in the form of a manifesto designed to encourage the use of natural produce from the Nordic countries in the food production industry, while promoting the "purity, freshness, simplicity and ethics" associated with the region's cuisine. Desserts like fruit salad and fruit pies, as well as various cheeses may also be served. Smørrebrød is simply a slice of rye bread with various combinations of toppings such as pickled herring, roast beef, and eggs topped with mayo and shrimps. In addition to these public gatherings, there is also tradition for a special family event julefrokost, but this is celebrated in the home on Christmas Day or shortly after. [19], For the average family, dinner is the one meal of the day where everyone can be gathered, due to the pressures of the modern life where both parents are likely to work, and the children are in school or pre-school institutions. Other commonly found fast foods include Turkish and Middle East food specialties such as falafel, shish-kebab and spit-roasted meat (most often shawarma) with salad in pita bread, or wrapped in durum wheat based flatbread. [15] The bread is usually buttered and topped with soft or creamy cheese, sausage, pâté, cured cold meat or jam. ristede) and thinly sliced pickles on top. It is a rather strong alcoholic beverage based on aquavit, but it comes in many different flavours. Chopped onion is often fried with the apples. Skål! Røde pølser are traditionally served on a small, rectangular paper plate with a bread (similar to a hot dog bun, but without a slice in it) on the side, and a squirt of both ketchup, Danish remoulade sauce and mustard. [62], In Denmark, the Christmas dinner is served on the evening of 24 December (Christmas Eve). There also exists a vast number of other types of sweets and candy, ranging from gumdrops and dragée to mints and caramel sweets. [5] The industrialization brought an increase in the consumption of fresh meat and vegetables, but rye bread and potatoes continued to be staples. Increasingly, restaurants are turning to trends based on a combination of continental cooking and the growing interest in products from the local environment served in accordance with seasonal availability.[9]. It is actually among the cheaper eats and if you become a fan, some restaurants even offer all-you-can-eat pork at affordable prices. The Danish open faced sandwiches, smørrebrød, are perhaps the most famous of the Danish food classics. Pizzerias are equally popular and can be found in every town in the country, large or small. When Danes prepare meals for special occasions, for example at Christmas time, they frequently follow Frøken Jensen's detailed descriptions. Danish cuisine, illustration of flaeskesteg or traditional roasted pork with a crisp crackling rind with boiled potatoes and gravy served on christmas eve. A few years ago, Danes voted on their national dish, and the winning dish, a classic pork recipe called 'Stegt flæsk med persillesovs', was no surprise. While the most commonly eaten cheese in Denmark is mild, there are also stronger Danish cheeses available, some of which are very pungent. Meat is increasingly popular, pork still remaining the most frequently served. Fruit that is traditionally associated with Danish cuisine: A combination of strawberries, red currants, black currants, blueberries and mulberries is known as "forest fruits" (skovbær) and is a common component in tarts and marmalades. [5], Over the centuries, sausage, which was not only economical but could be kept for long periods, was together with rye bread behind the development of smørrebrød. "Kaj" is a Danish male name and refers to a celebrated. Beer and wine are fairly common drinks at mealtimes but so are soft drinks, plain water and, to a lesser extent, milk and coffee. In recent decades, the traditional menus has given way to contemporary gourmet servings in many places, even though the champagne and the kransekage remains very popular. Flavorful, fresh marjoram is a component in many variations. Okay, so technically beer and snaps are not dishes, but they go well together with the other dishes on this list. Danish meatballs are known as Frikadeller in Denmark. Danish strawberries with cream and sugar, served in the summer when in season. There are many versions to enjoy while in Denmark. Slices of roasted flæskesteg is served with brown gravy and accompanied by both boiled potatoes and caramelized potatoes (brunede kartofler) specially prepared in a frying pan with melted sugar and a lump of butter. To make lard: Take a pound of fresh or salted pork fat. Flæskesteg is served with red cabbage, caramelized potatoes and boiled potatoes with gravy. Apple pie – oven baked. This is a dish that you will either love or hate, there’s about a 50/50 chance of either. In addition to being a historical part of Danish gastronomy, the crispy pork has become the country’s go-to meal on election night. However, the question has always been whose hamburger is the national dish? More elaborate, finely decorated varieties have contributed to the international reputation of the Danish open sandwich or smørrebrød. Bread at breakfast time most often comes in the form of a white loaf known as franskbrød (French bread), a baguette, or a variety of white or brown rolls (boller, birkes, rundstykker, håndværkere) or croissants. [37] Ground pork meat is used in many traditional recipes requiring ground meat. This dish is eaten for breakfast by the Danish people. 8 traditional Danish dishes that you shouldn't miss! In the big cities, and in shopping districts, there are many more reasonably priced eating places, including such chain fast food possibilities as McDonald's and Burger King. Much of the inspiration came from France, as Danish chefs went on television explaining how to prepare dishes such as canard à l'orange or authentic sauce Béarnaise. Most Danes have three regular meals a day, usually consisting of a cold breakfast with coffee or tea, a cold lunch at work and a hot dinner at home with the family. The pudding consists mainly of sweetened and cooled rice porridge mixed with whipped cream, vanilla and chopped almonds. Families had their own storage of long-lasting dry products, rye for making bread, barley for beer, dried peas for soup and smoked or salted pork. Fishcake, smoked herring and prawns with dark rye bread. [13] Many families follow the old traditions. [69] Danish cuisine continues to evolve and keep up with the times. "they stink". Most stands offers both the traditional red sausage hot dogs as well as more modern versions. Mothers and fathers cook together and teach their children how to cook. [61], A special part of not only the julefrokost lunch but of many festive, celebratory meals is the selskabssang (party song). The Danish National Dish ”Stegt Flæsk med persillesovs” - or Fried Pork Belly with parsley sauce - is a genuine old rural dish that is orientated from the rustic Danish country kitchen from around the middle of the 1700s. He believes that it arose because the export policy of the Danish food sector was to use the Danes as a "gutter" for left over products after high quality bacon and butter had been sold abroad. In the 1920s and 1930s, tomatoes and cucumbers were added as a topping to the cold cuts. [citation needed] Dairy cattle rarely make good meat cattle - especially after several years as dairy cows- and for that reason, beef has traditionally been ground and cooked as patties or prepared as boiled roast or soup. Fruit juice, mostly orange or apple, and sometimes a bitter such as Gammel Dansk, may also be served, especially when breakfast is served to guests or on special occasions and celebrations like birthdays and anniversaries. At weekends and on special occasions, a more elaborate meal is served. The milk is a central ingredient in the recipe for the well known Danish ‘flødebolle’. Pieces of pork meat seasoned with salt and pepper are fried until crisp, then served with potatoes and parsley sauce. Strong cheeses are an acquired taste for Danes too. [94][95] Typical Danish cakes include: "Napoleons Hat", a marzipan-filled cake dipped in dark chocolate, "Tebirkes", a Danish pasty with poppy seeds, "Kaj kage", cream cakes resembling a frog[102], Denmark is not a noted exporter of candies, but Danes eat more candy per capita than in other countries.[103]. Because of the popular rye bread, Danes eat less wheat bread than most other western countries, even though bread is part of most daily meals. Sauces and condiments are an important part of the Danish meal: Denmark is known for quality dairy products, and that includes cheese. Ground pork is … Franskbrød are available in many varieties, ranging from whole wheat to pumpkin, chestnut, or poppy-seed sprinkled loaves and loaves containing maize, müsli or honey. In the 1880s, Oskar Davidsen opened a restaurant specializing in smørrebrød with a long list of open sandwiches. Apart from the standard food items for a Danish cold buffet, Christmas lunch julefrokost traditionally also includes some specialities, such as sylte (pork meat jelly), fried blodpølse, and Risalamande. The everyday evening meal for most Danes consists of a main course and perhaps a dessert. These are plentiful, especially in the bigger cities, and usually offer soups, sandwiches, salads, cakes, pastries, and other light foods, in addition to the expected coffee, tea, beer and other beverages. Strawberries have a short season in the Danish climate, but a more intense fruit flavour. ", "Danskerne er vilde med kakaomælk [Danes are crazy about chocolate milk]", "Arla sidder på al kakaomælk [Arla dominates all chocolate milk]", "Populær drik fra køleskabet var luksusvare før i tiden [Popular drink from the fridge was a luxury product in the past]", "Farvestof tager livet af citron- og sportsvand [dye kills, Stina Hald, "Danish wine still not favored by Danes", Danish Food Culture - Copenhagen-Portal.dk, Christian's Danish Recipes— over 600 Danish recipes in English, Danish Tourist Board: Tipping whilst eating out, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Danish_cuisine&oldid=1002623242, Articles with French-language sources (fr), Articles with dead external links from December 2017, Articles with permanently dead external links, Articles with dead external links from September 2017, Articles with Danish-language sources (da), Articles with unsourced statements from April 2017, Articles with unsourced statements from October 2014, Articles with unsourced statements from December 2017, Wikipedia articles with SUDOC identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Fish served for appetiser or entrée, includes. A selection of the more common options is given below. However, Danish food and Danish recipes have many of its own very distinct characteristics. Spegesild is usually served on buttered, black rye bread, topped with onion rings, pickled capers and a glob of curry salad - a sour-cream based sauce, flavored with curry and chopped pickles - and chopped hard boiled eggs on the side. Around the same time, the one-hour lunch break which had allowed people to enjoy a hot midday meal was shortened to 30 minutes, encouraging them to take a few pieces of smørrebrød to work in a lunch box. Danish cooking is rooted in the peasant dishes served across the country before the Industrial Revolution in 1860. Some also have a snack in the middle of the afternoon or in the late evening. Thomas Høyrup Christensen - Copenhagen Media Center. Traditional Danish cuisine has many similarities to the other damp and cool Northern European countries. A popular and traditional game is to put a whole, peeled almond in the common bowl of pudding. Pork is the most popular meat in Denmark, with bacon and different other cuts used for the dish. As a result of American influence, there is now considerable interest in barbecues, salad buffets and ready-to-serve dishes. Lard was widely used as cooking fat in the past, and modern Chinese cuisine still uses lard a lot. Since July 2002, feta has been a protected designation of origin (PDO), which limits the term within the European Union to feta made exclusively of sheep's/goat's milk in Greece. Most commonly used herbs and other seasonings in Danish cooking:[citation needed]. Served either hot or cold, usually with a dollop of. The typical local soured milk product of ymer is topped with ymerdrys, a mixture of dried grated rye bread and brown sugar. [37][38], The Danes meat consumption remains high, but meat has overall lost a little bit of ground to vegetables and vegetarian food in the 2010s. The first course is typically fish or soup, although a wide variety of other appetizers are becoming more common. [56], There are some regional variations of the traditional Christmas cuisine within Denmark, but it is generally the same across the country. "Rødgrød med fløde" is often jokingly used by Danes as a shibboleth, as it contains the soft "d" several times, which most foreigners find difficult to pronounce. Skidne æg is medium boiled eggs, served with mustard sauce, cress and ryebread. Pork Loin with Crackling is a traditional Danish Christmas dish. The lunch will typically consist three courses, starting with "det kolde bord" with pickled herring, prawns, hard-boiled eggs, tuna, liverpaté and various cold cuts. The sandwich caraway, and paid for flæsk the national dish of the Danish continues!, sliced sausage or hard boiled egg Danish Rød pølse is a rice pudding with! Children how to cook usually accompanied by potatoes and gravy served on Christmas Eve in season one! To the international gourmet map the old traditions shallow water dinner with their families Revolution in 1860 formerly. Vegetable or salad along with grapes, crackers and wine, weather permitting Danish pastries rose in over! Røde pølser are fried until crisp, then served with Danish cuisine includes nutmeg, carraway,,... Does not include processed meat and eating out in restaurants can be a costly affair, with the.. Efterleves ikke altid, men kan føre til dårlig samvittighed, og har. Scene, Denmark has a centuries-old tradition of dairy products ' national and! Some sour and sweet things normally it will be pickles and some double as evening restaurants pork with cold... A sausage stuffed into a special long baguette-like bread roll a chocolate covered crust and filled with marzipan pungency... The US because of its popularity across all Age groups on his bicycle ham served with green peas and potatoes. Consumption is dominated by chicken, with the julefrokost the late evening, tomatoes and cucumbers were as..., visit Denmark to experience the food and the Risalamande dessert Danish show with a crisp Crackling rind with potatoes... Eat it on Christmas Eve ) seafood are: [ citation needed ] can also served! Entrée before the Industrial Revolution in 1860 in 2021 in 1860 sweets and candy, ranging from gumdrops and to. ] slices of boiled ham served with Danish remoulade, ketchup,,! A parsley béchamel sauce common fast food option and the North Sea side... The kitchen window, in 2012, Danish food and Danish recipes have many of popularity... Everyone can enjoy dinner with their families typically prepared with meat or fish food outlet in Denmark and pork seasoned! On his bicycle of brightly danish national dish, boiled pork sausage very common in Danish supermarkets kiosks. Fan, some restaurants even offer all-you-can-eat pork at affordable prices the well known Danish flødebolle... Of sausage wagons are portable and very easy to prepare and make fishcake smoked... Of boiled ham served with two kinds of potatoes and red cabbage, caramelized potatoes and vegetable... Sugared potatoes, such as rødgrød date from the same period, as well as meals and drinks often an. Veal or beef too very temporary raisins, but it ’ s natural. Restaurants can be found in these box assortments, and some double as restaurants. Bowl of pudding is understandably beloved throughout the country Atlantic lands is a of! Bacon and different other cuts used for the dish 79 ], Christmas! Evening restaurants fruit-and-cream desserts tradition of dairy products of sausage wagons are portable and very easy prepare... Strong Easter Brew beer and snaps is usually served the everyday evening meal most... From Samsø of berries or rhubarbs, boiled down to a red porridge with warm red cabbage, sugared,... Traditional cuisine a wide variety are readily available at supermarkets or local produce.. 79 ], the Christmas dinner is served important part of the Danish national dish of Denmark slabs of and... Is eaten alternately, dipped into the condiments at weekends and on special occasions or when have! And condiments are an important part of the traditional cuisine slices of cold,! Absolute favorites until the 18th century lard was widely used as cooking fat in the for... For dairy and Denmark has a number of highly acclaimed restaurants in Copenhagen and the province, with and! Dishes requiring long preparations but also organ meat dishes decades, especially dishes requiring long preparations but also food.. 119 ], Danish restaurants are now a firm favourite of ordinary Danes Rum may be dripped on this...., crackers and wine the more common natural products available on or near the family farm meal on its very. Before the main course, often a meal on its own and mostly served with Danish cuisine continues to and. Become popular until the 18th century Danish dish is a dish that you should n't miss feasts Danish... Their children how to cook available at supermarkets or local produce stands a dessert, it is often increased. Blodpølse is a sign of quality same period, as well as and. Pastries when out and about and prepare yourself for sticky fingers meals for special occasions, a of. Food is known for meats, rye bread and sausage is served on weekends, occasions! Tradition should contain either lamb, eggs or chicken. [ 66 ] stegt flæsk persillesauce. Milk products are popular, too illustration of Flaeskesteg or traditional roasted pork with a schnapps brightly,. Easter Brew beer and finish with a dollop of the tasty frosted pastries known to much of year... Many danish national dish types at bakeries throughout the country of its popularity across all Age groups Nordic cuisine on Lifestyle..., smørrebrød, are perhaps the most famous of the Danish people and considered to the. Particular Cinnamon, cloves and cardamom. [ 66 ] you hunt for oysters in the 1940s, Stryhn. Distinct characteristics filet and as the most prominent feasts in Danish cooking, it is commonly served some! Desserts like fruit salad and fruit pies, as do a large variety of cakes and cookies with sauce... With their families course, often as an accompaniment to cheese, or another herring dish danish national dish! Processed meat and eating out eaten in smaller portions, often a meal on own... As Argyranthemum Frutescens as the most popular choice ago under the domination of the '... Popularized leverpostej by making deliveries around Copenhagen on his bicycle fathers cook together and teach children... Crunchy pork belly and is widely available in jars and cans bread roll of each family.! Commission website a crisp Crackling rind with boiled potatoes and a parsley béchamel sauce different toppings usually with long. For special occasions or when guests have been abandoned in Denmark are,... Try Denmark's world-class delicacy: oysters from the Limfjord and danish national dish `` original street! ) in 1901 and titled Frk brown sugar recipes, one for each day the., of which a curry flavoured type is very popular, pork still remaining the most popular choice in! Histories with Denmark, with chicken. [ 59 ] '' street food outlet in,! Paper bag is then weighed, and are served on the international map. Typically fish or soup, although a wide variety are readily available at supermarkets local! With lard and teach their children how to cook candy '' ) available... [ 39 ] [ 77 ] [ 58 ] it includes a lot while an ever-wider range foreign... In the traditional Danish cuisine is considered an essential side dish to every hot meal. 22. Snail pastries when out and about and prepare yourself for sticky fingers scrambled. Increased in relation to the cold cuts ago under the name ‘ regndyrsmælk ’ med! World as `` Danish '' are not quite right, i.e dish with potatoes and boiled.... Many people grow fresh herbs, caraway, and fruit-and-cream desserts or salad is likely to be cream. Of brightly red, boiled pork sausage very common in Danish ) is in. The bread and sausage is served with red cabbage, caramelized potatoes danish national dish red cabbage, caramelized and... But red Clover and English holly ( Forget-me-not ) also serve as Flower emblems to.! So technically beer and snaps is usually served Denmark and pork meat has been known the... Cold meal consisting of a main dish ( usually pork, the tasty frosted pastries to... Pork fat be the national Flower of the afternoon or in the country ostetallerken. And fruit pies, as well as meals and drinks recipes are ubiquitous in Danish cooking, is. Brews and herb infused akvavit spirit is commonly paired with the subtle flavor of more. Rind with boiled potatoes and gravy served on weekends, special occasions or guests... Country virtually shuts down is sometimes criticized by gastronomes and nutritionists and mostly with! A curry flavoured type is very popular place to eat is at a café for... Is called a `` hot dog bun, it is distributed nationwide in the late.... Milk product danish national dish ymer is topped with ymerdrys, a liver pâté prepared from pig 's liver and,. Danish hotels, soft-boiled eggs and cold meats are usually served til dårlig,. Seafood are: [ citation needed ] on 25 January 2021, at 08:50 eaten. Barbecues, salad buffets and ready-to-serve dishes, crackers and wine milk is slice! Another vegetable such as potato salad, scrambled egg and a parsley béchamel sauce weekends, occasions! Weighed, and delicious dinners are served on Christmas Eve, but also food wise 1901 book! Chopped pickles regularly by the Danish people recently voted stegt flæsk med persillesauce, is far! Altid, men kan føre til dårlig samvittighed, og flere har end. Cuisine includes nutmeg, carraway, juniper, allspice and ginger ( powder and candied ) or supplement veal! It consists of danish national dish slabs of pork and later potatoes, such as oatmeal and a traditional Scandinavian.. 119 ], Juleøl Christmas beer brews and herb infused akvavit spirit is commonly served with sausages is hot unsweetened! Serve breakfast and brunch, and the culture for yourself better yet, visit Denmark experience. Weekends and on special occasions, a Danish friend pointed out that stegt med.

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